1. Hello,

    As many of you might know the Watchdog anticheat system Sucks some serious Booty. This is my take on it why it's one of the Worst Anticheats ever created.

    1. It has zero Prevention against Speedhack, Bhop, Scaffoldwalk and Antiknockback.

    Every Good Anticheat should have a prevention against these 'hacks'. But Why doesn't Hypixel has one?
    Why can everyone with a Free Downloadable hack client scaffoldwalk and Bhop like they want? I don't code in Java but i don't think that writing a code that Prevents Movement 'Hacks' from Being useful. Because every other Crappy PvP server with 100 slots has a Better Movement Detection system than Hypixel does.

    2. It also has zero prevention against Killaura, Clickbot, Aimbot and other Combat hacks.

    I don't think i have to go into that much detail with it. But lemme just say that the Bots that Fly around your Head everynow and then aren't helping in anyway. Everyone that knows how to hotkey and Toggle know how to bypass those great Bots. And they are just annoying for legit players because they fly directly into the Direction you hit in preventing you from hitting you Opponent. Well Done Hypixel.

    3. Every 5 years a 'hacker' gets Banned by Watchdog.

    Yes exactly. Today i saw a Hacker again that i reported Yesterday. Still hacking like there is no Tomorrow.
    And why can he still do that? Why can he still scaffoldwalk and Bhop around like this is a Singleplayer world? Because Watchdog doesn't do shite.

    4. My Final Opinion.

    Watchdog is a Really bad anticheat Plugin. And i'm actually not the only one with this Opinion. It honestly takes away the fun from Huge PvP gamemodes Like Skywars and.... Yeah you get my Point. I myself don't have a White vest a couple years back i did cheated myself. I don't do it anymore because it's honestly boring. But as a Former cheater i need to say that you could take the most outdated 1.8 'Hack' client from the most Sketchiest of Websites and you could still bypass The WatchDog Anticheat system.

    I have no idea what will every happen to this Thread and i honestly don't care i just wanted to rant about this horrible anticheat system.
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  2. I agree. Yesterday I got killed by a scaffold fly killaura bhopper, and I reported him. I played for hours more, but he didn't get banned. Sometimes watchdog takes many days.
  3. While, yes, it may not be perfect (and I can attest to this), the developers are still working on it. With new exploits being discorvered constantly its almost impossible to catch up on it all. So yes, a lot of the time hackers aren't going to be detected because of this, but you can't scrutinize the system over something literally no-one knows how to detect.
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  4. I literally only pointed out things that are pretty easy to detect.
  5. edest

    edest Well-Known Member

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    if you think watchdog is suck

    go cubecraft and try to report a hacker
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  6. The problem with anti cheats is that they will always be behind, because when a new exploit is discovered it is abused until it is patched and the cycle continues. I think that watchdog is quite good, but it is very difficult for it to ban every hacker within an hour of it being reported.
  7. I agree too, with the new hacks and bypasses hacked clients have released it's hard to keep up. Also, watchdog also has to distinguish between bugs and hacks. The server is also really big too so they have to turn checks on for different gamemodes. I think watchdog needs improving, but I also think staff should help too.
  8. I think watchdog bans only 20% of hackers. Or it just takes like 2 weeks for them to get banned.
  9. Yea last ranked seasons, i was only at 1200 rating but this fly and bhopper got into my game seven or eight times in a row. I drained about 250 lol. And do u thibk he got banned? Nope
  10. C4PS

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    Omfg why are all of these low level MVP+s so mad about watchdog? It’s hard to maintain 50,000+ players at a time. Honestly though, how often do you *really* see a hacker? I see one maybe every 25 games. It’s not that bad.
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  11. Dual

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    I see a hopper every game in mega walls :(
  12. Full on everything toggled hackers? Every 10-15 games.

    Legit togglers with the reach set to 6-7 Block and Antikb? Every 2-3 Games.

    I just made a whole thread on why i am Mad about watchdog?
  13. I was banned once so I had to play on cubecraft. There were blatant hackers in almost every game of skywars I played. In hypixel, I barely ever experience hackers. Its really not bad here
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  14. ah yes, another person complaining about watchdog
  15. Oweem

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    and yet its always busy
    Edit: This is from plancke.io btw
  16. dthreed

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    clearly this man has never played on mccentral
  17. A. Play badplex
    B. Blame sb
  18. AwesomeJSyn

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    I don't think it's very bad as you describe it, sure it's not perfect - but it's not that bad. The WatchDog system is very active and does work in cases, is it 100% foolproof? No. Not at all, no anti-cheat is. Is it better than others? Eh, that's your opinion. I think it could use some work but it's not overall "bad" or "horrible".
  19. Why is this in the Skywars thread?
  20. MyOpinionIsRight

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    @Joshua @AllyMcC @actuallyintelligentpeople, there’s another undeducted fool!

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