1. OK, so yesterday, I accidentally did this to my 2 best friends (I know, I'm dumb)
    I had enough money to buy an AOTD, I went to the bank, took money out, then...
    My Friends : OMG OMG PIGMAN WILL GET BUFFED! 11!11!


    * After spending 9 mil for a piggy sword*

    Me: Eww I do a few thousands damage less.... But no problem! Let's go read the forum to see how much will they buff it!

    *reading the forum*

    Hypixel: Aspect of the Dragon - Change
    Drop chance nerfed by half

    Me: Hmm this won't help much since AOTD has been spreading all over this universe..... But no problem! As long as my piggy sword get a buff, I won't complai-

    Hypixel again: Pigman Sword - Buff
    +5% crit damage (from 20 to 25)

    Me (Ask the Auction Scammer): Sir, how much does your AOTD cost?

    Aight Hypixel, thank you, that +5% crit damage is so OP, right? People spent 17 mil on a red claw artifact, just to get +5% crit damage... Thank you Hypixel... Thank you so much... *crying*

    Anyway, +25% crit damage can't beat 25 base damage. Pigman's ability get buff? Nah, I do 20k damage with each attack, why should I spend 70 mana for an additional +1500 damage in 5 seconds? That makes no sense. +50 defense instead of Resistance 1 in 5 seconds? I'm a Perfectionist (And many dragon users will find this helpless), I have 1,1k def , how much can that +50 def helps me? +0,0000001% more damage reduction? No pls.

    TL;DR : Buff Pigman more, pls. That's not worth its cost. You can make a pigman when you're on vacation, right, but you can go on a vacation, (AFK or even not) to get some money, and buy an AOTD for A LOT CHEAPER, right?

    EDIT : YAY they buff pigman for A LOT MORE +5% CRIT CHANCE MORE!!!! NICE!!!!

    no pls
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  2. The AOTD isn’t really getting a nerf, I mean if you placed 2 summoning eyes your chances of getting it were only %23 and I doubt plus 5 Crit dmg will make it any better than AOTD
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  3. even 20% cd can beat 25 base dmg ;)
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  4. What the hell is that graph.
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  5. it shows when pigman and when aotd is stronger (?) (current stats)
    It is pretty easy to understand I guess
  6. Not really easy to understand when the labeling is going by .5s instead of percent values.
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  7. uhm, percent is literal "out of hundred", so ten percet is 0.1.
  8. Did you find this or make it yourself, it's really good. Also can you explain why at 0.5 crit chance you always want a pigman?
  9. The graph makes no since honestly
  10. I know what you mean, but other may not, so just try and make the graph a little easier to read.
  11. since when does the graph makes what?
    jokes beside, the graph makes sense indeed.
    it shows if aotd or pigman deals more dmg, depending on your critchance and your critdamage-multiplier
  12. I don't understand that graphs, sorry
    Spicy Pigmans' Sword:

    Spicy Aspect of the Dragons:
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  13. Ok I get it thank you
  14. my guildleader sended me this. If it would not be 7am, I surely would explain why that with the 50% cc is like it is, but I am way oo exhausted for that
  15. how much critdamage do you got? (in stats in your sb menu?)
  16. I'm not really sure, but does this mean if we have 0.5% crit chance and more than 5% crit damage, then pigman will be better?
    I'm really bad at math, don't quote me pls
  17. there it is, my stat with pigman and aotd:
  18. is is the multiplier, if you have more then 0.5 from 100%, so 50% critchance and 2.5 from 100%, so 250% critdamage, then aotd comes out ahead.
  19. yes, your critdamage (without holding sword) is about 256%, and since aotd is better from about 220% cd, when having 100% cc, aotd deals more dmg in your setup.
    if you go for full forcefull accessories instead, pigman will be ahead.
    (but you will most likely loose out in total dmg)
  20. Um, so doesn't it mean AOTD will be better unless you have exact stats? :p

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