1. Hello all! Today Id like to share with you my thoughts and ideas about how the MM leaderboards will be once its a full game with its own lobby (hype).

    First of all, a Hardcore Mode was mentioned in many places and will possibly be added, I have no clue if it will be added in the v1.0 update though, but lets assume it will.

    So the Leaderboards will be split in two rows, Top 10 for Normal MM and Top 10 for Hardcore MM, then there will be the subgroups, which I believe will be either:
    All Time / Monthly / Weekly / Daily or Murderer Wins / Innocent Wins / Murderer Kills
    Honestly Id like more the second set of subgroups since it filters better and is way more useful than just filtering some time periods.

    Of course like in all lobbies now, the leaderboards will be holographic and probably have the same system as the BedWars leaderboards to fit the subgroups selector.

    Comment your thoughts below!
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  2. IcyClover

    IcyClover Well-Known Member

    I thought that the leaderboard would be based off of points, as that makes more sense to me.
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  3. cool
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  4. You forgot the Assassins MM Mode tho
  5. It would, but however. Since points are also gained through just simply surviving/collecting golds or just afk in general (in exception for the murderer.) so-
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  6. Squag

    Squag Well-Known Member

    i usually have negative points
  7. Probably trapdoor.
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  8. Innocent wins should not be a leaderboard
    You can easily AFK and win most games because most murderers walk around with their sword out.
  9. Actually. There still should be one for that. But only for surviving players perhaps.
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  10. That encourages camping and hiding/running
    And it's really unfair to make a LB out of those alive since the murderer spawns close to a random person

    Either way I think innocent wins LB is a bad idea
  11. All LBs for MM are RNG based. If you spawned near a randomer or you're a det but you spawned next to the murderer the result are not different from being an inno. Thus, your argument are invalid.

    And seriously, Camping doesn't work except in HQ anyway. Except against dumb murderers or bow-camper ones perhaps. = =
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  12. My argument is that inno wins LB should not be added due to the random factor (making the leaderboard not skill induced at all) so how the hell does anything you say invalidate my point?

    Also it's easy to camp on top of the ship on that one map or use the transport tubes to run forever
  13. Besides Arcade due to the huge amount of games, Ive never seen any other game have a game based on its currency so I doubt it will be that.

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