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    Hey all,

    We would like to tell you about a project run by some friends of ours!

    Super League Gaming is running a competitive Minecraft tournament in movie theaters in 16 US cities (where many of you probably live!). The event is called Minecraft City Champs! Players battle in 4 different game modes (some similar to the minigames we have on Hypixel like Soccer, Domination, and Survival Games) in a city-vs-city competition with the gameplay showing on the big screen!

    The event begins on Saturday October 27th and runs for 5 weeks on Saturday mornings in 16 locations across America.

    How the Tournament works
    • Week 1 is Practice Day when players meet their teams and can play on the Super League servers for the first time.
    • Weeks 2, 3 and 4 are competition days where each city plays two city-vs-city matches as they compete to win their division.
    • Week 5 is the Grand Finals when the four division winners face off to see who will be the next City Champs!
    Each city can have up to 60 players that will be divided into 5-person teams. These teams will stay together for the whole tournament so they will be able to practice and strategize together to increase their chances of winning.

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Integration

    During Minecraft City Champs, players will receive the chance to play in a special game mode inspired by the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse™, in theaters December 14th!

    Spider-Verse™ Domination is an exciting twist on the familiar capture-the-point game mode where participants will be able to wear the mask and play with Spider Powers by finding special power-ups on the map. Spider-Verse Domination will be played in a brand new map, inspired by the movie and is only playable with Super League!

    All Minecraft City Champs participants and one guardian each will also receive access to an early screening of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse™ on December 8th, located in their City Champs theater. Wear the mask and see the movie 1 week early with Minecraft City Champs

    Spider-Man:Into the Spider-Verse Trailer:

    Key points
    • Shoutcasted games in the movie theaters
    • Giveaways from Super League partners
    • Winning city gets a Nickelodeon Victory Party
    • Superleague jerseys for every player so you can rep your city
    • Play as Spider-Man in Spider-Verse Domination inspired by the new Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie
    • All City Champs participants will get to see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 1 week early at a special screen with their team on December 8th

    How to enter

    You can enter the tournament by clicking on the cities below (please note this is a physical event for the mentioned locations).

    Superleague have been kind enough to give the Hypixel community $10 off
    using the code hypixel10 at checkout!

    Below are links and logos to each of the 16 locations - More information about each event can be found on these pages or at https://www.superleague.com/mcchamps4/

    Note: Hypixel has no business relationship with Superleague - we don't get any profits or anything like that from our players using the discount code.

    We are promoting this because we want to support the Minecraft community at large. We met the Superleague guys and were invited to their offices while we were doing Minecon 2016 in Los Angeles. We think they are pretty neat! (Also, we totally have the ulterior motive of wanting the winning players to be from the Hypixel community).

    Superleague are also officially partnered with Mojang / Microsoft. So no problems there either.

    Changes from last year:
    • City-vs-City matches
      • Each match will now have City Clubs face one another directly
        • We made this change to allow for direct competition between two City Clubs removing the ability for a 3rd City Club to affect the outcome of a match – this is truly a City-vs-City competition!
      • Double Round Robin Scheduling
        • Each City Club will play every City Club in their division twice. This allows for City Clubs to play 6 total games, allowing for a robust schedule and an exciting division race as the City Clubs compete for a spot in the Grand Final
    • 5 vs 5 Games Modes
      • We’ve taken our 4 most popular mini-games and turned them into esports-ready game modes. Each City Champs matchup will see you play with the same 5-player team against other 5-player teams.
        • We made this change to better reflect professional esports providing more structured gameplay and competition. This also prevents other teams within a City Club to negatively affect the scores of other teams providing a balanced and fair competition.
    • Simplified Scoring
      • Win your 5 v 5 match up, earn 1 point for your City Club. The City Club with the most points at the end of the match wins.
        • We made this change to make scoring compartmentalized which requires City Clubs to excel in all game modes – not just dominate in one. The best most well-rounded teams will see the greatest success in this format.
    • Division Standings
      • Division Standings are now based off an easy-to-understand win/loss standard
        • We made this change to better balance the standings. In prior iterations, one great or bad week could have a weighted effect on the division standings – this way, every game is counted equally regardless of point differential akin to NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA standings.

    Let us know if you plan to attend - Hypixel represent!
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  2. This seems pretty cool!
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  3. :)
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  4. Ok, so people gotta get outta their houses... Im out
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    Rebel ΘREBLΘ
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  6. i have to actually PAY?1?!??!??!/!/!??!/? I thought everything was free in Venezuela which is the entire world now?
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  10. Good luck to all participants! Go and make Texas proud!
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  12. Definitely not for little children
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  13. Woohoo!
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    If yall are going, you should totally wear a shirt that says "Hypixel Rocks!"
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  15. with this event you can officially see the target audience of the mineman community being young kids and many of us have grown past this stage already

    so much potential given to the audience which utilizes and appreciates it the least
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  16. ah yea i remember the one from last time
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  17. Intriguing.
    The big Ls are coming on out!
    I wish I could attend though. Best of luck all the same.
  18. This sounds pretty hype! Too bad that I do not live in the USA
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    united states...

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  20. Can't wait to check it out!

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