1. Just saying I am a pretty bad competitive players only having 8 golds and no diamonds (I am more easy than you think), but I think I have a solution to kill cheaters easily.

    Before you say "use blacksmith, it's the only way", that doesn't make sense since cheaters can also use it unless you are able to crit them out with a champion or sharp 4 sword. I been watching videos about uhc and blitz survival games which have a decent amount of closet cheaters, but the people that I watch were able to kill them and not by tanking or out gearing but by using bows.

    I been trying to get 1000 kills in skywars with a bow and it works really well against bhoppers and closet cheaters. What I think should happen is that the tough skin perk should be removed and in each mid chest, the bow power level increases.

    .You can deal damage from a distance
    .Keeps them back
    .Bows get a better representation

    .People could just camp and bowspam due to increased damage
    .Cheaters could use speed making them harder to hit
    .They have projectile protection
  2. it would be easier to just implement blc. Bowspammers are annoying af as it is and dont need to be buffed.

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