1. when i was like 6 one time in a holiday house my mom was cooking something on the stove. a few minutes
    after she finished and turned it off i wanted to know if it was still hot so i just... touchy

    blisters 4 weeks
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  2. Almost drowned by swimming under a pool float with multiple girls on it. Not fun.
  3. Zhirst

    Zhirst Well-Known Member

    Skyblock Gods SBG
    Touch a hot iron on purpose

    Close the door on my nose as an experiment
  4. Apparently I put something in the microwave for 30 minutes instead of 3 and the next thing I knew there were firefighters
  5. hmmm, way too many things to only choose one.
  6. I ate toothpaste for breakfast every morning for a solid week.
  7. Pikadex

    Pikadex Well-Known Member

    I did a lot of dumb things, but one that really stands out is spinning my brother around in a desk chair, he flew out and cut his head.
  8. Should I be laughing at that.
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  9. Pikadex

    Pikadex Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure, it definitely wasn't funny when it happened, because I got in major trouble.
  10. Used to love Static Shock as a kid. Be me, 4th grade loser with no friends, back of the class with nothing to do. Well, in the show I like the hero got his powers by playing with electricity, guess I'll start poking at an electrical outlet with a paperclip. Got zapped, lights flickered off for a second, got suspended for a week I think for basically being an idiot.
  11. we used to have a dressing table next to our sofa, and I was like dwitings between them (like one hand on table and one on sofa) and I swung forward and knocked my two front teeth out and gave myself a concussion

  12. Hey, at least you would’ve died next to some cuties.
  13. Attempted to close a hot oven, I just touched it with a finger.

    It burned like heck and there was a little blister there for a few days. No 3rd degree burns or anything.

    That’s the most thats ever happened to me. How I went so long without being stupid? Two words: Do nothing.
  14. Choo

    Choo Well-Known Member

    OG Nation OG
    Buying a pack of gum for 10$
  15. i was born
  16. iluvsoccer

    iluvsoccer Well-Known Member

    Licking a battery more than once
    And touching a fireplace.. wait that was last week..oops
  17. I pulled the table cloth (as well as everything on it) off the table when I was 4...


    My sister feels your pain. She spilled boiling hot water fresh out of the kettle onto herself when she was 2.
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  18. Walking around my house while a toilet roll is unraveling in my hands as I run...
    I was like 3, but yeah. That was stupid. :rolleyes:
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  19. Iofine

    Iofine Well-Known Member

    Skillless BAD
    Be alive
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  20. iluvsoccer

    iluvsoccer Well-Known Member

    Walking into my brothers room bare foot and stepping on legos. Literally y worst feeling EVER.!
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