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  1. ----------------------------------------------------------Introduction-------------------------------------------------------​
    This game is based of Building, Pvping And Building traps. It's Sorta hard but fun! Easy to understand the game, This game will have Kits, Perks (Maybe), Quests, Achievements and More! Enjoy reading this thread!

    There is two modes, Solo 1v1 and Teams 2v2 you have 5/10 mins to build a base thing full of traps after when the timer ends Let say I got chosen to defect his base you have 5 or 10 mins to complete their base If I complete his base I will get a win called "base win" and when I reach at the end of the base there will be a flat platform the guy setted up the other guy will be at the end of the base with gear and a weapon same goes with me (you don't have have to mine or craft for armor and weapon) If I kill him then that means I won then his base will blow up AND I will get a "battle" win then the other guy will get chosen to defect my base just like what I did. the map will 250x250 size. oh and for teams you do the same ting but instead of 1 player building a base you have a team mate to help you! same goes for the other team


    Coming soon.

    Coming soon.

    Coming soon.

    Coming soon.

    Those are examples about what's my game is about.
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  2. Looks awesome! Will it be its own gamemode or be part of Arcade?
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  3. Own game mode. :p And thanks! :D
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  4. yes this looks cool :)
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  5. +1

    I might put this in my sig...
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  6. Thanks! xD
  7. I added a video now go watch it you cakies
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  8. This would be fun
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  9. @Tactful I saw that you were posting on a lot of people's ideas and I was thinking can you reply on my? not sure if I need 5 pages or a good amount of rating/votes to tag for a mini game idea Sorry if I wasted your time! :(
  10. @RiskyBisquit I notice that you liked my idea but I think you voted yes, but needs some work, can you tell me what kind of work it needs? Thanks! :)
  11. im not replying to what you said, im just wondering how I can get the 3 year verteran thing, I have been playing hypixel for nearly 3 years i think.
  12. I'm pretty sure you can copy the picture from his sig just right click on the picture and click copy, btw he's a friend so you don't have to ask for permission if you are allowed to use the logo.
  13. Dark_Zeridot

    Dark_Zeridot Member

    Cool! But I think 5-10 minutes is WAY too short. It normally takes me about 5-10 minutes to make ONE good trap, not a house full of them. Also, will the house already be built and ready to be trapped, or will they have to make their own house for the trap?
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  14. I mean if your a decent redstoner then you can make traps less then a few mins but you need to built the house btw but thanks for the feedback! if I see people saying that 5-10 mins are short then ill change it to 10-15 or 15-20 mins
  15. Dark_Zeridot

    Dark_Zeridot Member

    True, but the traps that take a minute or 2 normally aren't that great. Really good, undetectable, and complicated traps take me about 20 min. Of course I won't be building any of those, but I would like to make ones that aren't obvious. (Traps are my specialty btw)

    P.S. Are the players in creative or survival while building?
  16. Im not sure yet maybe creative
  17. Want me to make a more polished version of this and have you copy and paste?
  18. you prob don't understand what the game is about tho ;;-;
  19. I do mostly. You could edit my post if something is not true to your idea.

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