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    If a mod is reading this, dont move it to feedback section or community wont be able to discuss about this. Thank you.


    It's been 6 months since the last update. In the last one we got a few new maps, cards, achievs and 2 new classes. I really enjoyed that update and it was when i started to grind this game. 6 months after, im still happy with the game and i got into the leaderboards but it's starting to get repetitive. We need new classes and maps. I'm not good at building and my imagination is trash so i dont think i can help with this but i can help with something that i do everyday, playing the kits. With the shop almost maxed out i think i can try to help this ommunity with my suggestions. Dont start to say in the comments"another one of this?", i think everyone should give their opinions so the update can be easier for the admins. Also, be sure to give me feedback and dont be scared of discussing the balancing (nicely and respectully of course). And now, I start:

    Kit Balancing
    I'm gonna start with the kits that are balanced and don't need changes in my opinion which are:


    Ok now im starting with the changes:


    Passive: cooldown is now 8 seconds

    Commentary: The passive is really strong in close fights. This nerf will make them more balanced.


    Level 7: +1 epearl

    Commentary: Assassin is good at master but i feel like from level 6 to 7 it doesnt get anything very good. 1 ender pearl will make the class faster and with more mobility. It relies in ender pearls and i think 3 arent enought.


    Level 1 (not purchase, the one that costs 2k coins): axe gets efficiency 1
    Level 2: axe gets efficiency 2
    Level 6: gets a potion of speed 1 and regen 1 for 10 seconds
    Level 7: pot is now 12 seconds
    Master: pot is now 15 seconds

    Commentary: Only one potion dont even last 1 battle. 2 pots would help the berserker user without breaking the kit. Now it will have a pot to fight and another one to run away. The efficiency is just to give him a bit more mobility.


    Passive: now has 3 seconds cooldown

    Commentary: this will make the kit more skill-based. Also, this was supposted to come in the last update and isnt here.
    Captura de pantalla (33).png

    Frost knight

    Level 5: pants have now prot 1
    Level 6: pants have now prot 2
    Level 7: pants have now prot 3
    Master: pants have now prot 3

    Commentary: The kit has an amazing potential but people dont use it a lot. Maybe more protection levels can help it.


    Level 1: pot is now dmg 1
    Level 2: pot is now dmg 1
    Level 3: pot is now dmg 1
    Level 4: 2 pots of dmg 1
    Level 5: 2 pots of dmg 1
    Level 6: 2 pots of dmg 1
    Level 7: 3 pots of dmg 1
    Master: 3 pots of dmg 1

    Also add the things that were supposted to be added but werent added
    Captura de pantalla (32).png

    Commentary: the damage pots destroyed people so now you have to use them more wisely. Damage 1 are very common in chests, should master get 4?

    And now i start with the most unbalanced kits in the game:

    Treasure hunter

    It gets 1 level of lure in the rod in each level. It gets the rod at level 4 so it will be lure 1 at level 4, level 2 at 5...
    Remove 3 combwebs in each level.

    At level 0 is now prot 0
    At level 1 is now prot 1
    At level 2 is now prot 1
    At level 3 is now prot 1
    At level 4 is now prot 2
    At level 5 is now prot 2
    At level 6 is now prot 2
    At level 7 is now prot 3
    At master is now prot 3

    Passive: reduced 6 seconds at each level

    Commentary: Comwebs are op to spam to run so a few less are ok. It's too op to have all good effects at once so now the passive time is reduced. The helmet gave a lot of protection so now it's a bit nerfed.


    This kit is the meta right now and it needs a nerf to end with it.

    Speed potions: now they are 15 seconds
    Slowness potions: now they are slowness 1
    Boots: at master they will be prot 2 ff 4 (idk what levels to nerf)

    Commentary: now infinite speed is harder. It was impossible to hit someone with speed 2 having slowness 2 so thats nerfed too. Boots are not the best in the game anymore, you can get those at mid in enderchests.


    Now the most op kit which needs a big nerf.... jk xD

    First of all, please fix all the glitches... If you are an admin and you are watching this, watch this video from @PotatoAspect
    Boots: they get now depth strider 1 at level 5, depth strider 2 at level 6 and depth strider 3 at master.
    Master kit gets now a water bucket more.
    The kit gets now launch potions, 2 at master.
    What are those? Level X jumpboost for 3 seconds so you can launch people in the air or use them yourself.

    Master passive: now affects the rod hood.

    Commentary: water and depth strider so you can run using water (frog kit). Launch potions, they arent op at all maybe they need some reworks but they will make the kit really funny. Master passive, the kit will finally be good at fights and not only to run around the map.

    Changes to Kit Shop
    Something all skyclash veteran needs. More kit slots.

    Slot 7-8-9
    Requirements: you need skyclash expert achievement.
    Cost: 20k coins each one

    Slot 10-11-12
    Requirements: you need clashing V and skyclash killer V
    Cost: 50k coins each one

    Slot 13-14-15
    Requirements: you need a new special achievement called Master Player. You will need 10 masters to get it.
    Cost: 100k coins each one

    Commentary: first slots are for newbies. The first buyable slots are for people who play some times. 20k coins slots will be for the people who are quite good at the game. Next ones will be for experienced players and the final upgrades will be for leaderboarders or people who tryhard this game a lot.

    And now something i was thinking about and i think a lot of people will disagree but how about adding a requirement of 1k kills or 100 wins with the kit you want to master to be able to buy the master upgrade? People would use another kits which is positive. p2w wont be a thing. And new players wont have to fight masters everytime.
    If this change is added, refund the coins from masters who have less than the requirements and give those players the level 7 of the kit so they have to get it.
    This would be too messy.

    Credits to: @Blaus15 @Dangerish for their post which inspired me and gave me some ideas.

    Also sorry if i have grammar mistakes, correct me in comments, im not english.
    Remember to give feedback :p

    Version 1.1
    Added Shop changes
    Version 1.2
    Edited a few things, added the change log, changed where credits are and added a sentence at the top
    Changed treasure hunter protection levels in the helmet
    Version 1.3
    Necro has now 3 damage 1 pots at master
    Changed the frost armor
    Changed something in shop section (see striked text above)

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  2. Dangerish

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    I agree with most except I feel the passive duration nerf on TH isn't enough, especially with alchemy setups
    Also I still don't really see why assassin needs more pearls, it still has enough for pretty much every fight if you don't play wastefully
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  3. MasterGamerPro

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    about assassin people are asking for 1 more epearl and it will make upgrade 7 more worth it. I dont think it's too op

    About the passive ok, ill make it -6 seconds
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  4. eeeedsfsdgffsg

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    Well made thread.
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  5. Cheese!
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  6. Beserker doesnt need a buff imo its op enough it just takes skill
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  7. Veik

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    The Crying Corner
    Guild Master
    My main kit, at least in Team War, is Berserker, and I personally think it's perfect as it is. A speed potion doesn't sound bad, though.
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  8. MasterGamerPro

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    I dont know how to use it and i thought a speed potion could help just to run. I can remove it, just tell me, you are the berserker pros xd
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  9. Very very good suggestions (thank you for mention aswell <3) but I do agree with the scout nerf, I think everyone does. The treasure hunter nerf, maybe nerf the passive a little more or something like that then it won't be as op and meta. Basically I agree with the rest. Very solid suggestions. Keep it up!
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  10. Pleas no scout nerf
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  11. MasterGamerPro

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    Thanks a lot for the great feedback <3
    Idk what to do with th tbh xD
  12. MasterGamerPro

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    HAHAHAHAHA nice joke bro
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  13. apochu

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    T H E B O Y S MEME
    Very interesting.
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  14. Maxny

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    Mah man O.O you write too much...I won't read everything but here I go for uninteresting crap.
    moths ftw!

    HAHAHAH be scared of you HAHAHA good one

    really? I feel like it was 2 MOTHS ago


    no no no


    yep agree
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  15. MasterGamerPro

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  16. Maxny

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    so cuz I bad
    seriously I don't really want to read all of it but seems great in general.
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  17. MasterGamerPro

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    Added shop changes
  18. It's not that the class is OP it's that the people know how to use it.........
  19. MasterGamerPro

    MasterGamerPro Well-Known Member

    It's meta. I dont like to fight 4 master scouts in all games. It deserves a nerf.
    I have used it and my 3 first games were 9-11 kill games. Speed is op and it has awesome armor potential. You just need a few chests. Not talking about the slowness......
  20. Ok maybe nerf the OP stuff and buff the UP stuff

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