1. Welcome to our first guild thread!
    Thank you for opening this thread!
    My user is MeijiRinshi I am currently the owner of a new guild known as Alulria.
    Our guild is a type of guild that presents the latest and some of the most popular skins through our fashion show on our guild housing.
    We have a main stage along with some space to watch the stage but we currently don`t have any models for our first show!
    If you are interested please join our guild by using /g join Alulria or you can friend me/message me within the forums or on the server!
    We hope to see you soon!
  2. Wrong section
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  3. uwulord420

    uwulord420 Well-Known Member

    its not it has housing related things lmao
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  4. Guild advertisement belongs in the guild section no matter what game it is
  5. Ken_M

    Ken_M Well-Known Member

    seems more like a "we want players" not "join"

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