1. Hello,
    So guys, we did it.


    We've reached 10,000 Messages on Hypixel Forums...

    And, I completed another big milestone that I needed for long time. When I got 9,000 I started to post very fast in order to get 10,000 Messages, and I finally did it. I got the message count I wanted, from July 2017 to May 2019. I'm gonna talk about My Story about how I joined to Forums, then i'll mention people that are my Forum Friends, I won't talk about them to not make this thread longer. But the only thing that is true is that they are amazing friends. Then I'll talk about Forum Wonderland which is a Discord Server i'm staff on. Then I'll talk about what I am going to do on my Forum Future, then I'll thank all of my friends for being an awesome person and gonna tag staff who have gave me a Staff Rating.

    I am 47th person to get 10,000 Messages according to @G-u-s's Messages Leaderboard. (Only 7,000 to 36,000 Messages) Actually it didnt really surprise me that only 47 people has it.

    My Story

    My story started on 4 July 2017 (American Independence Day lol) I joined to the Forums on that day because I bought VIP+ lol. To July to September 2017 I was not really that active, I only had around 40-50 messages back then. My first friends on the Forums were @ATanCommander, @FahrettinCG. and the person I knew but not friends with was @Trihard. In June 2018 I started to be active again and I got 100 Messages that day achieving the Active Member title aswell. In August 2018 I got a few new friends which are @Incendo, @MagicJer10, @MagicTin and @PopularYoutube. In 18 August 2018, I got Well-Known Member title which I was happy alot because that day was my birthday. In September 2018 I got 1,000 Messages and a few friends. And now we are here. I have lots of friends today. I'm so happy to have them today.


    This goes for people that made my Forums better. I won't talk about them or something, just will tag them. Talking to them will make the thread even longer because there are so much things that i can tell about my friends.

    The Forum Wonderland

    Forum Wonderland is a Discord Server related to Hypixel Forums, today I am a Moderator on the server and I wanted to talk about this server alot on my thread. for almost 9 months I am in this Discord Server, I wasn't active back in August, September and October. My activity started on November. At 8 December 2018 I was accepted to join Staff Team and that's where my actual good times of Forum Wonderland Server. I like all of those people (no homo) on the server, I had lots of fun with them, even I had sometimes problems with some of them i still see them as a friend. I am currently #2 at most messages on the server, when I got promoted to Moderator it was fun to deal with some server stuff too. I hope my friendship with them will stay forever.

    Invite to the server: https://discord.gg/ENUFexQ

    What's gonna happen in Future?

    Well, in the future I'm not sure if i will still keep going posting, I'll post but slowly. I might leave because there are no threads being created nowadays, only Appeal Threads. So I might consider leaving the Forums after this day. Also, I am almost close to 300 Followers so which means I might be able to get that count in the future.

    Thanking the Staff Team for Staff Ratings they gave to me.

    Here is the whole Staff Rating that was given to me. This screenshot is taken from my Forum Bio. I wanted to thank all of them for these ratings.

    Ending of the thread

    This is the end of the thread. I had lot of funs in Forums since when I joined on it.
    Thank you for everything, everyone.

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  3. Incendo

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  4. CONGRATS MAN, well deserved you’ve been grinding for this for a while!
    Could I have your message leaderboard by any chance?
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  5. wow not only did you get married but now this, congrats!1! :)
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  6. Wait, I've read through the thread and seen that there is an issue, I never made one.
  7. Thanks everyone!
  8. Oh then he probably means the small one I made just based off his post on forum leaderboards, thought you had a better one.
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  9. Why did you have to quote a whole big thread?
  10. it gets collapsed so why not :D

    edit: but actually i have a helper habit of replying specifically to peoole, like whenever i reply to someone in chat i have to say their name first
  11. gg micro!
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  12. gg
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  13. Congratulations on the milestone! :)
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  14. andreeii

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  15. I told you very months ago, I told you I would get 10k one day

    I did it.
  16. IroTheCookieLord

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    Grats Man! Even though I haven't known you for too long, it's great having you around.
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  17. Congrats dude! :) enjoy your honeymoon with billy
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    I'll join your 10k kool kid club soon, just gimme another 3 or so years :,)
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  19. You'll get it soon, I believe in you!

    Thanks btw and to everyone
  20. dude i swear if you make me update post by country one more time
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