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  1. Hey there, been awhile since I made a suggestion.

    So in Skywars, mobs can come in either spawn eggs, or the necromancer perk(for zombies). They can be extremely useful at distracting or can even help you in a fight. However, when you go far enough away from one of your spawned mobs, there's a slight problem. I've noticed that when I try to bridge, my mobs teleport to me, and glitch the block I just placed, making it disappear and thus leading me to fall into the void. This is rather annoying as it happens alot; you may not think so if you don't spawn mobs, but it is ridiculous how many times I've lost a high kill game to my own mob. And so, I propose the following: mobs that teleport should not teleport directly to the player, but to within 4 or 5 blocks of the player. This makes it so mobs aren't close enough to glitch out the player's blocks (for say,bridging) but ARE close enough to assist in a fight.

    Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think. Quite a simple suggestion, so I don't think it'll be troublesome to add.
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  2. Yes, and I assume this just happened to you xd
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  3. Yes pls, the amount of times I die to this is annoying especially when ninja/jitterbridging ;-;
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  4. Zichy

    Zichy Well-Known Member

    Xilitas XILITA
    My problem is that they just don’t do anything. You can’t give them gear anymore so they get like 2 hit.
  5. When you play skywars for a long time, you get these things happening
  6. This seems like it would help some players, and it would not hurt any players so I agree!
  7. I'm pretty sure they didn't change anything with them, you can still give them armor and weapons?
  8. Thats’s truly annoying but it’s a part of the game
  9. Also remove 1 skele and zombie from guardian in teams thanks
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  10. ILikeMath

    ILikeMath Well-Known Member

    nice idea
  11. my zombie stole my prot iv diamond helmet
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  12. Gio


    Gio Well-Known Member

    Hypixel Knights KNIGHT
    Haven't placed a mob ever again since I lost a 15 kill game in teams because of this.
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  13. It also happens in the lab mode Rush when you're constantly getting blocked by your mobs in the air, it can be a problem if you have the diamond mid boots on and don't have a brain and so you don't water clutch or pearl again and die from fall damage
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  14. bunnno

    bunnno Well-Known Member

    like in blitz, if meatmaster has full armor you just spawn your cows when you are low cause they act like a shield so it protects you from 1 or 2 hits, allowing you to escape and regen
  15. You can still give gare to middle spawn eggs and Guardian's spawn eggs, but not the Necromancer perk's zombies.

  16. iHarm

    iHarm Well-Known Member

    3 letters....

    Y. E. S
  17. Necromancer perk
  18. Nope, you’re special
  19. This happens to me too, as well as blocked my pearl and/or block clutches
  20. Gio


    Gio Well-Known Member

    Hypixel Knights KNIGHT

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