1. Mining xp is so hard to get compared to something like combat xp is so easy to get now compared to mining. First it was the end update which made it easy and now in the most recent mini update we have a combat xp bonus from maddox and the new zombies give lots of combat xp.

    Let me just give a small comparison of the rate of which you gain each type of xp:

    Combat: Zealots give 40 combat xp or even more if you did maddox missions, I get 43.2 per zealot. Let's say you kill 1 zealot in 5 seconds on average. That's 12 zealots a minute. 43.2 (combat xp) x 12 is 518.4 combat xp per minute. I'm usually in the end for 30 minutes on average so 518.4 x 30 is 15552 xp. If you just get 40 xp from zealots you would get 14400 xp. You can use the same type of calculation for the cyrpt ghouls or anything else.

    Edit: Something I forgot to mention, you're going to be killing watchers and obsidian defenders which give the same xp as zealots so that makes it even more efficient than just killing zealots.

    Mining: In the obsidian sanctuary you can mine diamonds, diamond blocks, and obsidian but that takes awhile to mine and I only get it from obsidian defenders in the end so let's exclude that. Diamonds give 10 xp and blocks give 15. I usually mine 3 stacks of diamond blocks in 1 run and 18-27 stacks of diamonds. This takes about 30-40 minutes to do. 3 stacks of diamond blocks is 192 blocks of diamond. 192 x 15 (mining xp) is 2880. For diamonds let's say I mine 18 stacks. 18 stacks is 1152 diamonds. 1152 x 10 (mining xp) is 11520 mining xp but you have to keep in mind double drops when calculating because double drops don't give you more mining xp. My mining skill (20) gives an 80% chance of double drops. To calculate this I'm going to do 11520 / 1.8 (represents the 80% chance) which is 6400. But there's one more thing, fortune. The max fortune level gives a 30% chance to get double ores which quadruples if combined with double drops from mining xp if you didn't know already. Now I'm going to do 6400 / 1.3 and that's 4924 xp. Now to combine the diamond block xp and diamond xp which is 4924 + 2880 = 7804.

    In conclusion, according to my calculations combat xp is about 2x more efficient than mining xp over a period of about 30 minutes

    A couple suggestions to make it easier to get mining xp:

    Make it so double drops gives you more xp so if you mine 1 diamond ore and get 2 diamonds out of it you get 20 xp instead of 10. However this ability will only unlock at level 12. This will work with any other ore of course. This will make it a bit easier to gain mining xp, especially at higher levels.

    Add a special pickaxe that gives you more mining xp. There are so many swords in the game but there are no special pickaxes. This new pickaxe will cost 2 sticks and 24 enchanted diamonds and it will grant 25% more mining xp. This will stack with the other suggestion so if you mine a diamond and get double drops instead of getting 20 you get 25 xp. Diamond blocks work with this too so 15 xp turns into 18.75. Fortune enchant won't stack with this.

    Tell me what you think of this suggestion!
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    Ok, but how about enchanting xp levels?
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