1. Overview of the Game:
    Mobarena is a fairly straight-forward gamemode. All players(around 16-20 would be a good amount) are assigned as humans and dropped in a small enclosed arena, around the size of a quake map, but much more open. There are barely any camping spots or structures to hide in, but some cover should be provided. In the arena hostile mobs spawn in waves and become greater in power and numbers every wave. It starts out with some zombies and skeletons and in the later waves stronger mobs like witches and ghasts will spawn.
    Possible map ideas for your Minigame:
    The maps should be around the size of a quake map like I already mentioned. They should be fairly open but with enough cover.
    Specific items/abilities:
    I'm not sure. In my opinion, there are two ways this minigame can be implemented:
    1. VampireZ style. All humans spawn with nothing and have to work their way up to gear.
    2. Blitz SG style. Everybody gets to choose a class and can upgrade stuff in the lobby. Unlike blitz the classes don't start out weak but they start pretty strong(for example archer starts with infinity bow, one arrow, full chainmail and some food/health potions and knight would have full iron armor withh diamond sword)
    Any additional information or final notes you wish to include:
    Eventhough mobarena isn't the most original minigame I feel like hypixel could give it its own fun twist, just like regular survival games is different from blitz survival games. Since you're fighting mobs in this gamemode, there isn't any frustration of getting owned by people and everybody can enjoy it.
  2. Yeah it's a great idea! I would say that the classes should not be strong at first but kind of undestroyable, like an unbreaking 20 or something like that to not lose any of your weapons during the mob fight. Also do you have any idea of the classes that should be there?
  3. Well first off all classes have health potions and food, but that could vary from class to class

    Full iron
    Diamond sword

    Full diamond
    Iron sword

    Full chainmail
    Wooden sword
    Infinity bow
    1 Arrow

    These are the standard classes that IMO should be added for sure.

    Some optional classes:

    Fire Archer:
    Full leather except for chain chestplate
    Wooden sword
    Infinite+Flame bow
    1 Arrow
    Less food/health potions than archer

    Full gold with fire protection II
    Stone sword
    Stacked splash potions(healing, strength and speed to use on teammates and harming to use on mobs)

    Full leather with thorns I
    Wooden sword with knockback II
    Some stacked speed potions
  4. busch1999

    busch1999 Member

    It's a great idea!
  5. Riverrulez

    Riverrulez New Member

    I got another class you might want to add here it is
    3 spawn wolfs
    10 bones
    leather armour
    stone sword
    2 healing potions
    5 potions of harming
    (the armour and sword will never brake)
    This class is for everyone how ever it will cost much you can the price choose im not the maker of this so ill let you decide in my opinion i would make it about 400 because the wolfs can help a lot stone sword is pretty good and healing potions is great.
    I would make it like the more mobs you kill the more coins you earn so you can price everything and then that will keep people playing and not bored
  6. This is an awesome suggestion, I could play Mob Arena for hours.
  7. concon35

    concon35 Well-Known Member

    Dude a custom made mob arena with bosses like Herobrine and other guys like vampireZ would be cool
  8. Luca01122

    Luca01122 Active Member

    good idea
  9. Epic12567!

    Epic12567! New Member

    I love mob arena, they should add this!
  10. Pivot

    Pivot New Member

    The mini game suggestion section was meant for "original" ideas, mob arena is one of the most common game on most servers. If you want to play a game like that head on to a different server, this server although is were you go if you want to play a unique game.
  11. Yes I thought of this too but I feel like Hypixel will give it its own twist just like he turned spleef into bowspleef and survival games into blitz.


    Nice idea, just needs a bit more development or like a spin to the game mode but apart from that...
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  13. CanOfCookies

    CanOfCookies Active Member

    This is a widely popular game, and hypixel likes to keep his minigames original. If you could tweak the idea to your own version, you may have a chance.
  14. iiMajestic

    iiMajestic Well-Known Member

    Hypixel does not steal from other servers
  15. Oh yes ofcourse it's as if all servers with mobarena made it together and copyrighted the concept.

    Mobarena, just like spleef is just an idea that started somewhere and is used on lots of servers, but doesn't have to be made by them.

    And hypixel did the same thing with survival games and turned it into blitz.

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