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  1. Moderators.

    They've got a nice green rank, nice perks, can ban hackers and stuff.

    While we are talking about perks, I was wondering if moderators could use the /nick command, and I've accidentally found the answer to that question.

    I asked a bunch of moderators "Can moderators use /nick?", but I always got the answer "No".

    Some days later, I stopped asking moderators that question.

    But then, I find a guy in my Guess The Build game, called [MVP+] Amaranthine.
    He was pretty chill and funny, I liked playing with him.
    Before the game ended, I tried to invite Amaranthine to a party, to chill together.
    Then, it said "You can't invite this player to a party!", and I was like "Oh, he set the /privacy like that".
    But, that was not it!
    I tried also friending him, it said "You cannot send friend requests to this person!".
    I was like "Oh, alright".
    Then, I was just reading through the recent players section, and I tried to search for Amaranthine.
    There was nothing about him, except one thing.

    [MOD] skyerzz
    Does that name sound similar to you?
    I thought "Oh, a moderator? Met him through Guess The Build? I didn't see him to guess anything."
    I continued searching for Amaranthine, but he was nowhere.
    Then, I thought, "Wait, let me try to see Amaranthine's stats by typing /stats Amaranthine."
    Guess what?
    Hypixel didn't find that name anywhere.
    Tried friending him again, says "You cannot send friend requests to this person!".
    I was confused, then I thought "Wait, this can't be it! It has got to be a /nick!"
    But, every single recent player, except
    [MOD] skyerzz had a normal rank.
    Which, of course means,
    Moderators can use /nick!

    Case closed.
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  2. Loqiical

    Loqiical Well-Known Member

    IceSquad MEMBER
    Well, I guess you’ve been tricked
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  3. Blessed_

    Blessed_ New Member

    I think some moderators may tend to keep undercover to expose hackers easily.
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  5. Good work there detective WitherBlast :p
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  6. Don't forget staff can still have MVP++ which lets them nick :p
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  7. Still, you can't have only [VIP] perks with [MOD].
  8. Oops, sorry moderators. :p
  9. Thanks! I try to expose everything with the most complicated way, to keep things interesting.
  10. but staff don't need mvp++ to nick.
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  11. Helpers do use perks only from their bought rank, moderators already have MVP++ perks.
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  12. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    ForumJelly MEMBER
    pretty sure that everyone but you knew that mods can do /nick
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  13. The world is a better place, thanks for your service.
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  14. Staff may not disclose what permissions they have. This is why they said no. And its already wildly known staff can /nick
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  15. Well, skyerzz is in my guild
  16. #16
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  17. I don't think so.
  18. No problem. :p
  19. Crafter0800

    Crafter0800 Nerderator | Forum Team

    Blue Crew MEMBER
    We never disclose what perks our ranks have, however it's worth noting that a large number of other ranks also have access to /nick - notably MVP++.
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