1. Instead of giving my whole story I would like to thank many different individuals over the years that I have met on the network who have impacted my life in many different ways. Ill probably miss some people so feel free to shout at me and spam me until I respond haha.

    Anyway, one thing I wanted to mention in this thread is that before I got staff on Hypixel I always had this mentality that getting staff was like winning the lottery and to be honest if you want staff you can get it. You just have to have the right mindset going in to it and be motivated enough to go through with the process and see where it takes you. Being staff has allowed me to meet a lot of people who I would never have met if this opportunity didn't arise.

    Being a staff member has had it's high's and lows but at the end of the day the positives are so much better that any negatives that have risen don't seem to matter much anymore. Anyway enough of this waffle and on with the thanks.

    @Nivyox has to be the closest and longest lasting friend on the team. Such a talented individual with a passion to go somewhere in life. From you're creative yet sometimes crazy ideas to your endless supply of memes you are someone I can truly call a friend and I hope to still be talking many years into the future.

    @Garnc is someone who watches Netflix series with Subtitles on! I still can't get my head around that but Jake, as much as we argue about pointless crap you are such an amazing friend and I love to annoy you until you crack. From our 3am sessions of Sea of Thieves to not wanting to join each other in Far Cry 5 you are almost a perfect friend. The only 2 things holding you back are your Netflix subtitles and Still not meeting up even though you only live 50 minutes away.

    @Starzi Oh my god. I haven't known you long but you bring a smile to my face everyday and make the most out of every situation. You have to be meaner to people as you are way to nice and stop sending inappropriate items in the post to my house ( As goes for you Shane and Niv ). I'm so glad to have met you and hope to meet you some time in 2019!

    @Quiverbow Not sure if you're going to read this but you were the very first person I spoke to when becoming staff. We were in the same wave and oh boy, some of the stuff you told me throughout your time on the team was something to behold. Hope you're doing well with whatever choices you are making in life atm and hopefully speak more in the future mate!

    @SourMatt Ever since you moved to the Hive there has been this small void on the team which nobody has been able to fill. You were such a great friend that I could trust with anything even though you seemed to trust me more for some reason. Some of the chats between me, you, quiver and Niv were just amazing and something I will never forget. Hope to speak to you more soon and if you ever come to the UK hit me up and hopefully us 4 can plan a meetup!

    @Evaaa You really are a character to behold. From your loud screaming to your questionable choice you are such an amazing friend. Just for your information Evaaa Im not gay with Jake. I've never really played a lot of games with you because you sweat more than a fat man on a never-ending treadmill but regardless you are someone I can talk to when I need someone around and are a good friend for anyone to have!

    @XQII Your Youtube videos are as funny as your personality. One minute your losing something and next you just speak whatever on your mind with isn't always what you would think. You are a great friend that has a unique personality because there is literally nobody I can compare you too. Hope your doing well with your recent choice in life and stop ringing me at 3am on Snapchat.

    @RapidTheNerd Most people know you for the loud and intimidating persona that you portray on a day to day basis but behind all of that you are a caring and really smart individual. From your endless insults to a custom jackbox game with around 40 prompts with just your name in you are someone I can relate to on many levels and someone I hope to stay in contact with into the future!

    @NinjaCharlieT If a meme was a person it would be you. From constantly playing Roblox to saying some of the funniest shit you are a friend I can pretty much tell anything to and trust with anything. Thanks for all of the laughs and absolutely amazing work on the Hytale trailer! Also send me more videos of spinning things in your fingers.

    @Shayk You live in Zimbabwe and own a Mansion... is there anything you can't do? From the hilarious times we have had on Overwatch to the endless amount of times I mock you on a day to day basis you are probably my favorite person from Zimbabwe. You make me laugh so much every time you rage at things and have such a straight forward and down to earth personality. You are a great friend to have and you should come to the UK instead of Ireland next time to meetup. Treetrunk.

    @kyei The only person who sent me a serious gift on my birthday. From your endless Asian laughing to your... Kyei? Kyei... Oh sorry I lost you for a second as you're only 4" 11". You have such a great personality and great ambitions in life which I hope you reach. Not sure if you actually read any of this as your computer is quite high up but thanks for being an amazing friend and always being around if I need to talk!

    @Jerebov You Cheated on Jackbox... How could you. From our endless chats about certain individuals to our Hilarious games of Jackbox you are someone I can always talk to and rely on actually turning up to stuff! A great friend who is always around and willing to talk if needed. I mean, I didn't even know Slovenia was a country until I started talking to you and I studied Geography for 6 years!

    @DiamondKiwi You are such a funny person that I can actually relate to so much. From Bragging about stuff to constantly mocking Starzi's low IQ you are someone who makes me laugh so much. Really wish I had known you longer as you are a great person who isn't afraid to speak their mind while also staying true to who they are. Thank god I got Kiwi out of the way sheesh, had to lie a lot in this one. That't what I was thinking when typing this Kiwi <3.

    @Nitroholic_ Not spoke to you in a while but we still need to play the forest sometime. Just reminding you. From your sub-par coding skills to you laughing at my jokes you are someone who adds something great to any conversation. I'm still placing my bets on your being a 6" 1 Asian who watches Anime everyday without Fail.

    @Aerh Such a down to earth person who has a consistent personality and doesn't change to impress whoever they are talking to. You are a real great friend and we need to talk more often. Hopefully we can make something great when Hytale releases and you can teach me how to get a realms cape in that game if that's even a thing!

    @Minikloon Out with the squad while playing tennis and a picture of a fish causing something pretty serious in Jackbox are some of the best games iv'e had in my life. A really smart individual who can roll out updates faster than iv'e seen anyone do before. Whenever you join a channel on Teamspeak it either turns out to be for 10 seconds and you'll say a meme or for some of that sweet sweet Jackbox.

    @Chaazer One of the most straight talking people on the team who weirdly sends snapchat streaks with some questionable filters from time to time. A truly great person who needs to get on Teamspeak more often and not hide Mr Max. Hope you're doing well and stop sending weird streaks or ill block you <3 haha.

    @Thomas8454 You my friend have made some questionable decisions but in the end I'm glad to be able to call you a friend. You are a very quiet person most of the time but are an amazing friend to have around. I haven't got to know you a lot but hope to stay friend and remain good friend into the upcoming future.

    @Luckykessie As much as iv'e been a pain to deal with on the staff team from time to time you have always been reasonable as well as helping me through rough situations. You work so hard everyday and I respect the workload you deal with and the amount of stress it must cause. I thank you a lot for allowing me to remain on the staff team and continue evolving and creating experiences that I can treasure for the rest of my life.

    @Kartya- You are a very down to earth person who is so kind and as much as I mock you from time to time you are an amazing friend that will always listen to anything I have to say or anything others want to talk to you about. You are very smart and well witted for your age and will most likely go very far in life. Never put yourself down and expect to do other peoples work and just be yourself!

    @GameDNM & @DirtyShooter Putting you guys together because of our 3am nights of GTA V. Those nights were some of the funniest iv'e had in a long time. Imagine getting to the very end of a hesit them someone forgetting the parachute button when driving off a cliff *Cough* DirtyShooter *Cough* We don't really talk anymore but I would be more than down to play again in the future and start playing stuff again. Regardless I hope you're both doing well!

    @Hypixel The man behind everything. Don't know you personally at all and only had conversations over message a couple of times but the experiences you have created for so many individuals and life opportunities you have given people are priceless. Hytale is one of the few games i'm actually looking forward to in the next couple of years and I thank you for the sheer opportunities you have provided myself and many others.

    I've probably missed a lot of people but the experiences and events that have happened over the last couple of years have changed my life and I thank everyone who has been a part of it good or bad. Here's to hopefully another year!
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  3. MineFX

    MineFX Well-Known Member

    Thank you for being a great staff on the Hypixel Network!
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  4. o/ hi bushter
    Gratz on them 2 years
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  5. Oof, you became staff exactly a year before I joined xd
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  6. Amittyyy

    Amittyyy Well-Known Member

    O nice Bush, I can say that you're one of my favourite mods because of your attitude towards players, and your passion for the job. i cant read all your mentions but yall wonderful ppl but #FTheFoundation forever. The meme will NEVER die.

    grats on the 2 years, and thanks for being a great mod and an awesome person in general - not just a fake robot. much love <3

    rate creative if I should put #FTheFoundation in my signature, @FoundationMemers
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  7. Stannya

    Stannya Well-Known Member

    Blue Crew BLUCRU
    Congratulation, and thank you for all you have done so far on the server. You are a great staff member and I really appreciate that you have helped so many people. And it seems like you're doing a great job because you have had the staff position for 2 years already. You have helped me and a lot of others. And don't tell the others, but you are one of my favourite staff members :p

    Thank you very much, and I sure do hope that you stay a staff member a lot longer. To the 3rd anniversary, we go!! :)

    Netflix with subtitles is the best! It's good to know that someone agrees!
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2018
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  8. Congratulations!! On two years as staff!!! :D I remember when you where helper, you're a great person to talk with! <3
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  9. When I saw my name on this thread I smiled a lot, I really wasn't expecting it for some reason.

    I'm so glad we had the opportunity to become closer over the past year or so. We had so many random nights of fun ranging from Hytale speculation (it's funny to see how right we were on some things) to just sitting around talking and I appreciate every one of those moments. The staff team would not be the same without you, it needs someone like you with such a great and fun personality. You are a very genuine guy and I can tell how much you care about your friends and the server. Keep being you, and congrats on two years as staff!

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  10. OfficialPikachu

    OfficialPikachu Well-Known Member

    Wow, that's awesome news BushBandit! I like to hear from our staff members, it's nice to know what they are thinking while working in our community.
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  11. Husky

    Husky Well-Known Member

    Congrats on 2 years bush mod
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  12. Congratulations on 2 years man! I'm happy you even made it into the staff team, while I'm not in the staff team there's something I like about you that no one can match. You're a great mod <3
    EDIT: Also thanks for the mod emerald when I was just saying well that's another way to get a mod emerald lmao much love man
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  13. deactivated1

    deactivated1 Well-Known Member

    i still remember one of my first forum posts, on your skywars achievement suggestion thread, when you said 'added' replying to me

    i guess that was one of the things that made me stay ;3

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  14. Congratulation, and thank you for all you have done so far on the server from a non, to maybe getting a rank, to helper, and to mod. You are a great staff member and I really appreciate that you have helped so many people. You help people on the forums, in-game, as well as on teamspeak (probably) And it seems like you're doing a great job because you have had the staff position for 2 years already. You have helped a lot of people and they all apricate you for it.

    Thank you very much, and I sure do hope that you stay a staff member a lot longer its nice to see hardworking staff members on hypixel. To the 3rd anniversary, we go and TO many more years to come!!
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  15. Your the best mod so keep up the great work <3
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  16. Congratulations on the 2 years bush, it's great to have you around!

    (I'll back on TeamSpeak and stuff again soon I promise and my snap streaks aren't that weird :p)
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  17. Amittyyy

    Amittyyy Well-Known Member

    i dont even have ur snap and i know they are weird
  18. iEric

    iEric Well-Known Member

    thorn v2 THORN
    You seem like an amazing moderator with an amazing personality, congratulations on year number two. Let’s hope this next year will be even better!!!

    Continue being awesome!
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  19. Congratulations. Thank you for being a really great staff on the server. I may never recieved a Mod Emerald from you on my guide. But remember, you were one of amazing staff to me.

    Thank you so much, really.

    MicrosoftWindows, #1 Operating System on Forums
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  20. Infit

    Infit Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on 2 years as a staff.
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