1. I think that TCreopargh is the richest man in Hypixel skyblock

    He has
    - Mosquito Bow
    - Reaper Scythe
    - Spider 8
    - Very high place collections (#1 Rotten Flesh)
    - Super high skills levels
    - All talismans
    - 612% cd
    - Does 57k dmg without max pots and aote
    - All recipes
    - Zombie 7, wolf 8
    - can one shot t3 revenant

    Also here are so images of his stuff
    What do you think, is he the richest man?
    This was a pointless thread lmao

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  2. _PixelSlayer_

    _PixelSlayer_ Active Member

    Good to know the scammers have a place to concentrate their efforts
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  3. That's over 1bil in diamond blocks, I doubt that's real, if it is probably yeah.
  4. cant get scammed if you use e diamond blocks instead of coins haha
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  5. _PixelSlayer_

    _PixelSlayer_ Active Member

    Idk I know a few great backdoor programs that could work wonders on a profile like that and associated email login. But I like your block idea I'll have yo use it myself ❤❤
  6. oh right the hackers

    lets hope they have a secure password xd
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  7. Yup
  8. Doesn't even have a hunter ring? smh. weaksauce.
  9. He's not zomb 9
  10. More cool stuff 2019-10-30_23.23.27__01__01__01.png
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  11. What are your sources, a picture of 90 stacks of diamond blocks doesn't even require editing to fake.
  12. Oh yeah made a mistake
  13. And only Drag Hunter IV on his sword? I don't think hes even close at this point.
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  14. #14
  15. I mean there's no point in dh5
  16. #16
  17. yeah the man's insane... Top 10 combat level without using ghast minions
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  18. Theres maybe 3-4 stacks of e diamond blocks on ah rn over a 2-3 day time period, assume he had to bid on every single block it would take weeks of bidding to get that many. I've never heard of him, and I'm sure I would've if he held the diamond block market for weeks on end.
  19. He doesn't seem to rely on the auction house too much. I think he just trades with guild members.
  20. You forgot that he can deal 584k damage, one shooting the t3 revenant
  21. Added to the list

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