1. Whenever I play murder mystery the murderer seems to lose every time. The only times they DO win is if they kill the detective really fast, or the detective sucks. I've noticed that the majority of players try to conceal their murderer role and kill people in isolated areas, however if they are seen by any other player they will usually say it in chat (not asking to remove chat). Also, the detective usually hides their bow, so when the murderer kills someone near them, they will shoot back and usually win (unless the're bad with a bow). This is a problem because unless you get lucky and kill the detective fast, they will kill you.
    The time it takes for the murderer to throw the knife is longer than the bow charging, and you don't even have to fully draw a bow to shoot it. Thus, if the detective is too far away to hit then they will probably kill you faster than you can throw your sword (arrows also travel much faster than flying swords).
    Some maps have spots where the detective can stand where the murderer can't kill them unless they parkour up to it (throwing your sword to those spots doesn't work at some angles). Two of these spots are in Library, a bunch are in Headquarters, and there might be some in other maps too. In all of these spots, the detective can sneak to the edge and shoot, while not being killed themselves.

    You might think this is just when I play as the murderer, but NO, it happens to everyone. Anyone can tell there isn't a 50-50 chance of each side winning. I would say it's more of a 80-20 chance or maybe even less. Don't say I suck at the game, because I don't (or maybe I do, who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).
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  2. You gotta get good to be murderer
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  3. I told you, this is based on every game I played, not just the ones that I was murderer in. I don't lose too often when I'm murderer, but the times I do, it's usually because the detective has lighting-reflexes (which makes me jealous).
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  4. Git gud
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  5. People... Read the whole thing...
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  6. Lmao. Posting threads like these are automatic "get gud" threads. Also get gud. Killing the detective fast and killing in isolated areas are strategies. Just dodge the arrows and have better aim if in a scenario.
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  7. if you tell people to not say "git gud," then people are gonna say it.

    also, git gud
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  8. So your point is?
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  9. You're right, it seems murderer loses much more than before. I would say 9 times out of 10 (and even more). Nothing has to be fixed, it's just that the average level of players is really low. Personally I lose very rarely as a murderer and I'm not a pro or something... it's just easy to win when you know how to play. The knife was clearly broken before the update, a rebuff would be a mistake. Now winning as a murderer really means something (and even now the game is muderer-sided... regardless of the map).
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  10. I understand your point, although I don't exactly see what you want staff to do about it.. however, I think making the knife charge faster is a good idea.
  11. git gud
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  12. Well my point is that its harder for mur to win, thats all
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  13. Yeah, skrub!
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  14. HarboursIsNoob

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    Get Gud lol
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  15. Even though I haven't played to much Murder Mystery, roughly maybe 45% of the time the murderer loses is because some person sees that person kill someone, tabs and then broadcasts it in the chat. That ruins the fun of the game, come on, it's supposed to be a MYSTERY! You're supposed to figure out who is the murderer and then do something about it.

    Disabling chat isn't what i'm thinking. If they did the same thing to the names list when you tab in Duels (where you only see their head, and their name becomes a giant mass of undistinguishable, random characters) I feel like if they did that, it would be a lot harder to tell people who the murderer is (unless you identified them by skin)
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  16. Ah, different opinions though.
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  17. Phaic

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    get g u d
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  18. I AM a skrub
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  19. Since getting the murderer is much rarer than getting innocent, murderers are typically terrible because they haven't played enough as murderer to get good at it.

    Also because most MM players have 5 iq
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  20. no, i was murderer and i won
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