1. @Justalie12 made a post about remnants of the eyes into summoning eyes. Here's my idea on how it could work:

    On remnants of the eyes you can right click to veiw this Recipe.

    121 = Zealot Essence (Portal frame)

    1 = 1 Ench Eye of Ender
    2 = Remenant of the eye

    Then, in the Pearl Dealer's shop, you can buy a summoning eye for a Zealot's Essence and 300k.

    Zealots have a 1/210 chance of dropping a Zealots essence.

    Thats all folks!
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  2. can you make it more specific, ty.
  3. draco21799

    draco21799 New Member

    I don't think you understand how bad that would mess up the economy and game balance. At release *alone* that would mean thousands of eyes are effectively placed into the wild. On top of this, that cost isn't even that high. Eyes also become a renewable resource meaning that armour will tank in price and literally everyone and their mother will skip the little progression that exists.
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  5. I would change the remnants and the eye of ender in the recipe, so for 8 used eyes you can recycle them to 1 new.
    And you will not break the economy that much.
    But i like the base idea!

    Also why you double post this? Pls delete one of the threads
  6. Idk why it was posted twice, and i would delete one of I could.
  7. ik someone with 20 dubs of remnants, a dub has 54 slots, 20x54=1080, 1080/8= 135 eyes. yeah... that wouldn’t break the economy at all.
  8. This wont be done, if you can change your remnants back to summoning eyes the price of the eyes itself will drop a lot as you can basically infinitely get sumoning eyes from remnants. This causes dragon armour to drop in price greatly to which people who grind the armour for coins will lose a lot of money.

    As end result end-end game will become more beginning-end game and superior dragon armour will become the worth of protector and protector will cost the same as ender armour and maybe hardened diamon armour. This will make the end game more boring as everyone is at the same point in about a month or so.

    As a result of everyone reaching end game in a month the majority will leave hypixel so hypixel will lose a lot of money from the skyblock branch and this will result in job loss at the dev office and eventually maybe the end of hypixel as we know it (and not for the better)

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