1. So, I'm trying to set up a simple Mana system on one of my servers. I already have a few dummy variables in place:

    Mana: The amount of Mana the player currently has
    ManaLevel: The level of Mana the player currently has
    ManaLimit: The limit to how much Mana the player can have
    ManaRegen: How much mana the player gains per tic
    ExperienceLevel: The level of experience the player has
    Health: The amount of half-hearts the player has (20 is full health, 10 is half)
    Now that you know all the variables, here's one of my core mechanics I'm having trouble with:

    I'm trying to make it so that every 5 ExperienceLevel, the player gets +1 ManaLevel, and also increases their ManaLimit by +50. Also, every 5 ExperienceLevel, they also get +2 Health.

    Also, I don't want to include this in the main chunk of buffs you gain every 5 ExperienceLevel, but I might add it once I experiment with this:
    Every 10 or so ExperienceLevel, the player gets 0.5+ ManaRegen.

    I think that with the right skript/command block coding, this problem could be pretty easy to code.

    One of the other mechanics I want to implement is the gain of buffs whenever you hold or equip a certain item. For example, If I equipped a certain piece of armor, it would give me +4 Health, or if I held a certain piece of weaponry, it would grant me +50 ManaLimit, etc.

    Any insight on these problems would be great, as I'm not very in-depth with Skript or Command Blocks. If you need any further clarification on these problems, just start a conversation with me, and I'll try to reply as soon as I'm available.

    Thanks again!

    (No, this is not a copy of Hypixel's version of Skyblock)
  2. I think spigotmc forums would more fit for this, but in skript this would be:
    on level change:
      if "%level of player/5%" does not contain ".":
        add 1 to {manalevel::%uuid of player%}
        add 50 to {manalimit::%uuid of player%}
        set max health of player to max health of player+1
        heal player

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