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    As some of you may have noticed, we are currently undertaking a map bug bash and scrolling through game modes to better the maps for you and approach any annoying build issues! Recently we have worked closely with the Council and bugs team to undertake a few issues on the first of many game modes, Mega Walls!

    Config Issues, Map Fixes, and Balances
    Here is a list of the changes we have made for each map.

    • We were made aware that the water pit in the middle by the diamonds caused a few PVP issues.
      • The water pit has now been mopped up.
    • Diamonds at mid were unfair to one team as they approach the back of giant the chest withholding them.
      • This has been balanced by adding a hole in the treasure chest for access.
    • The diamond in the wither room was removed due to the difficulty in acquiring them.
    • Blocked off places around the spiral staircase at bottom of mid where players could get stuck/hit into.
    • Doubled the sand layer in spawn areas to aid digging.

    • Blue and yellow bases had a small barrier block inconsistency.
      • The barrier blocks have been changed to be consistent among all teams.
    • Players were also able to escape the map.
      • Changes to the config should now prevent this from being possible.

    • Dirt/grass at mid is now 4 blocks thick to aid classes like Moleman.
    • The elevator shaft in castles is now open to aid gameplay scenarios.

    • The diamond platform in the middle was biased towards certain teams.
      • The platform has been redesigned so that it is fair to all teams.
    • Some of the config values were incorrectly positioned leading to block protection issues.
      • These should now be corrected.

    • In a similar situation to Forsaken, players were able to exploit barrier blocks.
      • This should no longer be possible thanks to some config adjustments.

    • We have been made aware of an exploit allowing players to access barrier blocks in multiple places.
      • We have adjusted the config in order to prevent these where possible.

    • After the wither is defeated, the area to the right of the blue spawn building was restricted.
      • The config has been adjusted to ensure this area is now consistent with the other teams.
    • The area above spawn is accessible by exploiting.
      • The config has been adjusted so that the area is properly aligned with bedrock.
    • The water trap at the bottom of the middle has been made smaller by 2 blocks to promote better gameplay.

    • Moved up the floating crystal by five blocks and added 4 diamonds inside the crystal.
    • Added 4 diamonds inside crystals at bottom of middle in places that are balanced for each team.
    • There were a few spots incorrectly protected by the config, this has been adjusted.

    • BREAD! The red team was missing bread in their chests.
      • Bread Fixed, bread placed in the chest.
    • Near the castle from the spawn’s side, there's a "stairway" of leaves that brings you to the wither room. We have been made aware that there was a block missing.
      • The missing block was found and positioned in its rightful place.

    • Balanced the diamonds in the middle.

    • Doubled up on layered sand to aid classes that use/rely on digging.

    • The addition of a staircase just after the mines to aid navigation to the Wither.
    • Removal of slabs to reduce visual clutter and aid gameplay.
    • Diamond count at the middle changed and diamonds added up top to balance out the amount.

    • The castle protection was able to be built in after wither is defeated.
      • The config has been adjusted to fix this issue.
    • Fixed mines to conform to current maps.
      • This will hopefully fix a lack of ores issue.
    • The path to the top of the hill is not that accessible.
      • A staircase was added to improve the accessibility of the top of the hill.
    • Added access to the roof and a small area for more scenarios when wither dies.
    • The water lakes in bases and the middle obstructed play style.
      • Some lily pads and small bits of terrain have been added to aid traversal.
      • The width of the bridges was also increased.

    • Additional diamond added to the middle tower to aid the crafting of items.
    • Addition of a diamond sword at bottom mid to aid those not rushing for the tower.
    • Cobwebs removed from mines.

    • Balanced diamonds in the middle.
      • Two diamonds are closer to team bases.
      • A few in the middle to ensure balance.

    • Blue and yellow spawns have had their protection adjusted slightly to match those of red and green.
    • The chest in the middle has been moved to be visible as it was hidden before.
    • A staircase near wither was improved to aid in map traversal.
    • Some of the objects in the middle were removed to improve visibility.
    • The middle was biased to one team as the main aesthetic had 3 hands to the clock face.
      • A fourth hand has been added to the clock to ensure all teams have equal opportunity.
    • We are aware of a few small config issues on this particular map that need larger changes to the actual map that will be addressed in future fixes.

    We are aware that some issues may require code or large map changes. These may be addressed in the future whilst we collate more info as some effect balances and classes. We will be continuing to work closely with the council to hopefully resolve these without disrupting gameplay.

    We hope you enjoy these requested changes and would like to thank you for your patience, feedback and bug reports as we continue to dig through game modes.
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  3. first page!
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  4. BeatsDJ

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    Xecute X
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  5. That’s quite a bit of bug fixes! :eek: Sadly the MW community will never see it as enough or be satisfied. :/

    Keep em comin
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  6. Ok
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  7. clarmcle

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    Fix the broken achievements
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  8. Thanks :))
  9. yep. fix the phoenix skin pls D:
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  10. PeterSenpai

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    im satisfied enough because serenity got fixed
  11. zHqck

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    SafeWalk WALKN
  12. You are asking the build team to fix broken achievements?
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  13. Ninjuhh

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    Let’s goo! ^^
  14. wait on madpixel can you craft red sandstone?? (on the past you couldn't and the spider class would end up with no blocks)
  15. he just wants the bugged achs to be fixed : )
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  16. Nice list of stuff patched!
  17. Finally a Mega Walls update!
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  18. Hope to see more in a soon future
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