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    In December we announced there would be a new map for Murder Mystery, and that map is finally here. We've bundled the new map Mountain with lots of other stuff including a new game mode - Showdown - and lots of improvements and tweaks across the board.

    We really hope you enjoy this update. Continue reading to find out more.

    ▶ New Mode - Showdown
    Grab yer pardner and prepare to duel to the death in our newest mode, Showdown!
    • Players are divided into 2 teams - Sheriffs (Blue) and Outlaws (Red)
    • Players have bows and can shoot other players (like other MM modes)
    • When you kill an enemy team member your team gets +1 points. The person who is killed respawns elsewhere on the map after a few seconds
    • First team to 30 kills or the team with the most kills by the game's end wins
    How many kills can you rack up? Can you be the bow master MVP and lead your team to victory? Play Showdown now in the Murder Mystery lobby, available on across all maps.


    ▶ New Map - Mountain
    Welcome to our newest map, Mountain. This idyllic mountain-side village is famous for its skiing, hot chocolate, and DEATH!
    • Explore a Mountain village spread across multiple levels
    • Ride the automatic ski-lift for free
    • Shovel snow and throw snowballs at your friends and enemies
    We hope you enjoy playing the new map Mountain, available now for all Murder Mystery modes.

    ▶ Other Changes
    Special thanks to members of the Murder Mystery community for suggesting many of these changes.


    • Completing Weekly Quests now give Murder Mystery Loot Chests, giving you a new way to unlock cosmetics
    • We added a 'Random' option for cosmetics, which will select randomly from all your available cosmetics. Very cool!
    • Added Particle Trails to Knife throws
    • Removed Hardcore mode. You can read more about this in the announcement thread: https://hypixel.net/threads/removing-hardcore-mode.1438514/
    • When players wear Hat cosmetics, the hat will show in tab list instead of their original skin
    • Increased the Not Today achievement to 30 seconds from 15.
    • Changed the bow in classic mode to use the same action bar cooldown as the sword.
    • Changed the default leaderboard to be weekly.
    • Increased the gesture preview time.
    • Innocents in classic mode are now revealed when there are 2 of them remaining.
    • Murderer now receives speed in classic mode when there is only 1 innocent remaining.
    • Removed BETA Tag
    • Added 5 second timer to Infected player respawns
    • The original infected player will now have their victory dance displayed once all survivors are infected. Otherwise the remaining survivor will have their victory dance displayed.
    • Changed helmets to chestplates on survivors, allowing you to more easily identify them and making Hats work properly
    • Improved the spawn mechanic
    • Added a new achievement "Last Survivor", "Be the last survivor standing in Infection".
    • Added a new achievement "Top Zombie", "Infect 5 survivors in a single game of Infection"
    • Lots of bugs fixed!
    ▶ Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue causing the /stats command not showing Murderer Kills.
    • Fixed an issue where arrows would get stuck on the dance floor of Cruise Ship.
    • Fixed an issue where /gesture could be used to freely move and interact around the map.
    • Fixed an issue where players could use /gesture to reach restricted areas.
    • Fixed an issue where /gesture in pregame would throw a server error.
    • Fixed an issue where a stack of gold could be bigger than 64.
    • Fixed an issue where some Victory Dances wouldn't end/clean up correctly.
    • Fixed an issue with the Bullseye achievement being rewarded at a lower than 30 block distance.
    • Fixed an issue in Infection where survivors would sometimes have infected particles.
    • Fixed an issue in Infection where some map features would cause them to lose potion effects.
    • Fixed an issue in Infection where jumping off the map would always spawn you in the Throne room on Towerfall.
    • Fixed an issue where the monorail would take gold even if it disallowed you to ride it.
    • Fixed an issue where mobs would stay behind from Victory Dances.
    • Fixed an issue where holograms would replicate on specific maps.
    • Fixed an issue where private games would affect murderer and detective chances.
    • Fixed an issue where the chat filter didn't apply in assassins.
    • Fixed an issue where Kali would sometimes take the wrong map.
    • Fixed an issue where Kali would sometimes provide incorrect information on the detective.
    • Fixed an issue where players would recieve the "Not Today" achievement when being the detective.
    • Fixed an issue where the "Bullseye" achievement would be rewarded for a shorter distance than required.
    • Fixed an issue where Last Words would translate to the wrong players language.
    • Fixed an issue where some tasks may give coins in private games.
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  2. Slime

    Slime Well-Known Member

    what about my 420~ wins in hardcore?
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  5. hype
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Guild update next.

    Edit: no but seriously, it has taken long enough. Give us some info if you are actually working on it right now (no coming soons anymore) and what it includes.

    I'm not being mean here, I think we deserve it.
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  8. Lovely update!
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  9. zuname

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    Nice, maybe I will now start playing MM, again.
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  10. ItsBossGamer

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    Cool, might go back to MM again now!
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  11. Hype!!! Yay more new stuff :)
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  12. kaskada99

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    Designed in Poland GUILDMASTER
    Showdown best gamemode confirmed ;)
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  13. Zichy

    Zichy Well-Known Member

    Murder Mystery is my favorite game! Can’t wait to try out the new update!
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  14. GG!! :oops:
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  15. meme
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  16. HYPE
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  18. Duppyy

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    AMAZING! (first page)
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  19. Thanks for making a new map! :D
    Can you try to build a “white pumpkin”-styled mansion with tons of secret passages that the murderer can use? That’ll be pretty epic.
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  20. Really glad to see loot chests are now obtainable just from playing, very nice change!
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