1. So me and my friend have just been playing Mini Walls a bunch today, and came across this hacker 5 games in a-row. Finally got the chance to record him one game, so heres the video.
    (Sorry for the air sound blowing into my mic)
    Please ban this little crap.
  2. Wait the video didnt link lol. Sorry, ill upload it to YT and send it in the replies in a sec.
  3. If you come across a hacker in game, please use the /report [name] command.

    Proof cannot be submitted publicly, submit proof at https://hypixel.net/report: note that this section isn't actively monitored.
  4. We did report him. (Im his friend btw) and after about 20 minutes after we reported, he still got into our games and still was hacking
  5. It is, there's just likely tens of thousands of reports, all requiring a couple of minutes to look through and make a decision on. Let's say 3, that's 30,000 minutes if there's 10k reports. That's 20.8 days of looking through reports.
  6. They’ve already infested Megawalls, don’t tell me they’re doing it to Miniwalls as well...
  7. -GerryXander-

    -GerryXander- Active Member

    Theres a cheating mini walls guild lol
  8. What is it called, “The Mini Jungle”?
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  9. Gertro

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    I would like the see the video, I’ve been experiencing hackers problems as well in the game, could you please link the video or tell me your YT channel so I can check it out?

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