1. Please criticize my order, it will help me see this from a different angle, but this is all my opinion, please read through all of it before you say I am wrong to see if you can see where I am coming from. Of course I am not perfect, but this is the best shot I can give (Also no pictures because it is hard on a phone).

    16. Sanic:
    Sanic has some good burst damage, very annoying to deal with depending on the match up, and an ultimate that melts healthbars, but that is all he really has going for him. Sanic is the most predictable class in the game as he has one main combo, and some players can control their spin dashes to attack more unpredictability, but others are very predictable. Sanic can be punished very easily if it misses and has to wait 6 seconds if it used Sonic Boom early. It loses many match ups and wins maybe 2 or 3. Sanic has a poweful ult, but it is easy as hell to avoid and doing another one will do little damage do to a lack of onion rings. It also has the issue with the lagback glitch, and is such a buggy hero that can be punished very easily. Sanic is fun to play, but nonetheless, the worst class in the current meta.

    15. Tinman:
    Tinman is a very interesting character. Although it being an overall weak character, his kit is slightly better to use than Sanic. Tinman has high dps with his primary gun, rocket punch has stupid aoe and does good damage, and Noob Seeking Missles deal 48 damage and is the fastest ultimate in the game. It is only slightly faster than Shoop because Tinman has 12 shots before a 1.5 or 2 second cooldown, don't remember off the top of my head, but every clip he lands perfectly + natural time should give ult after 3 perfect clips. The main problem comes in the form of recovery. Tinman has a terrible recovery as it can be punished by almost every class in the game and it isn't really worth using as an offensive. The ultimate can also be avoided very easily, but if a Tin can follow up with the ultimate, it is a pretty good combo. Tinman has a combo game, and a very interesting character to fight if played well against others. I don't believe there is a match up that Tinman wins, but it can hold its own in evenish matchups.

    14. Spooderman:
    Spooderman used to be very good back in the early days of Smash Heroes, but after it has been nerfed, it is now pretty bad. Spooderman has good mobility, and his autospike makes him a very deadly foe at low health range, but the higher health a player is, the less they have to worry about Spooder killing them. Spooder has a combo that can hurt, but if they miss a single webshot, they can be punished. His strongest combo deals like 18 damage, but it is a repeated combo so it can drain your health bar if you are not able to keep the Spooder away. Spooderman has a good ultimate for his kit as the Spooder Buddies can set enemies into the air to allow a spike to occur, however, it grows more powerful on the map Blossom as he can crash the game on that map if he does it over the void. Spooderman has to play from a close range because webshot has a fall off damage which can be punished, 2 damage from a far distance, the spooder can miss and pull themselves to the enemy and now they will be punished. Spooder does win a few match ups, but overall, the character is underpowered and doesn't compare to other classes.

    13. Bulk:
    I used to believe Bulk was an A-tier, but I was very wrong. Bulk is very interesting as he plays as a melee zoner. Charge in, deal a lot of damage, and then knock them very far away from you to reload for your next attack. Overall, Bulk is a pretty strong class, and does pretty well, so why do I put him so low on this list? Bulk has a very predictable ultimate, and because of this, it is often rendered useless in games if a person can just escape by baiting the Bulk charge and escaping into the air. Bulk having massive reloads in betweem his attacks does screw him over if a person is at high health, and Bulk can lose dps trades against character like Cake and Mara very easily after the Bulk is on reload, all it can do is jab until the next car throw. Bulk also has the misfortune to use his energy when he respawns, which can be punished if the Bulk goes on the aggro immediately, so that can hurt him a little. Bulk is honestly a pretty good class to use against ranged characters, it has the ability to play any playstyle if done correctly, but he gets destroyed by most melee classes in the game.

    12. Pug:
    Pug is pretty damn balanced. He is not to good, not to bad either, he is in the middle and that is great for a character, but Pug isn't necessarily too poweful. Pug's unique dash gives him the most range for a dash (exuding bulk's dash, it is a secondary ability so it doesn't really count). Sonic Bork is rather powerful, high launch and good damage, the ultimate or baby pugs, the pugs themselves barely do anything unless some person is stuck in a gravity arrow or in a corner, the main thing abour the ultimate that is good is the increase in speed of Sonic Borks. The passive Pounce is a very, very good passive as it makes Pug the most mobile character in the game. This is all pretty alright, however, let us think. Pug does not have armor when he dashes. Every character but Pug have a dash that protects then, Pug has a bite that is used directly in front of Pug, and that bite is a block ahead of them not being able to do much to protect themselves. Bork is pretty inconsistent because how the hitbox works, and sometimes, it can freeze a person in the air which can be annoying to deal with. The baby pugs are very useless for the most part, basically a stage hazard at most. Pug can camp and hide under the stage, but in a fight, a Pug' pounce can actually work against the Pug. With Pug constantly forced to be approached, and Pug not being able to win most dps trades, a Pug has to play Hit and Run creating some problems in certain matchups. Pug overall is pretty good, but no where close to other characters in the cast.

    11. Cake Monster:
    Recently Cake has been getting some attention in the community by good players, and because of it, I see Cake Monster as the bottom of B tier now. Cake Monster is the third highest dps in the game, and also is the Combo King. Cake can delete your healthbar if you get close to it, and it has a very poweful dash that resets when a cake is hit. During Cake Storm, Cake can dash into a person 6 times before it resets, and that is like 50 damage in like 3 seconds. Cake wins most dps trades and is even considered a check for Void Crawlers, but Cake has the cripplikg weakness of not being able to approach and due to it, it has to wait for others to get close. This hurts Cake Monster's as they probably will be always chasing the ranged class, and in doing so, the ranged character will be poking and farming ultimate while the Cake has to suffer. Most of it is map advantage, but other than that, Cake is rather scary and does pretty well in its match ups.

    10. Skullfire:
    Commonly referred to as the Hitscan King in the game, Skull has some of the most things a character has to offer. With a wide variety of moves like the primary, gernade, the ultimate, triple shot, instant gernade reload, and extra jumps, Skull takes some skill to really get good at. Skullfire is a very good ranged character as it can play around the map with having slight fall off damage, Skull dominates big maps, and fighting against characters who struggle to approach. Gernade has good aoe, and with enough practice, Skullfire becomes one of the most annoying classes to deal with as it picks a persons health off when they aren't looking. Overall, Skullfire is a pretty good class, but Skull struggles at close range as his main spacing tool at close range is his gernade, and he has to land one that will knock people away which is dependant on health. Skull does not do well when pressure is applied on it, and the lightness of the class is very easily punishable. Hiding behind a wall can cancel the Skull's recovery, and small maps normally ruin Skullfire's life. Good class, but map dependant.

    9. Shoop:
    Shoop is probably infamous for having the best ultimate in the game as it charges super fast, and does insane knockback and damage. Shoop having good edgeguard and knockback tools at its disposal at any time makes this character a threat, but Shoop is actually rather weak. Shoop does not to damage. Shoop does a solid 1.5 damage per hit, the secondary is dependant on how many shots the shoop lands, but of all of the charges you should fear, it should be the fifth one. Just count to 5 in your head and then try to evade it to the best of your ability. People can punish Shoop RTL pretty easily, and due to this, a Shoop can not only be edgeguarded by going in the air, but it can also take a lot of damage if it lands on the ground due to landing lag. Shoop does tickle you, but when it gets its ultimate, you have to hide as fast as possible. Shoop would be higher if he did more damage and won more matchups, but he is still good.

    8. Marauder:
    Marauder is a pretty good class, but the people who play it can be rather irritating *cough* grip spammers *cough*. Marauder has very good damage output, and a class with a variety of combos that depend on the player. As a class, Marauder's grip is a pretty good approach tool to begin combos, and pretty good to use as a support to hold people in place for your teammate to punish it, however, if grip is the only thing they use, they will be punished for not having energy to win dps trades. Marauder has a pretty good ultimate, it mitigates 25% of the damage, and the dark energy recovery is pretty good. Marauder has dark energy jumps which are like Cluck's flaps, but worse and more punishable. Marauder struggles against ranged characters and loses some melee match ups not making him the best character, but despite his terrible approach like Cake, hr is pretty good. You may argue that grip is better than nothing, but then you get clusterbucked to the face, and tell me how you feel after that.

    7. Cryomancer:
    This character is the best wall hero in the game. Not only that, Cryo does a pretty good job at being able to control middle. With a powerful kit, applying slowness to his enemies, and dealing insane amounts of damage, Cryo is pretty good. To add on to it, Cryo ultimate gives him immunity to knockback basically, and 50% mitigation. Cryo can screw up the full potential of any ultimate, and overall, the class is very controlling and good. Cryomancer struggles heavily if he is off the map with no recovery options, he is normally dead. A good Cryo will space the jumps as well as they possibly can, but it doesn't compare to the fact that a single hit off the edge will end your life. Cryo wins lots of match ups, and overall is a very good character.

    6. Green Hood:
    This character is rather annoying to unlock for new players as it takes some game experience to be able to purchase him, but he is a rewarding hero to learn. Green Arrow has a very diverse kit, as it has the ability to alternate around 4 different arrows, it works pretty well in any situation. Multishot is a good edgeguard tool, scatter is good to deal with people hiding behind walls and in corners, and tripmine is amazing to defend yourself and dealing massive knockback to your enemies. Graviry arrow is very good too, but then you run into a beyblade, it is pretty hard to hit them in grav, still good though. Hood has so many options, and although Hood is super light and has a very punishable recovery, flying punch, Hood does pretty well in lots of match ups, and a good support hero for 2v2's as well.

    5. Karakot:
    Karakot is the second highest dps in the game, Hood being first, but Karakot is a damage machine. All though Karakot has a large spread on his shots, if played in the air, Karakot can rain 30 damage onto a person is like 2 seconds. Karakot's teleport is very good to use to bait out characters abilities and then punishing on the reload, it can be used as a recovery, and you can chase with it. The ultimate turns Karakot into the highest dps in the game for a few seconds and gives 2x the teleports during the ultimate which is very scary deal with. Alongside, 50% mitigation so given to Karakot, so you won't kill it that easily. It is debatable who has the better power-up ultimate, Karakot or Cryomancer, but both of them are really scary. Karakot mainly struggles when he is on cool down on teleport, and if you are able to keep a distance against him, he has few options considerimg the size of the map. Pretty broken character, and it is also a pretty good check to Void Crawler.

    4. General Cluck:
    Yeah, the Chicken is one of the best characters in the game, king of A-tier to be exact, and for a good reason too. General Cluck has insane raw damage, can drain the health bar of almost any class in a matter of seconds, and not only that, Cluck plays in the air and can stay up there with Rocket Jumps. The chickens from the ultimat aren't good, but you still have to be careful of them as getting hit by them will hurt your health bar quite a bit. Cluck can bounce off the death wall 5 times as well expanding on Cluck's ability to control the air, it can run away from most ultimates by going to the death wall to camp it out. Cluck does not lose many dps trades as his raw damage is just insane, it doesn't have to be fast. It is pretty overpowered, but also underrated because of the skill ceiling of the class.

    3. Botmon:
    The only class to be able to manipulate the air better than Cluck is Botmon. Botmon has a kit that allows him to be able to recover from basically any situation making him really difficult to kill, and his boterangs do a scary amount of knockback. Played correctly, the Botmon can zone you out in the air with boterangs, and once it gets botmobile, your life is over. Botmobile allows Bot to chase anyone dealing 8 damage per hit, allows him to shoot in the ultimate, and also does a great amount of knockback. Botmon has the second best ultimate in the game, Shoop being best due to the speed of how he gets it. Botmon has very few weaknesses, but recently people have noticed how predictable bot glide is and have been adapting to fighting Botmons making him more tollerable to fight now.

    2. Sergeant Shield:

    Shield has an amazing passive called Reflect. Reflect deflects all projectiles in the game, hitscan abilities don't count, but while reflecting, he can block anything that is coming at him, but he also takes 30% damage less due to mitigation. Sergeant has a high knockback dash, shield throw is pretty good for keeping enemies away and doing damage, and the ultimate can help defending a person from ultimates and spacing himself out or punishing a falling enemy. Sergeant has like 2 counters, Void and Marauder, other than that, Shield is overpowered.

    1. Void Crawler:
    Do I even have to explain why? Void Crawler has a boring but powerful kit. Teleboom does a lot of damage, insane knockback, and is a warp so you are invincible during it. The ultimate just makes teleboom x2 faster. The passive gives Void Crawler stronger abilities, and Void has a lame dash that does a lot of damage and that is all. The class itself is very overpowered and lame, and Void Crawler has no counters. The checks I mentioned don't beat Void Crawler, but they can put up more of a fight than others.

    That is all, if you want to aruge about what I said, feel free in the replies of the forum.
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  2. pug is too low for my liking but you are the superior player so i am accepting your tier list
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  3. Looni

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    pretty much. you rated cluck pretty high for its skill ceiling yet left pug down pretty low even though its skill ceiling is pretty high as well. Only reason to rate it as low as you did is because it's actually just a better, harder to use Sanic
    sleeping on spooder tho

    keep in mind Sgt. is #2 because the 30% damage mitigation is also 30% knockback mitigation
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  4. The only ones I don’t agree on is sanic, cake, and pug. Sanic in my opinion should be a little higher, since he’s got some of the best mobility in the game, high damage in short amounts of time, and an ult that does tons of damaged if used right. It is easy to avoid, but it’s also why a sanic doesn’t sit on the ground waiting for a hero to come down to his ult. Pug I think should be a little higher because of his mobility as well and insane recovery, and cake is like you said just hard to approach, but that’s also why cake is great against melee classes.
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  5. isnt it 25%
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  6. you sleeping on spood and cake. Can't really add info on many other characters because I either dont have enough experience or you got them right. Spood counters basically all the ranged characters, breaks even with hybrids, and can hold his own pretty well against some melees. Cake being the opposite, countering most melees, winning most of the hybrids, and doing well against some ranged characters too.
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  7. Although I have experience on Pug, I have never respected it too much as a class. I don't know enough to rate him higher than what I did, but I believe considering what you are suggesting, Pug will go up on the list as time passes by and I grow a more open eye on.
    Spooder I have not played enough and I never run into any skillful spooder players other than fatih in the current meta, so that is why I don't see him higher, and Cake is just growing on my list, I used to see him at 12, but it moved up one since you started playing Cake. If I got to perfect more of the matchups, I would have to reconsider the positions of all the classes, but it will be a while till my opiniom changes.
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  8. By Sanic going into the air, it won't be able to commit as much damage as it could on the ground due to not having much movement in the air besides spindash
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  9. Looni

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    damage translates to knockback for the most part, so I just put the same number for knockback lol
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