1. Scoobydooyuhaye

    Scoobydooyuhaye Well-Known Member

    *left is better than right side
    *bulk = right of cake.
    *hood should be left of cryo
    *and please don't tell me hood is actually S tier, SHCL shows green hood is not viable enough to win against his opponents.
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  2. True story, but the picture of Botmon was taken in 1.9+
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  3. BigChungus

    BigChungus Well-Known Member

    There are literally 3 notable Hood players.

    Killerbug played and won.
    Remkun played and got 2nd place (lost to looni).
    Deidara isn't in the smash community.
  4. what a good list of no skill right click spammers :D
  5. BigChungus

    BigChungus Well-Known Member

    Ramsey is literally the only person who has ever used flying punch aggressively.
  6. sgt isnt s
    you think karakot is a lot better than it actually is
    overall not too bad, i think cake should never be on the bottom and sanic always be above it, but thats just cuz of my experiences, it could be worse :)
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