1. Sorry, I stole them so I can have 10,000 posts. :p

    Major congratulations! You've been a great minimod person who (almost) always seem to be first to help others. Someone has to do it, but I'm glad that it's usually you. It's been a pleasure to have you around on the forums!
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  2. [​IMG]

    Edit: oof, 9,990 I'm sinking
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  3. Congrats!
  4. Big congratulations on 10k messages!! Here's to 20k ;) Awesome thread layout, by the way! :D
  5. Congratulations!
  6. KazumaDesu

    KazumaDesu Member

    You have 9,993 ⁉
  7. Congrats!
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  8. Congrats boy!
  9. Just keep trying, if you're active - you'll reach it eventually :p
    We'll see about 20k :p
    no u
    Thanks fellow nerd <3
    "Quite a few" boi you got almost 40k xd (nice to see you back <3)
    Thanks developer nerd.
    Race me to 5k

    Thanks mega walls nerd <3
    Haven't known you long enough, you're still super cool <3
    Sorted, got 30-40 posts deleted over the course of the day xP
    No you.
    Congrats on the first post karaoke nerd.
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  10. Thanks <3
    Thanks (and thanks for the lapis too, almost at 20 now xd :>)
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  11. (ez win for me) also yite does smell
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  12. gg 10k, someone give billy owner rank
  13. Haha, got others to conquer first ;)

    Brb lemme go grab my time machine and get jr helper, may as well start from the bottom.
  14. Congratulations on 10k posts. I hope to see you continue in helping people out.
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  15. Thanks and definitely, always looking for as many ways and places to help people as possible :>
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  16. KazumaDesu

    KazumaDesu Member

    Help me find a good place to abandon Aqua
  17. BlueFireEssence

    BlueFireEssence Well-Known Member

    I cried reading this
  18. No idea how you managed that xD
  19. Billy: *Joins forums a whole year later*
    Also Billy: *Has 6000 thousand more posts then me*

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