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    Hey hey,

    Today we're releasing a Bug Fix Patch along with Community Requested Changes to Murder Mystery. This is the first part of the multi-parted Murder Mystery update. You can view the

    to see what else we're releasing in the future and to follow up on what we have previously released.
    Carry on reading to learn about all the changes in this update!

    ▶ Bug Fixes
    The focus of this Bug Fix Patch was to refine the gesture feature as it was previously used to intentionally glitch out of maps. We have implemented more security checks to make sure this happens less often. For example, you can no longer execute a gesture while standing in an unsafe area or use them while playing minigames such "Whack Me" on Cruiseship.

    We have also fixed these bugs in this update:
    • Patched many of the out-of-map spots in maps like Ancient Tomb, Towerfall, Transport, Archives, and more
    • Minor aesthetic fixes on various maps (such as sign typos)
    • Animals and Villagers can no longer be attacked on any map
    • You can no longer get stuck in the ceiling by the trapdoors in Archives
    • Removed the floating glass in Archives
    • The ski lift in Mountain now functions properly
    • Reduced the amount of item frames on Cruiseship to minimize client-side lag
    • You can now collect the bow dropped when the detective falls in the shark tank in Aquarium
    • Bows received from the traders in San Peratico and Aquarium will no longer automatically shoot
    • Fixed the "Blind Justice" achievement being awarded after dying
    • Fixed players showing up twice in the tab list for an extended period of time if they have an Animated Hat equipped

    ▶ Community Requests


    This update comes with the following changes requested by the community:
    • Map Adjustments
      • The pirhana trap cost in Aquarium was reduced (5 gold -> 2 gold)
      • The minimaps in Aquarium & San Peratico now use the eye-friendly color scheme used in other minimaps
      • San Peratico now has a connection to the boat (this change is visible in every mode)
    • Play any of your purchased gestures in-game with the new Gesture GUI: /ges gui
    • You can also use /ges [name] to play any gesture you want, e.g. /ges clapping
    • The title screen shown when you pick up 10 gold is now smaller and also shown in chat

    A special shoutout goes to the Murder Mystery community for voicing their opinion about new features and important bugs they wanted to see fixed in this update: Official Idea Thread, Community Bug List, and everyone who reported bugs on the forums. Thank you!

    We hope you enjoy the new updates! As always, report all bugs here so we can fix them as soon as possible!
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  2. Trihard-Legion

    Trihard-Legion Well-Known Member

    Good job, Externalizable.

    MM got an update it deserved.

    Thanks for mentioning my thread :p
    EDIT: Let's see how many salt mines will dislike me because of mentioning my thread and being first
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  3. GG
    Look forward to checking out the update! =D
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  4. Awesome stuff! I will really enjoy this patch.
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  5. Yes.
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  6. __Jupiter__

    __Jupiter__ Well-Known Member

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  7. Hype!
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  8. FinaAlly guild update omgg
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  9. OldAccountJolt

    OldAccountJolt Active Member

    An update...? I haven't heard of this in awhile!
  10. *ehem*
  11. Theres a typo there! :eek:
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  12. Ratputin

    Ratputin Well-Known Member

    RuGaming LEGACY
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  13. I sent u here
  14. I love me some MM updates.
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  15. *cringe* Its still just Multi-Part
  16. AlolanRaichu

    AlolanRaichu Well-Known Member

    Glad it's a multi-update so they can fix the signs in Mountain.
  17. Thank you!!
  18. Nice. >:]
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  19. Diagonic

    Diagonic Well-Known Member

    very cool
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