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    Edit: update came and a few achievements from this list got added

    Since the new Warlords update is coming with possibly new achievements, I decided to come up with several new achievement ideas and others decided to help along with their ideas. Everyone who came up with an achievement is credited below. The numbers in parenthesis represents the achievement points that goes with each achievement.

    The Achievements:
    Oops, Wrong Gamemode - Have a total amount of 14 kills/assists combined at the end of the game (5 ap) (@PaulaDeen)

    World Travel - Visit all 5 points in a single Domination game (5) (@Patheticisms)

    Thank the Gods - Have your Arcane Shield save you from dying (5) (@Pxyle) (For example, if you were at 500 hp, and someone hits you with one fireball for 600 hp, you get the achievement as it saved you from dying)

    Getting Started - Play your first game of Warlords (5) (@Rainbowcraft2)

    Now it's my turn! - Have a speed and a damage powerup active at the same time (5) (@Ranebow)

    Why Is Everyone Wearing Blocks? - Play a game without the resource pack loaded (5) (@Hexagrams)

    This isn't skywars! - Fall into the void (5) (@Hexagrams)

    The Superior Siege Class - Hit someone with Boulder that is 30 blocks away (5) (@LordTachanka)

    Get Down Mr President! - Intervene the flag carrier from a ranged attack (5) (@LordTachanka

    Right on time! - Capture a flag with less than a minute left (10)

    Powered up - Activate 3 power ups in a single game (10) (@Patheticisms)

    Savior - In Tdm, get the last kill needed for your team to win a game (10) (@PaulaDeen)

    Go back to Blitz - Travel 1000 blocks by horse in one game (10) (@Kbz)

    Rain of Glory - Heal a total amount of 3k with one Healing Rain (10) (@Rainbowcraft2)

    Vampire Moves - Heal a total amount of 50k in one game using Blood Lust (10) (@Pxyle)

    Avatar be like - Kill 2 players with one Boulder (10) (@PrinceOfShatteredDreams)

    Slowest 5 seconds of my life - Use Timewarp while at 100 hp or lower (10)

    Ice of Boreas - Slow at least 5 different enemies with one Ice Barrier (10) (@Rainbowcraft2)

    Torrent of Poseidon - Heal at least 7 different allies with a single Healing Rain (10) (@Rainbowcraft2)

    Consecration is Serious Business - Deal 1000 damage with a single Consecrate (10) (@Rainbowcraft2)

    Mass Defibrillation - Hit at least 6 different enemies with one Capacitor Totem (10) (@Rainbowcraft2)

    Pacifist - Win a game without dealing any damage (10) (@Ranebow)

    By The Pope! - As a Crusader, help capture 10 points in a single Domination game (10) (@LordTachanka)

    Where is everyone? - Assault a point by yourself (10) (@PaulaDeen)

    Invulnerable - Get hit a total amount of 20k damage without dying (10 ap) (@ShaunMack)

    Undercover - Win a game with a lvl 90 class, while using the Simple Helmet and Armor (10) (@Ranebow)

    Melting and Boiling - As a Pyromancer, kill a Cyromancer and an Aquamancer within 45 seconds (10) (@LordTachanka)

    This isn’t Tdm! - Get 40+ kills / assists combined in a single game of Ctf (15) (@Patheticisms)

    Tank Absorb - Absorb 50k damage in a single game (15) (@Patheticisms)

    Two faced - Get #1 healing and damage in a single game (15) (@Patheticisms)

    Too close - Kill someone with less than 100 health remaining (15) (@PaulaDeen)

    Overload - Get 200k damage in one game (15) (@Fritzmo)

    Makes sense - Get on the healing leaderboards as a Crusader (15)

    Herald of Ares - Get at 30 kills in a single game as Berserker (15) (@Rainbowcraft2)

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - (DON'T ADD THIS TO THE ACHIEVEMENT: Kill the Chicken on Crossfire after your team won the game. (In the few seconds before you get warped back to the lobby) (15 ap) (@Ranebow)

    UNLIMITED POWER! - As a Thunderlord, deal 5k damage in 10 seconds using Lightning Bolts, Chain Lightning and Capacitor Totem only (15) (@LordTachanka)

    So much coins but worth it - Unlock a Prestige/Prestige 1 (25) ( I have no clue what the prestige system will be so pardon me with the naming)

    Tiered: (@PrinceOfShatteredDreams)
    Knock off 5 player off their horse (5)
    Knock off 15 players off their horses (10)
    Knock off 30 players off their horses (15)
    Knock off 50 players off their horses (20)
    Knock off 100 players off their horses (25)

    Tiered: (@PrinceOfShatteredDreams)
    Gotta Cap!:
    Capture 1 flags in Ctf (5)
    Capture 3 flags in Ctf (10)
    Capture 5 flags in Ctf (15)
    Capture 10 flags in Ctf (20)
    Capture 50 flags in Ctf (25)

    Tiered: (@x_x)
    Almost there!:
    Help capture a point for 120s in Dom (5)
    Help capture a point for 600s in Dom (10)
    Help capture a point for 1800s in Dom (15)
    Help capture a point for 7200s in Dom (20)
    Help capture a point for 14400s in Dom (25)
    *Your team has to actually capture the point for it to count*

    Tiered: (Made by me aka Corruptplex)
    A Long Ride:
    Ride your horse for a total of 5000 blocks (5)
    Ride your horse for a total of 10000 blocks (10)
    Ride your horse for a total of 25000 blocks (15)
    Ride your horse for a total of 40000 blocks (20)
    Ride your horse for a total of 100000 blocks (25)

    What are the benefits to adding new achievements?
    Not only would there be something new to achieve and another reason to play warlords, this would attract new players to Warlords and old players just for the purpose of these Achievements. Who knows, maybe some of them will enjoy this game very much that they will start playing this game more after achievements.

    So this is my thread with the current list of achievements. If you want to suggest new achievements to add (will give credit), any disagreement with the achievement points or the requirements, or anything else you have to say, please comment!

    If you want to add an achievement idea I'd suggest only suggesting one achievement idea.

    Edit: Zinc has read through this thread and these achievements will go through the next step in the achievement addition process.
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  2. PaulaDeen

    PaulaDeen Well-Known Member

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  3. maybe buff the flags one a bit ( 50at tier 5 ? )
    Else everything seems great
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  4. Im just queuing the original post in case anyone want to know what it used to be before I change some stuff
    Interesting idea, I will change the original number to yours.
  5. x_x


    x_x Well-Known Member

    X X
    Almost there!:
    Help capture a point for 120s in Dom (5)
    Help capture a point for 600s in Dom (10)
    Help capture a point for 1800s in Dom (15)
    Help capture a point for 7200s in Dom (20)
    Help capture a point for 14400s in Dom (25)
    *Your team has to actually capture the point for it to count*
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  6. added!
  7. These look pretty great so far. I might add to it when I can think of some.
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  8. Thanks!
  9. @Zincamania I hope you enjoyed reading this thread!
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  10. Some of these imo are pretty unreasonable from the perspective of ease in obtaining. 50k healing from bloodlust? I rarely see good Berserkers do that let alone scrubnoobs like me.
  11. Shouldn't an achievement be difficult to get? 50k healing doesn't happen every game for even the most efficient users of bloodlust, but it will happen eventually if you tryhard enough. It's quite easy if you get into a even Dom game and mosh the entire game.
  12. why would it be named as wrong gamemode i don't understand
  13. speeduhcpvperman

    speeduhcpvperman Active Member

    achievement hunters will never stop achievement hunting and this is something i want you to understand before adding more achievements to games that don't need them
  14. Ranebow

    Ranebow Well-Known Member

    HypeW H
    How many Kills/Assists do you need for Legendary in MW? ;)
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  15. Interesting, I am a decent warrior so I do appreciate this conversation and I just got 50k as from what I have seen and since this is an achievement, It would appear to be harder. If you have anything else to say about the achievements, go ahead!
    Knightrush aka the guy that a 5 million subscriber youtuber called hacks on I would like for you to play warlords and enjoy new achievements that will satisfy your thirst for achievement hunting.
  16. speeduhcpvperman

    speeduhcpvperman Active Member

    I don't have a thirst for achievement hunting, I absolutely hate it. Most of these achievements are all luck based or you have to play a certain class to get them which is basically mega walls v2 and that's not something I'd play to "sAtIsFy My ThIrSt FoR aChIeVeMeNt HuNtInG"
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  17. Yes yes I really like these!
  18. But you get those sweet sweet achievement points :)
  19. Why thank you! <3
  20. OrangeBiscuit

    OrangeBiscuit New Member


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