1. I dont want to say it but........ THATS WHAT HE SAID
  2. Ok boomer
  3. Sorry for your loss thirty :(
  4. Max


    Max Well-Known Member

    I hope this shows everyone that @ThirtyVirus is a reasonable and good YouTuber. All the haters that threw hate towards him should read this and rethink their actions. ThirtyVirus, I applaud you for your decision and I wish you good luck on earning all your stuff back.
  5. Now I’m curious can I see em
  6. How did you lose your island? I was gone over the weekend.
  7. Fezzy's Minecraft account was compromised and the hacker took everything valuable from the island then removed him from the profile.
  8. I see. That sucks... I guess times like these, being a solo player actually has an advantage... I guess I'll remind everyone to make sure their password is unique to their Minecraft account and not used anywhere else.
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  9. I'm gonna send this to every player that thinks yt gets special privileges
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  10. Props to you for not having a tantrum about it, you've handled it far more maturely than your detractors. Even in your stream you were far more level-headed than many who get screwed for far less.

    I'm sorry your stuff was stolen.
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  11. Maybe push the staff for a playerbase 2fa?

    Many people have wanted this in the past, and with all the hacking going around recently it'd be another step that players can take to secure their accounts. Any time a player logs on from a new IP Address they should have to enter a new 2fa code. If players can opt into this, it wouldn't inconvenience the common player, and YTs / High Level players could have their accounts and co-op accounts secured.

    This is more important than any slayer update or dungeons update. It would protect people on the network. Why not add this?
  12. Just gonna leave these here


  13. Zhirst

    Zhirst Well-Known Member

    no idea SS
    Well at least you still have thanos fish
  14. Birbness

    Birbness Active Member

    My coop was just hacked for 80 mil, it’s too much of a hassle for the staff lmfao
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  16. Chevio

    Chevio Well-Known Member

    Rawr ŖĄЩŖ
    The things yts do for attention xD
  17. have no clue what happened but rip, know you'll get through it, have been watching your solo run (vids and occasional streams) and you have already come really far! if someone knows exactly what happened, please tell me since id like to know (i guess thirty got hacked or someone in his coop?)
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