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  1. Bedwars is undoubtedly the most popular game on the Hypixel server right now. The concept of "break this and the enemy team can't respawn" is quite brilliant. So, what if this concept was flipped on its head? We obviously cannot have a "break this and your team gets infinite lives" game, that would never end. However, I believe that this minigame uses this concept really well, while incorporating some cool ideas as well. So, here it is.

    Title of Minigame:
    The minigame could be called many things. Core of Life is my favorite, but names like "The Core" also work well.

    Overview of Game:
    The goal of the game is to be the last team standing. There are 4 teams of 4 players that must fight in a domed arena(similar to the original KOTH arena). Each team starts with 3 lives for each player. Once all lives are lost, the player is eliminated. Roughly 25-30 blocks above the middle of the arena is the Core of Life. The core is surrounded by blocks. Players who break the core grant their team an extra life. The core can be broken 10 times before it shatters, rendering it useless. The final break of the core grants double the lives to the team that breaks it. When the core is broken, the player that broke it is teleported back to their team's spawn. The core then requires 20 seconds before it can be broken again. Killing players grants Gold, which can then be used to buy from the Shop. Kills grant 10 Gold, final kills grant 20 Gold, and breaking the Core grants 50. For the first 3 times the core is broken, it is surrounded by sandstone. For times 4 through 8 it is surrounded by end stone. For the final 2 times, it is surrounded by obsidian.

    The Core(covered in sandstone): https://imgur.com/a/JJheWDu
    Player Bases: Player bases should be fairly open and have a Shop NPC. They should be similar to the spawns from the first KOTH map(having one large gateway to the arena). The spawns are protected, only team members may enter.
    The Arena: The arena should be fairly large, roughly the size of the first KOTH arena. It should have a slightly elevated center where fighting can take place. Everything else can be left to the build team.
    Microgames: The microgames should be placed in small rooms/arenas that follow this pattern: https://imgur.com/a/LzWOBZc

    Specific items/abilities:
    I'm just going to include all the special parts of this minigame here.
    When a player is killed, the killer normally gets 10 Gold. However, when a player kills 3 others in one life, they get a bounty of 20 Gold(whoever kills them gets 20 Gold). Every 2 kills done by that player adds 5 Gold to the bounty. Bounty Hunters are NPCs in each corner of the arena. They show what bounties are currently active. Bounties will be announced in chat when created and expanded(more gold added). When you kill a bountied player, you get their Head. Returning this head to the Bounty Hunter grants 3 Platinum, a valuable resource.
    The Shop NPC can be found at each team's base. There are two currencies: Gold and Platinum. Gold is obtained by doing basic things, such as killing players. Platinum, on the other hand, requires doing difficult tasks like killing bountied players. Each player starts in full leather armor and with a Wooden Sword. Here is the shop.
    Stone Sword: 10 Gold
    Iron Sword: 25 Gold
    Diamond Sword: 50 Gold
    God Sword(Diamond Sharp 1): 4 Platinum
    Chain Armor: 20 Gold
    Iron Armor: 40 Gold
    Diamond Armor: 65 Gold
    God Armor(Diamond Prot 1): 5 Platinum
    Bow: 25 Gold
    Bow(Power 1): 40 Gold
    Bow(Punch 1): 45 Gold
    God Bow(Power 3): 6 Platinum
    Wood Planks: 5 Gold for 16
    End Stone: 10 Gold for 12
    Wooden Pickaxe(Eff 1): 10 Gold
    Stone Pickaxe(Eff 1): 20 Gold
    Iron Pickaxe(Eff 1): 35 Gold
    God Pickaxe(Diamond Eff 1): 3 Platinum
    Stone Axe(Eff 1): 15 Gold
    God Axe(Diamond Eff 1): 3 Platinum
    Fireball: 15 Gold
    TNT: 15 Gold
    Golden Apple: 10 Gold
    Medicine(Healing 1 Potion): 10 Gold
    Potent Medicine(Healing 2 Potion): 25 Gold
    1 Life(for the player, not the team): 5 Platinum
    There are 5 phases to the game. Each phase is different. Here is the list.
    Phase I: The starter phase. Lasts for 5 minutes. During this phase, bounties are disabled. All attacks do half damage during this phase. At the end of this phase, a microgame is played.
    Phase II: Lasts for 5 minutes. Bounties are enabled and all attacks do full damage. At the end of this phase, a microgame is played.
    Phase III: Lasts for 5 minutes. The core now gives 2 lives to teams who break it. At the end of this phase, a microgame is played.
    Phase IV: Lasts for 10 minutes. No changes are made during this phase. At the end of this phase, a microgame is played.
    Phase V: The final phase. Lasts until the game ends. The Core now gives 3 lives to teams who break it. Team spawns are no longer protected from enemies. Kills grant 1.5x Gold, and bounty kills grant 2x Gold. Every 8 minutes, a microgame is played.
    This is what I believe to be the biggest addition to this game. Microgames happen usually at the end of phases. They are short minigames that grant rewards to those who do well in them. 30 seconds before a microgame starts, all players are notified. After those 30 seconds, all players are teleported into a waiting area for 7 seconds. In this time they are told what the microgame is and how to play it. After the microgame, the best players get rewards. Then, 5 seconds are taken before all players are thrown back into the arena, right where they were before the microgame. To avoid confusion, the system will suggest actions for players to take once back in the arena. If a player was within 3 blocks of an enemy when entering the microgame, the system will tell the player to prepare to fight. If the player was at their team's spawn, the system would tell them to continue as normal. If the player is within 8 blocks of the core in any direction, the system will tell them to continue towards the core. If the player is anywhere else, the system will tell them to proceed with caution for a few seconds.
    There are 3 reward types: 1st Place, 2nd Place, and Best Team. 1st and 2nd Place are obvious. Best Team goes to the team that has all members finish first, or has the best player performance. Players can choose which rewards they want before and during the game. The rewards are as follows:

    1st Place: 40 Gold, 5 Platinum, Speed I for 60 seconds or 30% strength boost for 35 seconds.
    2nd Place: 25 Gold, 2 Platinum, Speed I for 40 seconds or 20% strength boost for 25 seconds.
    Best Team: 10 Gold, Speed I for 15 seconds or 15% strength boost for 20 seconds.
    Rewards can stack!
    Parkour Challenge: Be the first to finish the parkour! The build team can handle this one, the parkour stages should allow for racing! Visibility can be toggled every 2 seconds in this microgame.
    Knock-off Challenge: Each team is put on an island with knockback sticks. Be the last team on the island!
    Build-up Challenge: Each player gets a stack of blocks. They have to build up 10 blocks to get to the platform first while avoiding arrows! Each player has 6 arrows and a bow!

    Possible Achievements for this Minigame:
    Ah yes, the achievements. Here's the spoiler for all achievements I can think up at the moment.
    Killer: Get 20/70/200/800/1500 kills in Core of Life: 5/10/15/20/25 AP
    Breaker: Break the Core 1/10/50/150/500 times: 5/10/15/20/25 AP
    Bounty Hunter: Collect 1/10/40/100/250 bounties: 5/10/15/20/25 AP
    Moneymaker: Collect a total of 100/500/1200/3000/10000 Gold 5/10/15/20/25 AP
    Winner: Win 1/20/80/250/700 games: 5/10/15/20/25 AP
    Microgame Winner: Win 3/35/100/400/1000 microgames: 5/10/15/20/25 AP
    Public Enemy Number One: Have a bounty of 50 Gold: 15 AP
    The Scrooge: Have 150 Gold: 10 AP
    SMASH: Break the Core: 5 AP
    Core Player: Break the Core 7 times in a single game: 15 AP
    Bling: Have full God gear: 15 AP
    Infiltration: Infiltrate an enemy spawn: 10 AP
    Good job: Win a microgame: 5 AP
    Micro Man: Win every microgame in the game you play: 15 AP
    Wood Massacre: Kill 7 players in a row with a Wooden Sword: 15 AP
    Feeling better: Have some Medicine: 5 AP
    That's final: Final kill a whole team: 10 AP
    Final thoughts:
    Phew, spent quite some time writing that. At the very least I'd like to see this concept work its way into Hypixel, even if for a short time. It's definitely got potential. I feel that microgames might be the most controversial part of all this, but I felt that the game needed more than just trying to mine a core and fight others.
    Thanks for reading! If you don't like anything, just tell me and I'll try to fix it.

    1/13/19: Added 1 Life to Shop.
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  2. An interesting idea would love to see this become a game.
  3. xAngel_

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    Sundry SUNDRY
    This sounds like a great game to add!
  4. I'm sure it could use some adjustments, just tweaking the numbers a bit, possibly. Overall, seems like an amazing idea, though.
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing this game implemented and giving it a try. Sounds good.
  6. Very creative and well detailed!

  7. Very cool idea and very well detailed! :)
  8. Liammmm

    Liammmm Member

    Sounds really cool! Would love to see something like this implemented.

    Is the entire core shell reset every time somebody break the core? Or just the remaining blocks in the shell?
  9. The entire core shell is reset.
  10. Sounds very much like Smash Heroes mixed with bedwars and mega walls.
  11. Well thought out bud, sounds like a great idea! Hope the right people see this.
  12. Just added 1 Life to the Shop for 5 Platinum, do you think that is too OP?
  13. Wowee this is a good idea and a good thread. Damn it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a thread so well detailed
  14. DuoWolf

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    This is probably the most thought-out, well organized, and creative thread I have seen ever on the forums. Serious props to you man. It is a very creative and original idea, and I honestly love it. If you are interested, I'd love to work with you on more ideas in the future, honestly just wow. +1 to this idea, and enjoy that follow
  15. It's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure I like it that much -1

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