1. much interrasante
  2. Most of the bugs here I didn't even know existed
  3. You'd know all of them if you played a lot of Mega Walls
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  4. an actually good game unlike skyblock. if you actually joined before 2016 mega walls would be your go to gams
  5. Nice only played mega walls a few time but some times even i could see that there were some problems nice to see them mostly fixed will play it in a while as i havent played it in a long time :)

    Edit: Sucks that most people are getting mad over the fact this update isnt something more popular like duels skyblock etc comeon people even if i dont play these games a lot its good that they update them atleast instead of acting like they dont exist. Its good to see games that arent too popular get more updates it makes me happy the people that play those games happy and overall a good thing
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  6. Are we going to get cake chances fixed / altered finally? Prob not but cool map changes
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  7. Skyblock is great! Whats your problem with it?
  8. hi everyone
  9. wynncraft ripoffs aren’t great man
  10. RemacQ

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  11. LSDer

    LSDer Member

    when are classes getting balanced
  12. wyncraft?
  13. look it up. if i tell you anything about it I’ll probs get banned lol

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