1. Since the release of Murder Mystery we have seamlessly updated the game to apply minor changes and fix bugs. This post collects most of the changes we have made - there may be other changes we made that we forgot about. Thanks to @Minikloon for contributing a lot too! :)

    If you find more bugs with Murder Mystery or on the server, please report them here - it's the best way of helping us fix things: https://hypixel.net/bug-reports/create

    Thanks for playing! Read on for a full list of changes.

    • Added /mmreport for Assassins and Hardcore mode to report players.
    • Fixed an issue where certain blocks such as ice would stay on the map after the game ended.
    • Fixed play again paper and game queueing.
    • Fixed free loot chest for your first win not being given. Requires you to click the Classic Mode npc in the lobby once you've won a game.
    • Fixed rank-exclusive Knife Skins being available from lootboxes.
    • Fixed an error that didn't let you turn off the play again book.
    • Fixed all victory dances not triggering for a certain time period.
    • Fixed Twerk Apocalypse victory dance not displaying to self.
    • Fixed random horses appearing because of Yeehaw victory dance.
    • Now ignoring players with no victory dance when the game has to pick a random player.
    • Disabled damage to self while riding.
    • Updated coin rewards.
    • Fixed some issues with gestures.
    • Fixed getting kicked for "Interacting with self" when right clicking death notes.
    • Fixed some server crashes.
    • Took measures to workaround a Minecraft bug with horses turning the screen red.
    • Stop sending players to limbo when rejoining the network while in murder mystery lobby.
    • Enabled first-person spectator mode.
    Classic / Hardcore Mode
    • Added back a title screen for when the bow is dropped.
    • Changed detective bow slot from 1 to 2.
    • Fixed stuck Detective / Murderer percentage not updating.
    • Fixed Murderer receiving a compass that overrides the map.
    • Fixed minimap not properly updating when the bow is picked up.
    • Fixed a small offset of the dropped bow on the minimap.
    • Fixed some instances of the detective bow not being properly dropped.
    • Fixed cases where the last alive player wouldn't show on the minimap for the murderer.
    • Fixed replacement Murderer not getting their knife when the first one leaves on game start.
    Assassins Mode
    • Updated end game summary to assign win positions depending on kill count.
    • The #1 winner's victory dance will be played instead of random.
    • Fixed original player names displaying in tablist.
    • Fixed some messages revealing real player names.
    • All Maps: Fixed being able to punch items out of item frames
    • Ancient Tomb: Kali now refuses useless swords from curse.
    • Ancient Tomb: Disabled gestures while in the safe zone blessing.
    • Ancient Tomb: Fixed receiving no blessing or curse on praying.
    • Ancient Tomb: Fixed Kali revealing the murderer and detective as yourself.
    • Ancient Tomb: Fixed curses not being removed after death or game end.
    • Ancient Tomb: Fixed soldiers not reappearing after being destroyed in previous games.
    • Gold Rush: Let players kill horses.
    • Gold Rush: Fixed some exploits to get out of the map and to unintended places.
    • Gold Rush: Increased cactus cleaner explosion radius.
    • Gold Rush: Fixed Horses from old games not being removed.
    • Gold Rush: Stopped spectators from interacting with the bank vault pad.
    • Hollywood: Added 2 seconds immunity from toy gun after getting stunned.
    • Hollywood: Reduce toy gun ammo to 6 and increase cooldown between shots a bit.
    • Hollywood: Trigger Hollywood stunt 40 seconds earlier (from 2min to 1m20s)
    • Hollywood: Fixed locations where players could get stuck.
    • Hollywood: Fixed some cases where the hollywood explosion damage would already be done.
    • Transport: Disabled placing walls in transport tube.
    • Hypixel World: Added 10 seconds cooldown to the monorail.
    • Fixed "Kill Murderer as Detective" challenge.
    • Fixed "High Noon" getting triggered when killing random players.
    • Fixed "Clean Round" trigger to better reflect the description.
    • Fixed "Sherlock" challenge trigger.
    • Fixed "Peace Is Mine" trigger.
    • Fixed "Humiliation" trigger.
    • Fixed "Beyond the Grave" trigger.
    • Fixed "Well Travelled" trigger.
    • Fixed "No Money, No Problems" trigger.
    • Fixed "Catch Me If You Can" trigger.
    • Fixed "Calculated" trigger.
    • Fixed "Totally Tubular" trigger.
    • Fixed "You Tried" trigger.
    • Fixed "I Am Special" trigger.
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    Orange you've been going on a rampage this week
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  12. They already fixed mm bugs a while, they just fixed the achievements this week
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    Talking about all the update threads he's been making
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  16. OrangeMarshall : Bug fixer
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  18. Any chance we can get a layout editor

    For example in classic we could set

    Sword to whatever we want
    Bow to whatever we want
    Arrows to whatever we want
    Gold to whatever we want
    Barriers to whatever we want
    Toy guns to whatever we want
    Map to whatever we want
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    Page 1 hype even tho I don't like this game
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