do you want more double jumps in tnt run?

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  2. no

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  1. Agree or disagree if you want more double jumping and I will read your suggestions! :D
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  2. no.
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  3. smoI

    smoI Well-Known Member

    i have 10 double jumps and i rarely ever use them all. giving more jumps will just give the experienced players an easier time at winning
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  4. True...
  5. Hysea

    Hysea Well-Known Member

    ProfoundMinds PFM
    It's called TNT Run not TNT fly
    Same with Bow spleef
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  6. I think it is ok with 11 djs
  7. 11 max is more than enough in my opinion.
  8. I was against it when they added 9.... 11 is way to many
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  9. billowing

    billowing Well-Known Member

    11 was enough when we decided to add prestiges for BS/Tnt-Pvp Run. I don't see why we should add more than that. Would be repetitive at that point so we won't.
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  10. Yeah, I personally already feel there may even be too many!
  11. I think the ammount if ok, so sorry I don't agree.
  12. I've been playing TNT Run since it was introduced, back in the early days people with high double jump counts were godlike, for example Crystalline (map A) would always devolve into a game of who played the game non-stop and could afford a bunch of double jumps, this was pre-EULA. Nowadays it's not that big a deal, my alt with 25 wins (so figure ~60 games played) already has 7 double jumps, these days it's incredibly easy to get a decent amount whereas back in the past it was fairly difficult (this was before boosters, and when rank multipliers got a bit OP).

    I don't mind the 11th double jump, I wish it were much more expensive (maybe 500k-1 million coins) and requiring either some Hypixel level or win count to acquire, making it somewhat of a status symbol for the highly dedicated. I am very strongly opposed to adding any more double jumps to the game, the only way I would agree with this happening is if by default players received 2 or 3 double jumps, making it a bit more fair, and like I said above the prestige 2 for it should be incredibly expensive.

    As a side note, I think there should be a line in the holographic tips for the games explaining that double jumps more or less function in the direction you're looking, as many inexperienced players just look straight ahead while trying to save themselves.
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  13. I believe that it is fine with just 11 double jumps. Also it was better with 10 djs tbh. Plus, i dont really like odd numbers so maybe thats why it doesnt please me :p
  14. Mathematics

    Mathematics Well-Known Member

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  15. #15
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  16. I agree with a lot of the other community members on this thread. I believe there are currently too many double jumps, and adding more would be slightly annoying. This would cause games to last even longer they than already do ( some games last a while), and I don't think that is really needed. Thanks for sharing your idea with us!
  17. I think there are already enough double jumps.
  18. But bowspleef has a bug that you keep flying in the air haha.
  19. Hysea

    Hysea Well-Known Member

    ProfoundMinds PFM
    ?? You mean lagging
  20. Yeah you keep lagging back.

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