1. So I was wondering, how to revive ranked skywars!
    Leave your feedback to what I think and what you think! I hope staff appreciate this thread and will go into thinking about it! Okay lets get into it.

    What level to play ranked skywars?
    Level 25 is the main level to play ranked skywars, but I thought if Hypixel can boost it up to level 30? (I still think level 25 suits so I'm not expecting this to take place!)

    What level in order to auto-gain my perks/kits?
    Okay this idea is a new thought. (People have said in lobby's it's a good idea when I say this) What I think is when you reach lvl 25 you play ranked bla bla bla, but when you reach level 35/40 you auto-gain your perks/kits. From level 25 to when you gain your kits and perks you need to buy the shop. When you reach your level to gain kits and perks, you gain all your coins back to you.

    How can we prevent toxicity?
    This is the only thing that I don't know. The pvp community has to just get over it, OR work together to stop toxicity. Yes, I'm sorry I admit I get little bit toxic rarely but alot of the time I'm helpful and kind. But doesn't everyone get a little bit stressed at some point? I have, then later that day I regretted it. So toxicity, can we stop it? Is it possible to stop?

    Well the answer to that is No. Not now, but unless Mojang helps somehow.

    Leave your feedback in the comments! (optional)
    It'll be well appreciated if you left some feedback to this thread, or even your opinions!

    Thank you for reading!
    I hope this takes some actions from the staff team! :D
    Lots of lovey love, gworyness.
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  2. 1. 5 more levels. What would that really change.
    2. Sounds interesting
    3. You can never stop toxicity in a competitive environment.
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  3. 1. It is t hard to get 5 levels at such s low scale. Could take maybe a day or two at most from doing quests.

    2. Not a bad idea tbh. Maybe make the level where you get everything refunded like 45-50 or something.

    3. The only way to really go against toxicity is to /chatreport toxic people do they get muted.
  4. ILikeMath

    ILikeMath Well-Known Member

    2 is a very nice idea!
  5. Ivster

    Ivster Well-Known Member

    The Galaxy Upon Us OFFICER
    1. Sure I don’t think it could hurt that much
    2. Yeah that’s a really good idea. Doesn’t include me though:).
    3. For this my suggestion is too just completely not allow to say some words such as: L, ez, e z, ur bad, and noob.
  6. this is filter evasion by itself, so is already muteable
  7. Ivster

    Ivster Well-Known Member

    The Galaxy Upon Us OFFICER
    But do people actually get muted from saying this?
  8. probably not, I /chatreport'd someone who told me to kill myself and the answer to the report was "we need more evidence before we can take action!"
  9. i wouldnt be surprised if someone did tbh
  10. Ivster

    Ivster Well-Known Member

    The Galaxy Upon Us OFFICER
    That’s stupid. I got banned on the forums because I said kys to someone. That’s basically the same thing. Please don’t ban me again for saying that
  11. whatsup34

    whatsup34 Active Member

    Noob shouldn’t be punishable, it just means new player even though people use it to call each other bad. It is completely possible (but unlikely) to be a pro and a noob at the same time.
  12. Ivster

    Ivster Well-Known Member

    The Galaxy Upon Us OFFICER
    Probably about 99% of the people who say noob to someone else is to offend the person.
  13. 5 more levels is always something, and remember I said "I didn't expect this to take place."
    Thanks lots of people agree with 2 too.
    Thanks! I agree, 5 levels is always SOMETHING.
  14. Thanks! :D
    I agree, but noob isn't such a toxic word to say. Always nice removing it though! Plus it's sorta funny when people say noob to me. xD Just is ^-^
    Eyyyy, think number 2's a good idea?
    Sometimes who knows :eek:!
  15. Lol I agree, noob isn't that offensive.
  16. Saying "kys" is very offensive to alot of people and is muteable. I've chatreported alot of people and they've got muted.
    Plus isn't "kys" algebra? I learnt that from @TheOriginalAce :p
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  17. I really like the second idea
  18. Yeah I forgot to mention that I knew you didn't think it would take place. Looking back on it now with a more clear mind since I was tired yesterday. 5 more levels is an increase and would stop some of the alt accounts from joining rank. But I think for Hypixel to raise the level cap, they would probably do it by 10 levels or something.
  19. Vurow

    Vurow Well-Known Member

    No LOL

    Some people don't care about their level and this would make the game so unfair
  20. xKyric

    xKyric Active Member

    How do you have so many forum posts xD.
    The most I've ever seen (besides you) is SinfulAlex's 8k.

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