1. Anyone deal with these moods?? :p

    1: Murder Mystery Assassins!
    -You spawn next to your target and they kill you RIGHT AWAY (or next to your assassin)
    -You are about to kill someone and then they get killed by their assassin--that assassin is now your assassin (You better run!)
    -you hit someone first but they somehow got you

    MOVING ON!!!
    Murder Mystery (Double Up AND Normal)
    -You get the bow and kill 1 murderer just to be killed by the other one
    -You are murderer and accidentally show the detective your sword and you die.
    -You see the murderer and try to shoot them with the bow but then you miss :eek:
    -Someone drops a bow and you run to grab it JUST as another person snatches before you
    -The murderer(s) are puppy guarding you or the bow

    See ya guys later ;)
  2. I'm the one who always does this. Han Solo always shoots first!

    The rest seem luck based but there are a couple you can play around with enough skill, like bowcamping, the det knowing who you are, or people stealing the bow.

    Probably I'd say these are some of my biggest pet peeves in MM tbh:
    • When you're about to take a shot at the murderer, and some random walks in the way at the last second. I've had this which either causes me to miss my shot (since I have to avoid hitting them) or we both end up dying. Especially annoying when you're up against good player who's toxic afterwards because that one inno messed ya up.
    • When the detective starts hunting you with the bow when you're innocent, even though people are dying right behind them.
    • When you're trying to bait a murderer in a trap and someone comes to mess it up for you.
    • When people use Snowgolems to push you into the murderer/evil detective on Snowglobe or stop you from being able to push buttons to activate traps.
    • P e o p l e c a m p i n g i n a s s a s s i n s
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  3. Not if I do it first.
    You don't need to run if there's no alive person to run from.
    Knife throws
    Happens sometimes, not that often but it's an occurrence that exists
    Who even does that
    Depends on the day, sometimes I get aimbot and sometimes I miss every shot.
    I hate it. They're most likely not going to do anything productive with it.
    They're mostly bad at the game and all it takes is your own bow.
    I remember seeing if7euh7 ranting about it on dead chat, it wasn't me though
    Horrible but doesn't happen often to me, fortunately.

    Good ol' bows.
    Doesn't happen to me often.
    You guys still thinking to add the 2-kill thing?
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  4. I can relate
  5. By comparing various stats sites, I concluded that this happened to me approximatly 1300 times!

    Running is an underestimated MM skill.

    @ItsDread :3

    I don't mind bowcampers. I do mind being chased for 2 minutes and no one shooting my chaser.

    I call them "foolish blind moul" and feel bad and apologize if they say sorry.

    @KingBullet Parxie is constantly trying to shoot me too now...
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  6. I'm seriously considering making a thread of all my compiled ideas for what could be added, changed and bugs. Only way to stop a problem like that would be to have a queue cooldown after shooting innos/dets multiple times in a time period.
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  7. Usually for me, it happens the other way around.
    I think the worse alternative would be this. When you kill your target, but their assassin does a thrown knife in the process so you end up killing the person in the middle of that thrown knife, so you also die as a result.
    Assassins hit detection is a joke sometimes, but I try not to worry too much about it.
    This has only happened to me once, probably since I rarely play Double Up!, but my reaction isn't really frustration, it's me saying "At least I got one of them"
    This is why I don't pull my sword out until I attack. Usually, I jump around the detective first so that they don't know where to aim.
    It happens so often, that there is no frustration with me.
    I proceed to yell "Give that back!" and then try getting my own bow.
    You know that there are quite a few ways to counter that, right?
  8. Scythe

    Scythe Well-Known Member

    1. Look at your contract and see if you have a heart, stay near someone in pregame. Quickly take out your sword. If they match, kill the other person.
    2. They don’t know they’re your assassin, you have the advantage. Just kill them before they can look at their contract.
    3. Did you truly hit first?

    One of mine is shooting at your assassin, only to have their assassin run in front of the knife, which slows you. Then, your assassin gets killed, and the assassin’s assassin is your assassin, and kills you easily. Somehow, this happens quite often.
  9. Another mood that happens to me everyday:
    In Double Up, you shoot one of the murderers only to be shot by an inno who can’t read the chat and thinks your the mur, resulting in death :D
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  10. Two very common moods in assassins is when someone is not looking at you, but they somehow kill you, or you don't know how someone killed you. Another one is when you just kill your target or assassin, but someone else comes up behind you and kills you.
  11. Symptoms of the bad

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