1. Hello, surely you can knew me around this game as a hacker, as a noob, as a pro? as a booster with cheaters? I dont know, the point i wanna arrive is how this game is going down, literally, going down. So what's about that? What do you think its falling? This has 2 parts united i will mention here: Staff & Us (not staff).

    Lets talk about the first one, lets start that how many staff plays this game OFTEN? 1 mod? 2 helpers? What does this means? More cheaters in the game. "But i can record them and get them banned easily" Wrong, staff request you proof, and not whatever proof, you need to have like 1000 fight's with them to proove they are cheating. All started a Monday 18th of september, when i did a report agains "Explorar and his party", the next morning i wake up and saw "A staff answered your report". I was like "niceee", then i saw all of the person who got exposed by cheating and they all were logged on like 10 minutes ago? That night i did another report saying:

    "Hacking in Mega Walls games, boosting all in their partys. (Can't say it) was hacking for years with no stop, i did this report 4 days ago and they answer me with a "Thanks for your report" Even, i saw no changes. It's so clear all are hacking here, 2 people with no fall and there ya go, all with reach and killaura, the most blantant are (Can't say it) and (Can't say it) (Take in count that (Can't say it) has 4 bars glued, hes from australia... evidence? (Can't say it) . Is the video not showing enough evidence? Put it in 0,5 speed and see how their reach works. Anyways it doesn't sounds weird but in the comment seccion i see a lot of people complaining there so... And for last.. 59 likes and 2 dislikes? Sounds fair :p. Make sure you are going to do something with a "thanks for your report" because this things like this angry me, even more when im trying to help the staff, help the server with cleaning cheaters and you avoid my reports... Why is the video 14 minutes long? Because im not going to recieve a "Thanks a lot for reporting although the proof you posted isn't enough I'm sorry." Even if u see someone who isnt hacking, he is boosting anyways by them, as you can see in the video in a LOT of matches they played together. Like happened with E430, he boosted with togglers of AJS and he ended perm-banned and stat-wiped.. The #1 Mega Walls player."

    like 3 days after i got answered by a mod & admin, sending thanks for the report! After i saw their last loggings i notice only 1 person got banned, and the rest doesn't? Even for hacking the first time you recieve a 1 week ban, then a 1 month ban, then a 2 months ban,... Like the 90% of the people who get ban they are going to continue cheating, it's useless because for a expose video like took A LOT of time you could spent them and you get one and i dont know how much hes going to be banned (not my theme) it's very frustating, but hey! Im a normal and respectfull person so im not going to throw the "cat" to noone. Talking of otherwise, an innapropiate language can take you banned for like 3 months @RameyXL and a normal ban can take you less than 1 month.

    Other thing i dont know why can't be is that we can't discuss about a cheating problem here, it gets thread removed at the second. Like if they decide to hack, they need to assume their consecuenses, as my mother always told me: "one is free from its causes, but a slave to its consequences". A cheating thread removed by public shaming it's like putting a shield to the cheaters...

    Not going to only throw all the "cat" to the mods, now is our turn.

    Lets talk about ourselfs now, what are we doing bad?

    Lets start by something very popular nowadays: lilo.png
    What's the point of saying this thing? "Oh common is only a letter you can't be so mad" It's an
    abbreviation of Loser / Lost. But what's the point? The only thing you are going to recieve is more target / hate by the community. And how this expanded? "I shouted you L because you shouted it me before". And that's how it expands to all the community and we put on a glass only acid acid and acid making a toxic potion. What it does? It damage, it convirts us in bad creatures, and how this is shown? When we are talking to a staff or whatever person, when we recieve this toxic potion we get frustated, and the way we all eliminate it is by saying other bad words or insane public shame. I was talking about this to an old friend i met in this gamemode which was Raku433 some of you might remmember him I told him "All the community continue with the toxic and are flying Ls anywhere" and he answered me "Lol are they seriously monkeys?". And he has all reason, monkeys don't evolve, and Are we monkeys? No. A immature person do you think it's going to be accepted in any job in the future? obviously not. I remmember when my mat teacher was giving out the test results and he gave a classmate her mark (which was really bad) and he laughed at me saying "he is a monkey, he will never have good marks at math." And that thing really hurted me cuz being that said by a teacher is wow. I saw the next test, and i invite him one saturday to my house (the test was in monday) and he never thought we were going to study lol. I tried to learn him mat (im a pro mathematic mineman) but he at the end of the day got only the basic things on hes mind, i thought myself if i could invite him to sleep in my house, all resulted fine and we wake up studing, end of the book, he was so prepared, even tho he got better mark than me and the clevest in my class and the teacher was like "Wtf.. Where I am lol," And he got the rhythm in mats and nowadays he's the clevest on mathematics in my class. That showed me that we all can evolve, but we will need help (and it's pretty normal) and you can learn yourself by being less toxic and making this community be peacefull again...

    Other thing, i called it "Game VS Forums": There are like 10 people who make forum posts who all the community know they blantant cheat and they do memes in the forums, and in-game they are crying because they are rekting you? And what's about that? That what they do is throwing the "cat" to every staff they see in-game / forums. And telling them how are you so *********************. That's not the right way to express, if you see them rekting you, dont stay there like someone is going to do something with them so i don't mind. If you are going to throw the "cat" to staffs, reflex before you do it, and think that you can record them / taking evidence of them "But the pc which i have is so bad" In that case you can put the second option (Friends) and told them that "X" person is hacking and ask him if he can record him, if hes your friend, he probably will do it. Imagine if we all send 1 proof of something hacking, and we make a montage of him, imagine how many cheaters could be taken off.

    Other thing that we commit is defending our own friends that hack: Yeah i did this before with an "X" person and was the worst thing i did, As some of you know 2 suspicious frenches got "exposed" in my channel, as you can see all people are saying in comments: "They are so blantant asf" "Thanks for exposing those cheaters" "thx blueheal for this video". And you can see a little group of comments of frenches defending them saying: "You r just bad" "They are just better than you" "99% of the proof doesnt shows nothing". All those negatives commentaries are from frenches of their guild, coincidence? I dont believe. What does this create? A confussion of staff members, to see if they are hacking or the person who expose them is just bad.

    I remmember when we passed science, my science proffesor told us that there are animals and plants who do something but both helps among them, Now see our case: we are animals that want make reports and the plants are the staff who check the evidence, but what is our same objective? Justice (make cheaters banned). What is failing here? Our communication, we instead of helping the plant, we kill it, (remmember as before with the toxic potion).

    That's it, there are no intentions to despise any staff member or us, is like a debate of how we need to work! Yeah this isn't a solo team, this is a teamwork between us and staff. So we need to act respectfull with them as we they do with us. Be free to say what you think meanwhile you have a respectfull languague not despising anyone, i would like too hear what staff and you says. It would be awesome if we could hear our thinks. That's it. If you see something public shaming some1 or despising some1 let me know it so i remove it as soon as possible
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  2. rip rip i lost faith in most staff a while ago
  3. So in short...staff are bad?
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  4. I feel like you put more effort into this thread then you do into school essays.
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  5. ive never thought of it that way
  6. bspxd

    bspxd Active Member

    Minecraft try hard writes essay
  7. *Sigh* Little by little the good vets are quitting.
    Not gonna lie, these hackers are starting to be more frequent pushing me not to play anymore or have"fun."
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  8. BuffEndy

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    congrats on 1000 posts???
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  9. thank you!,! Pvp enderman
    I would like to thank @Ayrei @L0LitsAxel @Patfacto And most importantly God
    Pvp enderman!!
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  10. AckButFatYo

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    With the mutualism metaphor you made about the plants being mods and the animals being the community, I believe that the mods messed up first, which cause the community to get toxic towards them, which made it worse for the mod team.

    Incase you dont know what I mean, the mods denied everyone wanting ajs to get disbanded way back when, and they didnt deliver right away, which caused the community to get pretty angry at the mods.

    So rather, we are the plants making products (fruits?) for the mods (the animals), they can choose to accept it or not.
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  11. AckButFatYo

    AckButFatYo Active Member

    I think he put more effort into this than the hackers do in their appeals which get accepted

  12. Was that supposed to be funny?
  13. Lmfao do people really play this game still?
  14. I played a game on Saturday and there's still a lot of hackers. And people that boost with hackers
  15. Sueshe

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    I get this is ironic but in all seriousness, it is much faster to type stuff when you care a lot about the issue and there is little writer's block.
  16. bonevoid

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    Eliminate EL
    Mad props to you @BlueHeal for writing this, it was needed

    I read through the entire thing and I think that the analogies you used were really good, I hope the staff can see this. This is a really realistic, down-to-earth post, and you made some good points. :)
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  17. Well whether or whether not I care about it in school I try so I can get a good grade but yeah I understand where you're coming from.
  18. doodoobutt

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  19. That's insane, and when ex-helper (Toxic now) iSmash reports me using MY OWN VIDEO AS EVIDENCE I get falsely banned, I have valid evidence but I'm not allowed to appeal..
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  20. jokerfromAIS

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    Hey, just wanted to admit that I cheated. I wasn't banned for your video but for using 6 block reach a few days after you uploaded it, I got a month ban. I wont cheat when I get unbanned, just wanted to know what it feels like.
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