1. It’s probably gonna be the pit tournament because no one would expect a ptl game to get a tournament and with this tournament the full release of the pit would too.
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  2. And ur evidence? Why would it be the pit? I mean, i believe you considering minikloon got hated on by pit players, but still.
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  3. Motofreakz

    Motofreakz Well-Known Member

    How would a pit tournament even work?

    like based off exp gained or something?

    they would definitely have to disable mystics during the tournament too
  4. Why would the pit community ever do that i will never understand
  5. I have absolutely no idea how that would work, how do you turn a huge pvp brawl into a ranked tournament, especially when mythics, prestige perks, unbalancing etc exists

    I’m all for a tournement if it can work though haha
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  6. Everything will be reseted just for the tournament. All perks will be unlocked for everyone to use. Every time you reach a level you get 1 point. Placing high up in events will also give you points. #1 gets 7 points #2 get 5 points #3 get 3 points and #10 get 1 point. Major events will happen every 10 minutes and minkr will happen every 5 minutes. Mythics will also has a chance to drop on kill. They will pre enchanted. Prestiging will give you 5 points.

    The player with the most points will win :)
    What do you think @Minikloon ;)
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  7. Viontro

    Viontro Member

    Pit 1v1 with mystics and perks, I think healer 3 should be disabled if it does happen like that.
  8. Kagaroo

    Kagaroo Member

    who said pit wasnt gonna get a tournament smh ?!!?!?!!!

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  9. I think hes joking in that screnshot
  10. This was a JOKE !
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  11. My thread is not a joke :(
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  12. the pit is 100% not going to be added to tournament, it is a unlimited and unbalence game.

    also it do not have cheievemaent and challenge and do not even have a real lobby, so you is just b**ling sh*t!
  13. Hopefully XD
  14. ^^ pit isn't a mini game, its endless so it doesn't fit a tournament.
  15. It's gonna be Build Battle, calling it

    Grandmaster bracket will be full of scaffolders building R-rated monuments
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  16. 48 hours of block hitting. My fingers hurt just from the thought of it.
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  17. lol yes please
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  18. Build battles vote system is extremely biased and very easy to boost in...
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  19. Everyone is wrong its going to be Turbo Cart Racers
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  20. Make it so everyone is nicked and while in game you cant msg someone. Also if u get caught boosting during this tournament then u will get perm banned. Also you cant be in the sme game as a friend or guild mate

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