1. Maps
    Add back aztec, Aftermath, Goldforge(Remove snowballs) and remove Serenity

    Add 2-3 new skins for each class and add more seasonal skins like santabrine but no so grindy and forcing people to grind with friends for it.

    Here are some Examples
    Achievement Name: We all float here!
    Final Kill X players in one game while in water. (Pirate)

    Achievement: Quarter Pounder
    Final Kill an enemy using a Cooked Pork Chop, and then consume said Pork Chop.
    (This means fight a Hunter, kill its Pig, cook the pork, final someone with it, then eat it without being cleaned. The odds are slim, but well worth it.)

    Achievement: Show me your noobs!
    Hit the same player with X Parrots over the course of a single Normal match.
    (Note the parrot number will be pretty high but I will not tie a number as if we got this in a content update, the parrot bug might also be fixed, making it easier.)

    Jump X amount of blocks while having jump boost

    Please give more ideas and Thanks to @SupremeSheldon for putting these skin ideas together.

    New Classes
    2 more mythic classes and here are some ideas
    Pegasus, sirens, vampire, and valkyries

    New type of class??
    This is just an idea I thought of but I thought of having a "God's" class. This class will cost 2x the amount of coins for hero classes but Prestige 2 and 3 will cost the same as a hero and will be very strong but have extreme weaknesses to another class.

    Examples of classes:
    Artemis: (Range class) Healer, Range, Damage
    Unlocked by Mega Walls Champion V and Mega Walls Guardian V Achievements

    Ares: Melee, tank, damage Gets energy by getting hit and when you kill someone
    Unlocked by Mega Walls Champion V and Mega Walls Slayer V Achievements

    Zeus: Damage (no idea about anything else)
    Unlocked by Mega Walls Champion V, Mega walls Slayer V, Mega Walls Rusher V and Mega walls Guardian V Achievements

    About Finals
    Mega walls needs to be less final oriented.

    Legendary Skins

    Change the requirements to 15FK/FA and the win.

    Prestige III

    Add a 100 win and 200 win requirement.


    Reduce coins from finals an final assists by 10%, and increase win coins by 50%. This will encourage going for the win. (Idea by @KingRico)

    Lastly I think that every person should automatically get one Normal class fm in hopes to get more players into the game.

    Please leave Suggestions down below!

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  2. feet

    feet Active Member

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  3. mojo190

    mojo190 Well-Known Member

    dont remove snowballs the other is okay
  4. pokemen

    pokemen Well-Known Member

    me frens GUILDMASTER
    1/10 of the threads on this forum subsection
  5. Dude please link my Assassin here, the thing actually has more than enough support to be viewed by developers!!

    Also thanks for linking in my skin ideas and the tag and what have you. Adding a few more to it soon, so brace yourself, I'll tag you in a comment there when I cement both for Moleman and the one for Arcanist.

    I agree fully with literally all of this.


    tbh since leveling is so easy now, no harm no foul.
  6. if we get the God's class section then i'll be so happy

  7. lol thanks
  8. Thanks for the feedback
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  9. what does that mean??
  10. I support. <3
  11. f0cus

    f0cus Active Member

    Get Finaled OFFICER
    I think that instead of getting 1 fm class you should get a trial for the class so you can experience the class you want like maybe a 3-5 hour trial of gameplay time to try out a class
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  12. FatherDeadlord

    FatherDeadlord Well-Known Member

    muck fadpixel
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  13. NoukUltra_

    NoukUltra_ Well-Known Member

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    that means the game will become alive for hackers to get free fully max kits instantly not sure if that's a good idea.
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  14. f0cus

    f0cus Active Member

    Get Finaled OFFICER
    blaze's fireball needs to not do 5 hearts
  15. Hey are you having a good day today?
  16. I am doing great how about yourself?
  17. I am doing good, thanks for asking.
  18. er- that won't save this game lol
  19. You need to add in this one thing... Remember that old class suggestion that was called Shark? It got 500+ positive views, and Codename_B even responded saying he'll keep it in mind. Can you find that thread and put it here under classes to add?
  20. NoukUltra_

    NoukUltra_ Well-Known Member

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    then it makes the class bad and underpowered, no use in doing that. :p

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