1. Hello people!

    Just a heads up, I am not giving any names in this thread nor will I accuse a certain person or guild, this is just general talk. I am talking about the kind of people who ruin this.

    I made this thread to speak about my experience about being a Guild-Owner and everything around it.

    Currently my guild is now over 5 years old which is crazy, such a long time. We started of in 2014 with just some friends and grew out to be a top 10 guild.

    Now a bit of info about our guild, we like I said started of as a friend group, we didn’t meant to get on a high position and all that but it happen anyway which I am grateful about.

    But everything changed when the new guild update happen, we became a top 10 guild. We got a lot of people who wanted to join and were happy with our community and we enjoyed it.

    The thing that pushed me into making this thread is to publicly adress the toxicity and the way some Guild- Owers and guild staff go to work. I get people swearing at me giving me death threads on a daily basis for at least 2 years. As you can say just ignore them and block them, fair enough. But the point is I want people to really see on how some people go to work.

    I just want to say, I do not care if you don’t like me, I do not care if you insult me, I do care tho if you harm the community. Just to keep everything friendly, I will not give any names of the people since I do not want to get as low as they go.

    Just a simple message to some of the Guild-Owners and staff, since some of you do not understand simple basic logic. You can have your members, we aren’t like some guilds stealing around other people.

    - Do not accuse us publicly about doing something we didn’t without proof. If you have a problem with one of my guild members or staff then talk to me in private so we can resolve it there, I want to help you to solve the problem.

    - Do not send me a sketchy message saying that you are triggered about the fact someone left your guild to join ours, really like come on do you think I just go from guild to guild askin people to leave their guild to join ours? No.

    Like I said we are just a friendly community who play together like I don’t care about ‘getting your members or doing sketchy stuff to get higher up on the lb’ keep your members I do not care about it just let us be.

    A situation that happen to me not so long ago, people comming to me about people being toxic or hacking in my guild which is fair enough, I listen and gave you my attention. But what did you do instead of waiting, going around to people in public and on our discord speading misinformation and all that. I am just going to say what do you want to achieve by doing this. I did everything you asked, it got resolved and it was over. But then when I speak with a guild owner or staff member I get called a lot of names and blocked without even speaking to me in private. I find it very interesting on how this is a one way thing.

    Yes you have the right to give your opinion,
    yes you have the right to complain about members, but do not jump to conclussions,
    if you have the right to complain about a certain member than I can as well.


    This is just one of the hundresds of stuff I get, really I don’t care about it, you want him back fine get him I don’t have a problem with it, But do not go publicly shaming me and accusing me and this is what makes me sick and tired of this. I can not talk back to the people who do these things cause they just block me or ignore it, fine by me. Lets make it public then as well.

    I ask to all the Guild-Owners and staff around it out their to please have some respect for everyone, for all the people involved with guilds. If you have a problem then go to that person and speak about it privately to get it solved. I just want to enjoy my community if that’s too much to ask.

    Just going to say it again I am not here to look for beef or anything, I just want people to understand what some people do.

    ps, sorry for my broken English.

    Greets, Arnoddf
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  2. The sooner you don't let people get to you, the sooner you'll become zen like and be in a good place emotion wise.
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  3. It honestly is a shame that people act this way. I own a guild myself, and it’s horrible when I get messages about guild members hacking.
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  4. Hello!

    I always try to do that :) I just wanted people to know on how some things work around here.
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  5. All a thread like this is going to do is let those guys know that, yes, this is annoying and irritating you. It will only push them to taunt you and harass you even more.
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  6. I am used to that, I am here to defende a community not myself.
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  7. I agree with this thread, I think some guild owners/staff/members are way too inconsiderate or judge other people unfairly.
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  8. Things like this make me glad I have a personal guild with very few members : p
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  9. "Just to keep everything friendly, I will not give any names of the people since I do not want to get as low as they go."
    Out here roasting people ayy?
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  10. It's just stupid how low people can go over a stupid game... I've seen a lot of toxic guilds before and they're just not nice to be in or around especially the ones with relatively high stat requirements during gvgs (ok I'm not innocent toxicity wise but I don't bully or personally attack people...). After bluetoes died I struggled to find a decent guild....this is definitely the best one I've been in so far.... you're doing a great job as guild master...
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  11. You probably should’ve covered the profile picture and deleted the message from your profile after posting this so it’d be harder for people to find their identity.
  12. You probably should’ve covered the profile picture and deleted the message from your profile after posting this so it’d be harder for people to find their identity.
  13. ninja with no emotions
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  14. Hello!

    I am just using some cover up, I didn't post under it, he did.
  15. Des


    Des Well-Known Member

    Dart DART
    I dont really have much of a say but i've owned my guild for about a year and half, its very dead but when it was alive i'd get hate a fair amount, even though my guild is and always has been small. One time someone applied for officer and got denied, then started swearing at me for no reason. (thing that makes this story the best- one of the questions was "On a scale of 1-10, how mature are you? he answered an 8 lol)

    Yeah sometimes its funny lol, just figured this story was relevant enough.
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  16. Everything you said in this thread makes sense. I understand where you’re coming from with your information listed. It is honestly a shame that we have people like this in our community but you have the right idea.
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  17. crisplayz1738

    crisplayz1738 New Member

    Hope everything goes good man! Don’t let them get to you.
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  18. WOW i didnt even know some people could be so toxic on a server in a block game.
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  19. lqrq

    lqrq New Member

    Couldn’t have put it better.
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  20. Good thing my “guild” only has one person. And I’m keeping it like that.
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