1. Hi there!

    If you're like me, you probably have missed some pit events (like care packages/ King of the hill, etc) due to not realizing there even was one.

    To fix that, I've created a mod which makes it a lot harder to miss any of these events!

    This mod will display currently running events on your screen, as well as make a sound effect whenever an event starts. You can choose where it displays the event, as well as toggle the sound off of course.

    [LEGACY] The mod will also show you your embattlement status, so you can see on your screen when you can /spawn again (when you are idle) if the scoreboard doesnt display it (usually when you have a bounty) -- This function is a legacy function and contains bugs. No longer necessary due to changes to the pit scoreboard.

    New in 2.0.0:
    The mod now is in contact with one of my own servers, and will send all event strings to there when playing the pit (only the event strings. Nothing else.)
    This is done to have an overview of current events, or events happening soon. This also makes it so that, people who use the mod whilst they are not playing the pit , but rather, are in a lobby or other gamemode, can get notified of major events happening, at which point they can join the Pit to play those events.

    The mod currently is only for 1.8.9 forge. I will port it to higher versions when the 2.0.0 release is proven stable.


    Join a pit game, and it'll work for you!
    [Beta] using the latest version, you can also get notified of events when you're not playing the pit. This will happen automatically.

    /pitevents help - shows the help message
    /pitevents editLayout - lets you choose where the text should go on screen when an event is active
    /pitevents resetEvents -- Resets any events in case they get stuck on screen
    /pitevents toggleCombat -- Toggles if you see your embattlement status on screen
    /pitevents toggleEvents -- Toggles if you see events on the screen
    /pitevents toggleServerEvents - toggles if the mod should get events when not playing the pit
    /pitevents toggleSound - toggles the sound indicator on or off
    /pitevents updateEvents - forcefully get new events from the server

    If you have any feedback, or find any bugs with it, please let me know!
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  2. GoDed

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  3. Pls make a 1.12.2 of the mod
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  4. Im gonna wait a bit and see if there are more people who want one for a later version, and if so, ill port it :)
  5. I thought I was the only one who had issues with missing events, especially minor events. I don't play pit too often anymore, but I really do like the concept on this mod. I'll use it if I decide to play again. Good job c:
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  6. ImRodry

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    Thank you so much for this and I can’t wait to try it out! (And as always if I find any bugs I’ll PM u on twitter :p)
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  7. Woorm

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  8. Good mod, you’ve come off a good concept as events can be tricky to realise if they are minor (e.g 2x rewards)

    Also, can you toggle what sound it plays or is it just set to one default sound, if you could an improvement could be to add this (e.g pitevents sound entity.enderdragon.growl). Just a concept but a good mod!
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  9. I don't know if it is hard to do but can u make the mystic items sound drop louder ?
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  10. It's currently not possible to make a custom sound for it, not sure if I'll make that in there as I would have to make a whole thing for that first, which is quite some work

    I've never had anything mystic drop, so I have no clue what the sound effect is! I don't think I can make it louder though :(
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  11. The Mystic drop effect is the same as when a major event ends, just at about double the speed (I think it’s player.burp or something
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  12. Zion_Ska

    Zion_Ska Member

    I have to try it !
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  13. Thanks so much, I was about to sit down to code something for this, but I felt like reading about people complaining about pit changes first before coding to get into the pit spirit when I saw this and was truly happy that I wouldn't have to spend time coding it myself.

    Is it possible to code in a banner like the 5zig mod - to where when I have MC running in another screen but want to get stuff done like a P r O d U c T i V e B o I, I can have a banner that comes up and says time to stab pixelized characters for 2x rewards
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  14. need a ' in it'll
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  15. Does it make the sound when a major event is about to start (when its announced in the chat)?
  16. Like a windows notification thing?
    I kind of try to keep it fully in minecraft, but you can leave it running with only your noteblocks sound on to get notified when events start by sound :)

    Yep! It makes the sound when it first reads that the event is about to start
  17. I dont think you got what I meant, let me try making it more clear:
    When theres a major event starting, a pop up in chat appears (example: MAJOR EVENT! RAGE PIT in 3 minutes!)
    I would like to if the mod makes a sound when that happens.
    If it doesn't I think it would be a nice addition aswell.
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  19. There are already chat messages by default in the pit that indicate events :)
    Sound is in, but you may have to turn your Noteblocks/Jukebox sound up for it to work, as the sound i created uses the noteblocks
  20. I know that, but sometimes Im afk doing other things and when I realise the major event is starting its already too late for me to get ready and lose time. So I think the sound should play at the same time as the chat message. Its just a little thing that makes a pretty significant difference.

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