1. So I was trying to find all 30 gifts in Murder Mystery, and I finally found them all! I went back to lobby to see my prizes and open the merry chest. But when I got in the lobby I looked at my coins and loot chests, and none of them changed, I should've had 70k coins, but i still had 60k coins. And the loot chest was not there, I tried to relogging, even restarting my computer but still nothing. Someone help me, I have no clue what to do, and tell me if this has happened to you. Thank you.
  2. Give it a little time maybe? If not you should contact staff :v
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  4. Somebody lmk when this is fixed lmao, its been a day and a half
  5. butt_basher

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    Where are the 30 gifts? Are they on the map?
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  6. They spawn randomly around the majority of maps after 3:30.

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