1. I'm afraid that the restrictions on the applicants will negatively impact the quality of the player council.

    Now don't get me wrong, I believe that hypixel experience should be a prerequisite to joining the council, but the requirements placed on skyblock players aren't necessary. Since skyblock hasn't even been out for a year, I don't believe that players tasked with helping balance/come up with new ideas for the game should have to have a full year of hypixel experience. Instead, look at hours played, and skill levels to see which players have devoted the most time to the game.

    I'm nervous that you will also look at overall hypixel stats too much. Skyblock is like its own little universe, and knowledge of all games as requirement for joining the council would remove a lot of very good potential candidates. It will also allow people from big guilds with good overall stats to make big decisions that will effect skyblock. I'm not saying that players in hypixel guilds like the foundation and The Bloodlust shouldn't be able to join, I'm just saying that these players shouldn't dominate the council. 2 good players from these guilds would be Dosket (good overall stats/alch 50) and pocketing (good overall stats)

    I also don't think people who farm dragons all day should have an overpowering presence. They deserve representation, but they aren't necessarily the best skyblock players, just the richest and most influential. There are a lot of good ones, and some should definitely be a part of the council, but people who do all sorts of stuff in skyblock should be a part of the council.

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. They also need players to help with other games during balancing and testing. Having someone with 100% skyblock knowledge is less beneficial than someone with 85-90% + other games. It helps in having an even more diverse perspective and suggestions rather than some players just sitting idle. I'm sure the emphasis is more on skyblock, but having other game requirements show server knowledge and time dedication. There is no other way to measure this metric.
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  3. yes
  4. The year requirement is a tad too long in my opinion, it could do with being shortened but I doubt they’ll change it at this point
  5. they wouldn't add the dragon slayers though anyway they're too toxic.
  6. Same, I feel like with those requirements only endgame people will be allowed in, and because of that the mid and early game will be forgotten and excluded
  7. Traw

    Traw Well-Known Member

    oops PEAR
    people apply for the free /nick anyways lol

    besides that i would not want hpc people with stats i can physically not see on the website or a stats website thats silly
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  8. free /nick? Where did you hear that?
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  9. Early game wouldn't fit anyway since they won't have enough knowledge.
    Mid game is questionable depending on how well they're doing.

    People can still make suggestion threads. It's not like no suggestion thread has ever been added from community feedback, at least for skyblock.
  10. Wolf

    Wolf Well-Known Member

    People complaining about the general year requirment and not the fact that a forum warning for necroposting will stop you from getting staff for a year
  11. Why though? I get that people should have knowledge of other games, but if somebody is a skyblock player, and they were invited to the team specifically to help balance skyblock, why should they be worried about testing other games? If I were in the staff team's position, I would want the people who knew the very most about skyblock possible, with the most game knowledge, experience, and insight. I wouldn't care if the person had 100 BSG wins. I would care about improving my game, and if I saw someone who has demonstrated mastery over the inner workings of skyblock, I would want them on the HPC regardless of their other stats. Please explain how having people with experience in other games would positively impact skyblock, because I genuinely don't understand your argument.
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  12. *crys not being old enough to even apply*
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  13. There are also things you don’t know about and probably shouldn’t :eyes: Just note that being active everywhere skyblock related takes you somewhere, that’s all you need to know
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  14. Think of it this way. Assume there's a startup that needs a computer programmer. They are a small team and have limited resources. Would they hire a programmer that knows java & c++, or 2 programmers that know java & c++ respectively? If the team required a lot of players with specialized knowledge, they would have said so. Since they are only looking for a few, they are restricting their requirements. It's to ensure quality control and helps keep players on the council for a long period of time. Suppose that a HPC member was a skyclash only member and nothing else, he would obviously be kicked since there's no way he could contribute to anything else. Not saying skyblock is going to die anytime soon, but that's still a valid point.
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  15. That's an interesting point you bring up. I'm enjoying this little debate too :p

    What I would suggest then is a separate skyblock council where the best skyblock players and HPC members could communicate and discuss ideas. I think that running skyblock like a larger company rather than a small startup (like your analogy suggests hypixel is) would make for better discussion. This is due to the unprecedented player count of skyblock, and the fact that it is unlike any game hypixel has ever released. I understand where you're coming from, but it seems that the current system won't provide hypixel with the best possible group of players to most effectively design and change skyblock.
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  16. Something that the HPC tries to get away from is the false idea of a "Skyblock HPC member." In reality, there is no such thing as a "Skyblock HPC member," only an "HPC member." Players in the council are free to work on whatever game they would like to, and aren't subjected to only focusing on one. The 1 year on the server requirement is for experience purposes, but is also put in place to make sure that applicants are committed and enjoy playing Hypixel, rather than players who only have a fleeting interest in the game. In response to the concept of a separate Skyblock council - it just is not necessary for Skyblock's development. HPC members can collaborate with the community in other ways than creating an entirely new council. That being said, requirements could change.
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