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    Hi everyone!

    We just updated Mega Walls!
    If you've never played the game, this is the perfect time to try it out.

    Mega Walls has been a pillar of Hypixel since the server was created.
    Our directing line with this update is to modernize the game so that a new generation of players on the server can enjoy it, while keeping it fresh for veteran players with new content.

    Please note, this update will be followed by a patch in the next few days to iron out the class balance and fix any issues we can find. So please do share your feedback in the Megawalls forums and report bugs.

    ▶ Mega Walls Reclaim Update
    • New maps
    • New classes
    • Revitalized shop
    • Scheduled 2x coins games
    • Class updates
    • Updated UX
    • New Achievements
    • Bugfixes

    ▶ New Maps
    The Reclaim Update brings 5 new maps to Megawalls and 1 retro, updated map.





    ▶ New Classes
    There are 6 new classes added to Mega Walls!
    They are all inspired by community suggestions.







    Unlock cost: 5 Mythic Favor
    Energy Per Hit (melee): 6
    Energy Per Hit (arrow): 3
    Energy Per Second (any): 1​






    Unlock cost: 25,000 coins
    Energy Per Hit (any): 10​






    Unlock cost: 5 Mythic Favor
    Energy Per Hit (any): 2​






    Unlock cost: 5 Mythic Favor
    Energy Per Hit (any): 10​






    Unlock Cost: 5 Mythic Favor
    Energy Per Hit (melee): 10
    Energy Per Hit (arrow): 15​






    Unlock cost: 40,000 coins
    Energy Per Hit (any): 8.4​

    ▶ Revitalized Shop


    Class Collection
    We think one of the most fun part of Mega Walls is discovering, unlocking and mastering classes.

    To better showcase that, we have split Buying and Upgrading/Viewing classes.
    • The Class Collection (chest) stores classes you have unlocked
    • The iron and golden swords let you purchase normal and mythic classes
    Purchasing classes moves them to your collection.


    Starter Classes
    When joining the game for the first time, players have every odds stacked against them to succeed:
    • They have non-upgraded kits, making them objectively way weaker
    • Because their kits don't have diamond pieces, new players are easy to spot and target
    • New players are matched against a veteran community
    This puts the game in a negative loop, where new players can't get in and are facing an increasingly more veteran community.

    So to fix this, after the update, every player will have access to 4 starter classes in their collection:
    • Herobrine
    • Zombie
    • Enderman
    • Skeleton
    These starter classes will be (nearly) fully upgraded for free, for everyone.

    Streamlined progression
    Here's the gist of it:
    • Normal and Hero classes are merged into "Normal" classes and share the same upgrades cost
    • Class upgrades are now overall cheaper, the cost has shifted to class unlocks
    • There aren't 9 tiers of upgrades anymore. There are 5 for kit and ability, 3 for passives and gathering.
    • Everyone has 3 enderchest rows for free
    • Everyone has a Diamond Pickaxe for free
    You can read more about the pricing changes in this thread.

    To use your classes in the new system, you will have to reclaim them in the lobby.

    Mythic Favor
    We have added a new currency to the game aimed at Veteran players who are interested in Mythic classes.

    You can earn Mythic Favor by completing the Faithful quest.
    This quest resets daily, but can be completed at your own pace over a few days.


    You can also buy and sell mythic favor for coins in the Mythic Favor Exchange.

    First, Mythic Favor is used to unlock Mythic Classes.
    Second, Mythic Classes now have two ways to upgrade:

    1. Either fill in the requirements and upgrade for much cheaper coins than a normal class.

    2. Use Mythic Infusion to bypass requirements.​
    Prestige IV
    Now available for all classes.


    Wins now count towards Prestige requirements.
    The sum of wins and FK's/FA's is now abstracted as "points", but it's really simple:

    ▶ General Changes
    Happy Hours
    Mega Walls is best enjoyed in 100 players games, but at certain times of day, this currently isn't possible.

    With the update, every 4 hours, there will be a "Happy Hour", where everyone gets 2X coins (+1.0x multiplier).

    Happy Hours happen every day at the same hour of the day.
    Any game that starts during a Happy Hour will have the 2X coins bonus for the whole game.

    During the weekend for the next few weekends after the update, these will instead be "Mythic Games".
    Mythic Games let everyone pick any class, and all these classes will be fully maxed.

    Context-sensitive action bar
    This is a new feature to let players know the status of their abilities and passives.
    It replaces the old "skill ready" notification system. (Starter classes still keep the old system on top)


    This goes hand-in-hand with our color-coded classes change.
    The color of items in your hotbar will now change based on the class you're playing.

    Updated scoreboard

    It is now easy in a single glance to differentiate teams which have a Wither alive.
    Your team is always the one at the top is colored.

    Game pacing changes
    We aimed at making the game shorter and more action-packed.
    • Reduced preparation time to 5 minutes
    • Players have a diamond pickaxes Efficiency III (by default)
    • Players have Haste I during prep phase
    • Furnaces now more than 3x faster
    • Mining chests now spawn more often and contain more loot
    • All appropriate gathering talents have been buffed
    • Remove 15 minutes off the game end
    • Withers now have less passive damage dealt to them
    • All withers lose Resistance as soon as one of them die
    We will be closely monitoring the impact of these changes and might mix it up in a patch following the update.

    General changes & features
    • Enderchest isn't placed anymore, can just be right-clicked while holding.
    • Potions/milk you drink and throw will now be replaced in your hotbar by ones you have in your inventory.
    • Can now pick a skin in pregame
    • Now able to open chests which have a block on top
    • Defenders get +12% damage when near their withers
    • Pregame shows Hypixel rank in tablist
    • Abilities now properly count towards assists
    • Updated game start messaging
    • Added play again paper
    • Show coins as gold in lobby sidebar
    • Wins now reward 500 guild coins
    • Removed blood from the game
    • Removed random loud wither sounds happening randomly

    ▶ Class updates and balance
    Power now uses modified strength.

    Flurry now more consistent

    Minor changes:
    • Treasure Hunter: 100% -> 150% increased chance to find treasure chests.
    • Lightning strikes now only show to nearby players instead of global to avoid buggy sounds
    • Flurry now has a sound effect on trigger
    • Berserk now cooldown-based at 100% chance to trigger
    • Well Trained lasts 5 seconds and has a 100% chance to trigger
    • Circle of Healing now has an updated visual effect
    • Circle of Healing now tells how many allies it heals in chat
    • Added sound to Toughness
    • Added sound to Berserker
    • The teleport distance is maxed at 12 blocks if you don't have direct line-of-sight on your target
    • Energy Per Hit reduced to 10 while Speed III is active
    • Soul Charge now 10 seconds of Regen I without a cooldown
    • Enderchest passives now heals 3 HP if your wither is dead
    • Kit boots have a custom feather falling protection always reducing fall damage by 60%
    • Added sound to Soul Charge
    • Added particles where the enderman teleports from
    Explosive arrow also has a minimum of 2 damage and knock backs enemies.

    Minor changes:
    • Only speed has a cooldown on the Agile Passive.
    • Agile passive cooldown increased to 7 -> 14 seconds, but activates when the skill starts
    • Agile now has a sound effect
    • Salvaging now has a sound effect
    • Tornado damage nerfed to 1.5 per second
    • Tornado can now activate the Heroism passive (up to once per Tornado)
    • Spirit Gathering now drops both a coal and a log
    • Tornado FX now larger to match its hitbox, changed its sound
    • Heroism now has a sound effect
    • Wolves now bark when they first spawn
    • Added sound effect to Iron Constitution
    • Added sound effect to Momentum
    • Rejuvenate now has a sound effect and updated particles
    • Splash now has less particles to reduce lag
    • Arcane Beam now requires more precision
    • Arcane Beam can now pierce through ore to hit players
    • Updated Arcane Beam effect
    • Implemented Death Ray alternative ability
    • Moved Arcane Explosion visual effect a bit up
    • Updated Shadow Burst sound effects
    • Alternative ability now only displays wing particles once to reduce lag
    • Soul Eater now has a visual effect on trigger
    • Dark Matter now has a sound effect
    The Bubble has been replaced with a type of projectile to reduce lag.
    The projectile deals more damage doesn't go through blocks.
    You can preview it here.

    Minor changes:
    • The gathering talent now offers a full armor set in chests (excluding chestplate)
    • Valor now has a visual effect and notifies allies
    • Endurance now has a sound effect
    Flaming Strikes has been replaced with Melting Core.

    Minor changes:
    • Fossil Fuels now 10 seconds of Regen I
    • Immolating Burst now deals 2.5 damage splash damage per fireball
    • Call of the Blazes now plays a sound when Blazes spawn
    • Fossil Fuels now has particles and a sound
    • Cannon Fire now pierces through players, dealing 1/2 damage for each player.
    • Cannon Fire cannonball now explodes when it hits blocks, knocking back nearby players.
    • Sea Legs now has a sound effect.
    • Birds don't collide with blocks anymore but have less range.
    • Pirate's gathering talent now drops unique loot, including a Power III bow.
    • Energy Per Second reduced to 0.5
    • Energy Per Hit (bow) increased 0 -> 8
    • Eagle Eyes homing shots heal for 0.5HP but don't grant energy.
    • Animal Companion: sheep gets resistance and pig gets speed
    • Gathering talent now 60% chance to find golden apples in chest
    Dropshock has been removed and its functionality merged into Leap:
    Leap won't destroy blocks if you use it to reach higher spots like go over the pre-built.
    Its range has also been increased and should be more flexible and fun.

    Drop has been replaced with Venom Strike:

    Minor changes:
    • Iron Rush: Added a sfx
    • Detonate damage max from 10 -> 8
    • Detonate now faster from 4s -> 3s
    • Creeper Minion have Resistance I
    • Willpower HP requirement increased 14HP -> 20HP (now a safer passive)
    • Detonate has an updated visual effect and hisssssss sound
    • Willpower now has effects and sounds
    • Removed Area of Effect from Lycanthropy
    • Increased EPH to 8 and EPGH to 4
    • Lycanthropy now has an effect
    More Moleman changes will be incoming in a post-update patch!
    • Dig can now trigger mining chests
    • Reduced chest chances from Shortcut by 65%
    More Phoenix changes will be incoming in a post-update patch!


    Minor changes:
    • Gathering talent now Splashable Regen III (5s) potions

    Some changes might have gone undocumented! :confused:
    Please let us know if you notice them and we'll add them to this post.

    As mentioned at the begining of the post, there will be a balance patch following this update.
    So please do let us know what you think in the Mega Walls forum section.

    ▶ Achievements update
    There are new achievements and skins for all of the new classes!
    That's 32 new Skins to unlock aswell!

    • Cake Hunter (Tiered): FInd 150 different cakes in mining chests. (new very hard Hunter skin)
    • Happy: Participate in a Happy Hour game
    • Jack of All Trades: Collect 24 classes
    • Wunderbar: Unlock a Prestige II upgrade for a class
    • Magnate: Unlock a Prestige IV upgrade for a class
    • Moctezuma (Tier): Unlocked 35 prestige upgrades
    • Exchange: Purchase 10 Mythic Favor at once
    All Legendary achievements now require 14 FK's/FA's in a single game.
    • Veteran: Unlock 12 classes
    • Bow Down (Skeleton): FA's now count
    • Marksman (Skeleton): Fixed, requires 25 and FA's now count
    • Hug Me (Zombie): 240 -> 150 hearts healed
    • Ready Set Boom (Creeper): Doesn't need to be before the walls fall anymore
    • Mass Destruction (Creeper): 15,000 -> 3,000 blocks
    • Remote Detonation (Creeper): FA's now count
    • Surprise! (Enderman): 5,000 -> 2,500 teleports
    • Sneak attack (Enderman): FA's now count
    • Multi Kill (Spider): FA's now count
    • You shall not pass! (Squid): 15 -> 10 defensive FK's/FA's
    • Trust me I'm a dctr (Squid): 25,000 -> 2,500 HP healed
    • Whirlpool (Squid): Damage 5 -> 4 different players with one Tier V Splash as Squid
    • Maximum Effort (Dreadlord): Get 5->3 FK's in 7->6 seconds
    • Rushlord (Dreadlord): Deal 100,000 -> 50,000 wither damage
    • Breadlord (Dreadlord): Craft 2,500 -> 617 bread
    • Much dogs (Shaman): Spawn 5,000 -> 500 wolves
    • Revenge of the Wolves (Shaman): Get 30 -> 5 FK's with your wolves
    • To infinity (Arcanist): Activate Tempest 5 -> 3 times in a row
    • Timber (Golem): Chop 20,000 -> 5,000 pieces of wood
    • Hamer down (Golem): Damage 6->5 different players
    • Throwing hot coconuts (Blaze): Get 9 -> 3 final kills with fireballs
    • High on ores (Blaze) Heal 10,000 -> 2,000 HP from mining ore
    • Blowing Bubbles (Pigman) -> King of the Springs: Activate Burning Soul 5->4 times within 25->21 seconds
    • Collector (Pigman): Find 500 armor sets in chests as Pigman
    • Grave Robber (Pirate): Have the treasure looter ability activate 1,000 -> 100 times
    • Death from above (Pirate): FA's now count
    • BA-BOOM! (Hunter): Get 10 -> 5 FK's with Animal Companion
    • Night's Rest (Phoenix): Heal teammates for 1,500 -> 1,000 HP
    • Ashes to bashes (Pheonix): Now only requires 2 alive teammates
    • Cruising Flames (Phoenix): 8 -> 6 teammates hit
    • Wolf smash (Werewolf): Dirty dog: Get 15 -> 10 FK's while under 5 HP
    • Time to diet (Werewolf): Eat 10,000 -> 750 steaks
    • Hunter season (Werewolf): Travel 100,000 -> 50,000 blocks
    • Time to feast (Werewolf): Harvest 50 -> 40 steaks

    ▶ Bug fixes
    • Fixed golden GG
    • Fixed being able to glitch out of pregame by changing classes near walls
    • Fixed an issue where Enderman and some other classes could gain double EPH from hits
    • Zombie ability now properly heals 6 HP
    • Wood now regenerates from abilities removing it
    • Fixed Spectator compass Speed effect
    • Fixed triple chests appearing from Herobrine passive
    • Fixed defender bonus gained across the map
    • Fixed many issues with tablist/scoreboard showing white names
    • Fixed typo in Pirate Jameson skin description
    • Fixed Enabling/Disabling colorblin assist option
    • Fixed "Enemies Hit" stat

    I would like to thank the Player Council and specifically @sfarnham, @SupremeSheldon, @roelie333 and @GermanWizard for their massive help on this update. Also thanks to @Dctr for giving a hand and the build team for providing the new maps.

    We will be monitoring the forums and in-game feedback closely in the next days.
    We hope that this update can kick-start the game back into something great.

    If you already are in the Mega Walls community, invite your friends over to try out the game.
    Leave feedback on the forums and report bugs.

    Otherwise, if you've never played Mega Walls or only a little, give it a shot!
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