1. So I previously unlocked the Redstone 11 collection (am at 530,000 collection) and i log on to find no talisman bag (or accessory bag) and i had lots so i dont know what to do... can anyone help

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  2. They'll be fine. _3rik had the same issue.
  3. how do i get it back?
  4. same, i hope they will fix i have like 9-10 m of talisman here > .>
  5. good thing I have 389k lol
    another thing is they nerfed crit damage
    edit:wait I think all our talismans are bugged out and thats why we are getting less crit I forgot to check my talisman bag.....(rip 1mil coins)
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  6. yeah i grinded for all of mine (includes experience and sea creature talisman) and it took days
  7. my zombie heart bugged also away
  8. I only have the 200k redstone collection bag and still have all of the talisman and it seems their reforges work, or the stats in the star are saying they work but my dmg is down from 10k to like 1900 with my bow and 24k to 19k on my Leaping
  9. i think its because of its a new bag
  10. I took them out of my bag and into ym inventory and I still did the 19k dmg but then very often it did the proppor like 23xxx dmg like it used to so im not sure if the game isn't registering the ''Accesorys'' or what
    Edit: it's a good thing they make these great marvelous ''bugfixes'' and updates that improve out lives so much. I love them adding all these unwanted features lmao

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