1. Damn this is a nice thread,being able to watch how great the staff team is atm
  2. Wish you luck on your 3rd and every year your here! <3
  3. MineFX

    MineFX Well-Known Member

    brain.exe is pissed, restarting.
  4. how dare you swear :O ur banned!!1!!
  5. You are under arrest.
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  6. Why necro?
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  7. Well said, take a Mod Emerald
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  8. Oh hello there.
    Ive known you for a while now. I mean, we never but I still know you ;)
    Anyways. You are such an incredible person and pretty weird at the same time. I loved seeing you suffer by saying hytale way too many times and the best vid is when hytale becomes epic the video ends. It should be like 1/2 second tbh. Anyways again, Grats Danny, I wish you the best of luck in the future and happy you are a part of the staff team.

    R.I.P pink hair
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  9. not to bump but i want a mod emerald plz:(:(:(:(
  10. CylinderKnot

    CylinderKnot Well-Known Member

    Congratulations! I hope you do SO MUCH BETTER for your third year!
  11. took too long
  12. AllahuNon

    AllahuNon Active Member

    befriending someone for mocking someones low IQ?

    what kind of friendship is that?

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