1. Hello! I am making this thread due to the fact I am very limited with the nicknames I receive.
    I am a MVP++ user, and when it runs out I instantly purchase it again. Which leads me to the following 3 ides.

    1) After 3 months (all time) with MVP++, you should be able to do custom nick-names, this idea is probably the worst of the three but I'll put it forward.

    2) You should get a WHOLE PAGE full of nicknames you would want to have, since doing it one by one can take a infinite amount of time. The best username I ever got was Angry_Chan then accidentally changed it as I forgot.

    3) Monthly, one time a month, add new names. I-e a Google Forms with the ability to suggest nicknames between 3-16 characters long, either forms or on here, Hypixel!

    Any feedback is very appreciated, and please try to be constructive and improve anything you disagree with!

  2. As you said, the worst idea of all the three you've suggested. Not only will it be abused, but also three months isn't that much IMO. If they would go ahead and add it, then it should be something around about six to nine months (I know it sounds a lot and that's the idea.)

    Like, have usernames, numbers in juxtaposition and then put the number of the username you would like to have? I am not aware of the current nickname system, but if that's what you mean and it doesn't already happen that way, then I agree.

    Honestly, I feel like this will be chaotic for Hypixel. Hundreds of people sending their usernames (The majority of which are going to be offensive). I think that they are already adding new usernames now and then (Or they use a username database or something?) nice idea, but I don't think it will ever work.
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  3. Just remove this part. Just remove it please.
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  4. Mybest nick was Mad_And_Fluffy
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  5. I agree with both. I still believe the nickname system should be improved just a little.
    Thanks for the feedback nevertheless!
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  6. I agree with both of these two
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  7. -1
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  8. Please don't just down vote, please post some type of feedback.
    Thank you.
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  9. Don’t you have enough?

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