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    You've been sneaking around in the PTL for months now, but it's finally here. Murder Mystery has been updated to v1.0 (full release) with tons of new content, and has been moved from the PTL to its own lobby.

    It's been a joy to work on Murder Mystery alongside @Minikloon @OrangeMarshall @aPunch @DeprecatedNether and others since v0.1, and I'm really excited to finally show you all of the awesome stuff we've been cooking up for this full release.

    You can play this right now by navigating to the Murder Mystery lobby on the server (/lobby mm), or read on to find out all the details. As always, please report any bugs or issues you find on the forums. Good luck!

    ▶ What's In Murder Mystery v1.0?
    • New Lobby - Murder Mystery
    • 4 New Maps - Hollywood, Ancient Tomb, Cruise Ship and Gold Rush
    • A full rework of old map Transport
    • 2 New Modes - Hardcore and Assassins
    • New Feature - In-game Minimaps
    • Tons of in-game Cosmetics, unlocked with Coins or Loot Chests
    • Leaderboards and Stats Tracking
    • Achievements and Quests
    • Big Balance Changes
    • Lots of Bug Fixes
    • Secrets and Easter Eggs

    ▶ Murder Mystery Lobby
    We've added a game lobby just for Murder Mystery. Explore a spooky mansion complete with parkour, game NPCs, leaderboards, and everything else you expect from a game lobby.


    This is one of my favorite lobbies - our Build Team did a fantastic job capturing those mysterious, spooky mansion feelings. Make sure to explore the lobby to find all the secrets - there's even a working Piano in the main hall. We hope you enjoy!

    Previously we announced Murder Mystery would be added to a Social Games lobby. We decided to put Murder Mystery in its own lobby for a few reasons:
    • Murder Mystery has proven popular enough to sustain its own audience
    • Having its own lobbies allows for leaderboards, shops, and other MM-specific content
    • We only have one minigame we consider a 'Social Game' at the moment, so if we did the Social Games lobby Murder Mystery would be the only game in it!
    In the future we will evaluate all new games based on their own merits and try to decide the best place for them individually.

    ▶ 4 New Maps
    v1.0 of Murder Mystery includes 4 new maps packed with fun new features for you to discover and play with. The update also includes a full rework of older map Transport based off your feedback.

    Explore the glitz and glammer of the movie biz in Hollywood. This movie set themed map is packed full of high octane features including purchasable Toy Guns, zip wires, and a dangerous explosive stunt that happens once per game and changes the map permanently. When the alarm sounds, stay off the streets.



    Defile a burial ground in Ancient Tomb. Archaeologists recently unearthed the burial ground of an old civilization filled with clay soldiers and mysterious altars. Raise your favor with their Goddess by giving gifts at altars, and pull the lever to pray for a Blessing - or if you're unlucky, a terrible Curse. Praise Kali!



    Set sail for sunnier shores on Cruise Ship. Following a freak accident, this slowly capsizing vessel is the perfect place to hone your gaming skills. On the lower decks you can play arcade games for fun and profit, and if you're on the top deck watch out for the deadly storms that roll in - if the lightning hits you, you're toast.



    Yeehaw, and welcome to the township of Gold Rush. This pioneer town has seen better days, but things could be worse - you can still purchase horses to ride from the stable, and explosive Cactus Clearer from the merchant. We also heard a rumor that some bandits have put together a plan for a "huge score"... if you believe rumors of course.

    ▶ Full Rework of Transport

    Transport was previously one of the least favorite and most unbalanced maps. Based off your feedback, we've made some radical changes that we feel improve the playability of the map significantly.

    • Due to the cost and lack of versatility, the Rapid Transport tubes were not particularly viable before. We have updated the tubes so they are now free to use with a cooldown. You can also select your destination from the 4 available exit points, rather than being forced to go to only 1 location. The tubes also transport your over a longer distance.
    • The old version had lots of very narrow corridors and tight rooms. When designing this we thought it would allow for tense chases, but in practice it just meant the Murderer got easy kills. We've significantly expanded all the corridors, and altered rooms to have a layout that offers more space to escape and dodge.
    • The bridge area has been opened up to allow more space to play in, and give more reasons to use the Rapid Transport.
    • We've added a new item, Shield Spawners, available to purchase from vending machines spread around the map. Right-click whilst holding the Shield Spawner to deploy a temporary shield wall made of impenetrable blocks that can be used to defend against danger.

    We think these changes make Transport significantly more fun to play on, and add fun new mechanics for you to try out. Let us know what you think.

    ▶ 2 New Modes - Hardcore, and Assassins
    As part of the update, we've added 2 new game modes, and renamed the existing Murder Mystery mode to "Classic mode".


    Assassins is a new mode that completely changes the core gameplay of Murder Mystery. In Assassins mode, all players are Assassins and have a sword. After the start of the game, you'll receive a map-based Wanted Poster showing you who your target is. You must track and kill this player to earn points.

    If you successfully kill your bounty, you'll be assigned another one - just check the map again. Watch out though - you are someone else's target and they will be trying to kill you. If your Assassin is near you, your 'heartbeat' will increase on-screen. Be one of the last 2 players to survive to win.

    Hardcore Mode is a tweaked version of Classic mode that is intended to offer a fairer experience for more competitive players. In Hardcore Mode, parties are disallowed from joining to discourage cheating / cross-teaming. All skins and names are randomised to prevent abuse.

    If you enjoy these modes, please let us know. Based off your feedback we may add more in the future :D

    ▶ New Feature - In-game Minimap
    In the previous version of Murder Mystery we used a compass for tracking and navigation. This didn't feel very good and didn't take into account height differences, so we've invented a whole new tool for you to use - in-game minimaps!


    Instead of a compass, you will now spawn with a map item in your hotbar. Hold this map item to reveal the minimap. Every single map on Murder Mystery has a custom minimap, which displays your place in the map. If you move between different levels on a map, the minimap will update to the correct level. If the Detective is killed and the bow dropped, this will show on the minimap. If you are the Murderer, instead of receiving a player tracker compass players will show on this map instead.

    We are super proud of this framework, and feel it also has wide applications in other games. Let us know what you think.

    ▶ In-Game Cosmetics
    Similar to Bed Wars, we've added lots of new in-game cosmetic items to Murder Mystery including all new categories of items. Murder Mystery cosmetics can be unlocked directly with coins, or found in Murder Mystery Loot Chests which can be purchased on the Hypixel Store.


    Cosmetics item categories in Murder Mystery include:
    • Projectile Trails - Change the trail effect of your projectiles
    • Victory Dances - Special celebrations that trigger when you win a game
    • Last Words - Special word packs which spawn above your body when you die
    • Knife Skins - Change the way your sword / knife looks
    • Kill Notes - A unique piece of artwork that shows for anyone you kill
    • Gestures - Type /gesture or /ges in-game to trigger an animated gesture
    The fastest way to unlock cosmetics is by opening Loot Chests on the Hypixel Store. If you like Murder Mystery and want to support the server and help us keep updating the server, please consider purchasing Loot Chests on the store: https://store.hypixel.net/

    ▶ Leaderboards and Stats Tracking
    We've added leaderboards to Murder Mystery, and also track lots of your stats. You can access these through the main lobby, or our website.

    Let us know if there's a stat you think we should be tracking and we will consider adding it! :)

    ▶ Achievements and Quests
    We've added tons of achievements to Murder Mystery, as well as daily and weekly Quests that can be completed for rewards. We've tried to make quests fair, and achievements both fun and rewarding. Additionally we now support a new type of Achievement - Secret Achievements! You won't know what the requirements for these are until you unlock them, so happy hunting.

    ▶ Balance Changes + Bug Fixes
    There are far too many small changes and fixes to include all of them in this post, but one major change is we've updated the hitbox of the sword to be more accurate to the sword model. Previously the hitbox of the sword was very large - we have now reduced this to a more reasonable size. To balance this out we've reduced the charge up time.

    We've put a lot of effort and love into Murder Mystery, and we really hope it pays off by you having a great time playing with your friends. As you can see this update is HUGE and you may encounter some bugs or issues that we missed during testing - please report these on the forums if you find them.

    From all of us here at the Hypixel team we hope you enjoy, and good luck!
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