1. Okay so here I will be telling you MY opinion on crafts and kits. dont hate on me. this is my opinion. (Just weapons and armour)
    First one is just overall best rankings, (top 10)

    #1-Exodus. Best Item. 0 doubt. (10/10 you should go for it)

    #2-Expert Seal- i feel like ill get flamed for having this but, in teams this craft is amazing.(7/10 would grind it)

    #3-Barbarians Chestplate- I thought for like 20 mins straight on what I should put 2nd Expert Seal came out on top but this chestplate is amazing. (8/10 would grind)

    #4-Dice Of God- ooh I can feel the fire already. look dice is cool in my opinion okay? :(
    (6/10 would grind for it)

    #5-Andúril-This by far is my favorite craft. Its easy to get before pvp, and overall is a good item (10/10 go for this extra ultimate first)

    #6-Dragon Sword- This is by far top 3 Ultimates. You need this in your uhc life trust me lmao 10/10 gogogogo

    #7-Tablets Of Destiny- Meh its here cause its good. (5/10 grind for it)

    #8-Hermes Boots- People hates these but I personally love them (7/10 would grind)

    #9-Fusion Armour-very epic if u get epic game (8/10)

    #10-Daredevil i can taste the flames (6/10) i had to get to bed so i rushed :D
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  2. i will make one that actually has stuff when i am free
  3. exo #1 LMAOOO
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  4. exo is awful now because the meta isn’t bow and just because something is an extra ultimate doesn’t mean it’s one of the best crafts for utility or ease of crafting
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  5. I mean sure exo is good but it’s way to difficult to get. It used to be top 3 but now it may just make a top 10 list around 9 or 10 in my opinion.

    That’s fair but even for a non bow meta it’s still good especially for a player that does prioritize bowing like me.
  6. pictel

    pictel Well-Known Member

    eminence WRLD
    I like the post. Personally I'd like to see a more detailed thread on ease of crafting + ability. It is your opinion so.
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  7. Exo is ass
  8. Lightlocke

    Lightlocke Member

    Exo has fallen from the meta because nowadays people don’t really bow as much. If anything because of the influence of cheating (and people growing a pair and deciding to melee) it would make Dragon Sword and Anduril place much higher.
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  9. *proceeds to put expert seal, dice, dare and tabs*
    Honestly Exodus is not worth it you won't be able to get it every game and even when you do get it you're kind of forced to bow spam which is harder as of late. And in my opinion dragon sword is the best craft right now if you're talking like ultimates/extras because I'm pretty sure it's still bugged. If you're talking all crafts in my opinion iron pack is the best craft because I mean it's iron pack, you make it every game and it gives you 8 extra iron when prestiged.
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  10. fuck is this shit

  11. My opinion

    All items
    1. Iron pack
    2. Light apples
    3. Gold pack
    4. Sharp book
    5. drag sword
    6. Anduril
    7. Bloodlust
    8. Ghead
    9. Expert seal
    10. Tablets

    Extras Only
    1. Anduril (fun for snowballing)
    2. Bloodlust
    3. expert seal
    4. Barb chest
    5. Hermes
    6. Tablets
    7. Exodus
    8. Perun
    9. Artemis
    10. Corn
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  12. dude you're honestly just doing this for attention at this point, just leave people alone.
  13. 1) expert seal
    2) yggdrasil
    3) enlightening pack (to make expert seal)
    4) iron pack (to make expert seal)
    5) gold pack (to make expert seal)
    6) light enchantment table (to make yggdrasil)
    7) dust of light (to make yggdrasil)
    8-10) the rest
  14. no. I'm saying what in the fuck is this shit? everything listed here is just extra ultimates and the rating system is awful. They put things that they rate 7/10 over things they rate 8/10. I've been on the forums for years and you're the only person who's ever said I do this for attention
  15. tablets is #1 wtf are u on
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  16. *cough there is dragon sword cough*
  17. I dont disagree. drag is pretty heccin good
  18. u know how hard i would be flamed if i went with my actual opinion lmao
  19. well, its good for the bows and the fire aspect. other than that you can rush a sharp three drag
  20. wuntap

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    best9 B9
    Clown azzniga rly just say exo as number one

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