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  1. Yo! So I'm getting back into Skywars and looking at the new kits, and I notice Enderman, which only gets its Corrupted Pearl one minute into the game. So here are a few more kit ideas of mine which receive their items some time after the game begins. The idea is to have several "second-phase" kits that receive items later, re-stimulating action after the initial frenzy.

    All kit ideas are balanced for Normal Mode, just like the rest.

    Rarity: Common
    • Green Leather Chestplate
    • Green Leather Leggings
    • Rope Bridge (An enchanted Oak Leaves block that, when placed on the side of a block, instantly generates a row of Oak Leaves 8 blocks long, overwriting any blocks already there) (30s delay)
    Rationale: Thirty seconds into the game, stalemates sometimes generate. Three players are eyeing the center island, and everyone's got snowballs or eggs. The Peruvian kit can create a temporary bridge instantaneously, allowing a quick rush and breaking the stalemate. But it can be broken almost instantaneously with any tool, making it fragile. The kit can also be used to create a temporary roadblock for any player in pursuit.

    Rarity: Common
    • Booster (An enchanted Eye of Ender that, when right-clicked, instantaneously launches the player 8 blocks into the air) (60s delay)
    • Booster (180s delay)
    Rationale: 8 blocks is the perfect distance. If players have fast reflexes, they could possibly recover from a fall into the void, and the Booster can also be used for many other things. At the same time, it provides no forward momentum, and cannot be used to bridge out.

    Supply Drop
    Rarity: Rare
    • Bottle o' Enchanting x64 (90s delay)
    • Arrow x48 (90s delay)
    • Snowball x32 (90s delay)
    • Golden Apple x2 (90s delay)
    Rationale: After a while, players expend quite a lot of resources. They miss with their snowballs, their eggs, and their arrows, or waste their gapples. The Supply Drop takes care of that, restocking depleted supplies at a critical time. The chest refill is still one minute away, and there's business to take care of.

    Rarity: Rare
    • Splash Potion of Blindness (10s) x2 (60s delay)
    Rationale: This potion, when thrown, makes it really hard for other players to see and effectively PvP. It's a powerful tool, but tricky to use. Opthalmologists can just as easily blind themselves if used in melee, and the effect only lasts 10 seconds, requiring them to act quickly before the victim(s) come to their senses!

    Rarity: Legendary
    • Diamond Sword (Sharpness 1, 5 durability, unrepairable) (120s delay)
    Rationale: You're just a stay-at-home kind of person, it seems. You've cleared the neighboring islands, but there's that one player at center, stacked with armor. What's a person like you to do? Wait for your Samurai sword, of course! This powerful blade can carve into even the toughest of chestplates. But if the player at center is crafty, they could possibly manage to escape in the heat of combat. In that case, you're out of luck - your sword now only has one or two hits left in it. You had your chance, and you blew it. Oh well!

    Rarity: Legendary
    • Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency I)
    • Obsidian Cocoon (An enchanted cookie that, when eaten, generates a 5x5x5 hollow obsidian cube around you, but with no bottom) (60s delay)
    Rationale: Pupa is a great kit for camping and/or buying time to regenerate and regroup. But its fatal flaw is that it has no bottom, allowing opponents to tunnel under and trap you in your own cage. The lack of an underside also prevents Pupas from arresting a fall into the void (it would be overpowered otherwise). Pupa's cocoon can't be built in the thick of combat, since you have to take the time to eat the cookie first.

    What the Obsidian Cocoon looks like (the glass is the ground, if there is one):

    Please give feedback in the comments!
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  2. I think all these kits would work for both Solo and Teams.
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  3. Maffooow

    Maffooow Well-Known Member

    I need some clarification on the obsidian cage. As it is 5x5x5, unless the player spawns on the last block, it could be used to evade the void. A player, still falling, if at the top block of the cage when spawned, (their head is touching the top block of obsidian) then they could fall to a side of the obsidian cage, and place a block, thereby surviving. It would rarely happen, and would take immense skill and reactions, but it is well possible.
  4. The player is at the bottom of the cocoon when it's generated, so they can't recover from a fall. I'll put a diagram of the cage on the OP later.

    Good question!
  5. MasterGamerPro

    MasterGamerPro Well-Known Member

    The kits are awesome!!!

    But this kit doesn't need delay, it is really original and balanced but doesn't need a delay
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  6. I would argue that Opthalmologist is unstoppable in the hands of the right players, especially during the initial center rush, which is why I put in the delay. If it was a regular Splash Blindness potion I would give it to players right away, but it's TOTAL blindness and merits a delay.
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  7. Vicious_Cupcake

    Vicious_Cupcake Well-Known Member

    samerai is op.
    it can be repaired.
    take the enchs out.
    (dont forget people can use it on normal mode also)
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  8. I designed it to work on Normal Mode. It's a powerful sword, that's the point, and it's powerful because you get it a full two minutes in and nothing else. As for repairing, back me up on this, but f there's a custom NBT tag on the item it can't be repaired, right? I'll update the OP denoting it as "unrepairable" and lower the durability a bit to balance it.

    What about the other kits?
    • Trampolinist: 2 boosters w/ 60s and 120s delay --> 1 booster w/ 60s delay
    • Samurai: Sword durability 10 (repairable) --> Sword durability 5 (unrepairable)
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  10. Vicious_Cupcake

    Vicious_Cupcake Well-Known Member

    it seems pretty well balanced. :)
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  11. These are really cool! Hope they add some of them! :D
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  12. Seems super cool but would it take a long time to code?
  13. Idk - there's some completely new stuff in here, but it shouldn't take an extraordinary length of time to code. Skywars is a rather code-light game anyway because it uses vanilla PvP mechanics.
  14. oh ok i really dont know much about the technical part of skywars or coding in general :)
  15. I don't either - total guesstimates. :p
  16. PlayLikeLars

    PlayLikeLars Well-Known Member

    Yes. There's a RepairCost tag for every enchanted item I think, but Hypixel should manage it, to just add it by giving it to the player.
  17. PlayLikeLars

    PlayLikeLars Well-Known Member

    All the kits are pretty balanced aren't really op and the idea behind is awesome, but..

    .. Peruvian seems pretty useless to me. It's useless for rushing, as you have to wait a specific amount of time and after that you already got some blocks. Yea of course some players could try 2 knock u off by briding, but those 8 leaves aren't really that useful. Especially if you get nothing else. You can also break through walls easily.

    .. Tramp. should be legendary and not common. Being able to launch yourself up is really good, you can save yourself easily or just use it midfight to get through the ceiling.

    .. Supply Drop seems pretty decent. Not to op but also not to up. Especially the arrows make it a great kit for some maps! ;)

    .. Opth The problem with this kit is, that the blindness/night vision effect depends on your graphics card. So it's more unfair for some players.

    .. Samurai I'd remove the knockback, as this would be a super strong weapon for normal mode, also it only has 5 uses.

    .. Pupa I don't know what I'd think about this one. The item it is really op for camping at y = 0 and can also be used if you're low on hp.

    In my opinion Peruvian, Tramp., Opth. and Pupa shouldn't be added. Opth. as some players get an advantage/disadvantage with their GPU and the other ones as they kinda add a "new style" to Skywars - special items. I feel like those don't really fit into the skywars theme. Supply seems, as already said, really good and I have nothing against it, same for Samurai (remove kb)
  18. The idea behind Peruvian is that it creates a bridge INSTANTLY, rather than the player being required to literally "go out on a limb" to bridge, putting themselves at risk. To make it not underpowered, would you recommend I
    • Make the bridge longer (12 blocks? 16 blocks?)
    • Reduce delay time (45s? 30s?)
    • Add external gear received at the start (Green dyed leather armor?)
    I'll remove the leaf decay, though - that's stupid.

    OK. I made it common because it seemed like a simple, easy-to-use, commonly-desired kit. Rarity=/=Strength of the kit.

    Can you go into more detail about this? Idk how the effect works, except for the fact that it works on MY computer.

    I intended it to be that weapon, you know? The godlike weapon that you only get ONE SHOT to use before it disintegrates (like the Rogue kit in Blitz). To get that one kill you wouldn't have otherwise gotten, because in the meantime, you haven't received anything else for two whole minutes. You may be right about the KB, though. Should I increase durability back to 10 to compensate?

    It's meant to be a campy kit, like Pyro. And since it's obsidian, it's meant to trap you inside for a while once you use it. You're still vulnerable to tunneling from below, which isn't really avoidable while you're stuck inside.

    What do you mean by "camping at y=0"?

    I disagree. I like Skywars' feeling of "augmented vanilla", with the Corrupted Pearls and Jackhammers and all that. I think it should be expanded to make the game more fun.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  19. PlayLikeLars

    PlayLikeLars Well-Known Member

    I think I'd most likely do it with 30 secs and give it some leather gear
    Yep, it's easy to use. But I think what it does is really op. So if so, then it should be legendary (my opinion)
    Can't really tell you how. But I'm (or I were) a mapmaker and you learn some things from doing so and watching vids, so the graphic cards somehow affect it.
    I'm not sure, but I read like 5 hits, one would be fine (even with kb)
    Yea, I mean I don't really have something against it, just against the whole thing with the "one click" actions.
    y=0 is at the bottom of a world ;)
    In my opinion it's enough with the jackhammer. The hammer is only at the last refill and it's the only 'real' special item. The pearl has just been made worse to prevent rushers, also I think they could kinda remove the effects you get upon teleporting. Cooldowns are fine for me, I just don't like items that allow you creating stuff that normally doesn't really occours in vanilla. There are already plenty of things you can do in skywars. Maybe only add the "special item kits" to insane?
  20. K. Will probably make it like 15s regular blindness or something.

    Could be a piece of food that you eat, so you're vulnerable while "building" the cocoon?

    Nooo! Kits should be the same for both gamemodes IMO.

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