1. looking forward to playing !
  2. The X's should've been N/A and nice minecrafttools, but you could've ATLEAST put the tellraw in chat
  4. xXZoellaXx

    xXZoellaXx New Member

    How do I play a game???? I cant find anything and how do I do the link account thing?
  5. To link your account type "/linkaccount" in-game
    To play Murder Mystery type "/play prototype_murder_mystery" in-game aswell
    Or you can right-click your compass in the first slot of your hotbar and click the bow icon, then click the NPC holding an iron sword.
  6. Hype for the next update man :D it'll be legendary as usual.
  7. #47
  8. It's still the last update thread so it should be kept open until another one is released :)
  9. 0.4v awaits. i cannot wait for it.
  10. I'd rather having to wait longer for a GOOD update than waiting less for a BAD and UNFINISHED update.
  11. Marshimus

    Marshimus New Member

    Why does the charge time take longer than it use to? :confused:
  12. Marshimus

    Marshimus New Member

    Tag me to the next on!!!:D:D:D
  13. Marshimus

    Marshimus New Member

    We're there complaints?
  14. Idk, but it would cause almost every other game to go to classic lobby if EVERY game became full in PTL
  15. Stop posting on dead updates people, enough necros.
  16. The New Murder Mystery is very fun lel i hope u can have more maps to play in!
  17. I used to play this game (Trouble in Minetown) on another server many years ago. It was so much fun. Often we played for longer then 30 minutes and most people took the game very serious (which absolutely made it 10 times better).

    And sadly enough this version doesn't life up to that. I totally understand that Hypixel want to be different and original, but I've given this game a fair change and sadly enough I won't be playing it again.
  18. H.Y.P.E T.R.A.I.N
    Also you must change bat names to Fred.

    Oh wow I just realized this thread was posted like 9 years ago LOL whoops ...
  19. Its pinned so it doesnt matter :p
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