1. Hey everyone, the HPC has been working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the upcoming update, and we are now ready to start development. Before we do that, we want to release the full changelog of the planned content changes for Phase 2 to give the community a heads up and to confirm the proposed values. We also took feedback from various community members during this time, so some changes were made from the previous proposal threads. There will be no new content for Phase 2 outside of the listed changes. While not mentioned, there will also be fixes to bugs that affect the balancing of the game.

    Here is a hub of all the previous thread proposals made by the HPC: https://hypixel.net/threads/thread-proposals-from-the-hpc.2050118/

    Here's the full summary of the changes we plan.

    Automatic Loot Collection
    • Any item which drops from a passive will immediately go into your inventory.
      • If your inventory is full, it will then go into your ender chest.
      • If your ender chest is full, it will then be dropped at your feet.
    • Also, items outside of Diamonds will be automatically collected. This is to prevent advantages through player login order.
      • For Diamonds, in particular, a different system will be used. After breaking diamond ore, you will have 0.5 seconds of pickup priority before other people can collect that diamond. These diamonds will not be able to stack with other diamonds on the ground.

    Loot Chest Revamp
    • The base chance for finding a loot chest is 1.25%.
      • For every block you mined that doesn’t spawn a loot chest, its chance will increase by 1.25% until you have a loot chest spawn, in which it will then reset back to the base chance of 1.25%.
      • Herobrine’s Gathering Talent will no longer affect the base chance at finding a loot chest. Instead, it will increase the additive chance by a factor mentioned in each upgrade (3x, 3.5x, 4x, respectively having an increased chance of +3.75%, +4.375%, and +5% per block mined without a loot chest appearing).
      • Enderman’s Enderblock Passive & Arcanist’s Beam Mining will have a base chance of 0.625% and a base interval of +0.625% strictly for blocks broken by the passive. It will collectively count the chance for every individual block, then once a chest is found, the chance resets back to 0.625% for the remaining uncounted blocks. Normally mined blocks will use the normal values and have their chances added separately.
    • Bows are removed from the loot chest item pool. They are now included within every class's kit.
      • You will now have a higher chance of finding arrows in chests to compensate.
    • Before Deathmatch and after your wither dies, loot chests won’t spawn if there is an enemy within 25 blocks of your position.

    RNG Revamp
    • To allow the game to act as a more competitive game based more around skill, all passives will no longer have a chance to activate. Rather, they will require a certain amount of events (bow shots, melee hits, taking damage, blocks mined, etc.) for the passive to activate, like how Herobrine’s Flurry and Shaman’s Wolf Pack work currently.
      • This will be modified slightly in terms of conversion due to the increase of the consistency to activate a passive, but the HPC will be able to modify these values in the future if the initial balance attempt wasn't ideal.
      • Hunter is excluded from this revamp since it was designed around RNG as its main theme.
    • Every passive will trigger at the first instance it can activate.
    • Events during cooldown of a passive will count for the next activation.
    • /Kill will not affect the death event for passives.
    • The specific changes to these passives will be included in the Class Revamps & QoL Changes section of this thread. These changes will be labeled using (RNG).

    General Changes
    • Prestige Points will be renamed globally as "Class Points" for preparation of their revamp in Phase 3. This is otherwise an aesthetic change.
    • New stats will be tracked in the Scoreboard.
      • Total Wither Damage
      • Coins Collected
      • Class Points Earned
    • The Scoreboard will now have the Assist counterparts of Finals and Kills separated.
    • You can now toggle how Wither Health is displayed in the scoreboard between HP (1/2 Heart Values, Default Setting) and Hearts (Full Heart Values).
    • You can now customize a warning for when your wither is low on health, including how the warning is sent to you, how frequent the message is, if the warning also sends a sound effect, and more!
    • A tooltip will be added to the Class Selection UI to give a description for each Class Tag.
    • Wheat will no longer drop seeds. Instead, the soil block will instantly be replanted with a seed once broken.
    • Potatoes will no longer drop Poisonous Potatoes.
    • Class Selection UI will be center aligned and organized based on class type.
    • Compass Tracking before Deathmatch will no longer track finable enemies if they are positioned near bedrock.
    • We will also look into the Energy Cooldown system to give the user more lenience.
    • Draws will no longer allow teams that previously failed a stat check to win the game.

    Class Revamps and QoL Changes

    Based on community feedback and in the theme of this update, we've revamped multiple classes and made tons of value changes to improve the enjoyment of playing these classes and to fix long-standing issues that haven't been addressed. We've also rescaled multiple passives to improve their viability at lower level upgrades. Rescaling changes will be labeled using (RSC).

    • Uncharged Bow Shots give 50% Energy (10).
    • Medium Charged Bow Shots give 75% Energy (15).
    • Fully Charged Bow Shots give 100% Energy (20).
    Explosive Arrow
    • Knockback is completely removed.
    • Ability Damage is reverted back to a set damage value, that being 6 Damage at max upgrade.
    • (RNG) 30%/60%/90% --> Every 3/2/1 Bow Shots.
    • (RNG) 33%/66%/99% --> Every 3/2/1 Blocks Mined (Ore/Wood).
    • (RNG) 12.5%/25%/37.5% --> Every 6/5/4 Melee Hits Received.
    • Damage Boost buffed to 75% at max upgrade.
    Well Trained
    • (RNG) 80%/90%/100% --> Every 3/2/1 Blocks Mined.
    • A particle effect is added around the player to show the maximum radius of the ability. This trail will follow your position.
    • Countdown Timer reduced to 3 seconds.
    Fission Heart
    • The damage of the Primed TNT is nerfed significantly, in which the damage will be based on a % of the vanilla damage rather than the full TNT damage +1 true damage (at max). This will now max out at 50% of the vanilla TNT damage.
    • Unprimed TNT damage will be unchanged from vanilla.
    • The mob which spawns upon death will now have Resistance III, not Resistance V, removing its invincibility.
    • Primed TNT will no longer apply knockback to teammates. It will only cause knockback for enemies and yourself.
    • You will be able to damage yourself using Primed TNT.
    • (RNG) 33%/66%/100% to spawn a Creeper Mob on Death --> After every 3/2/1 Deaths you will spawn a Creeper Mob (guaranteed after your wither dies for all upgrades).
    • If you are hit by one of your own explosions above 25 HP, you will receive the Speed II effect for a quarter of the duration (1.5/2/2.5 seconds) and half the cooldown (10 seconds). This cooldown is separate from the willpower effect under 20 HP.
    • TNT added (Up to 5 TNT at max kit upgrade).
    • Blast Protection nerfed to IV at max kit for Creeper's Leggings (to counteract the Fission Heart / Willpower Changes).
    TNT Mining
    • (RNG) 60%/80%/100% --> Every 3/2/1 Blocks Mined (Coal Ore).
    • EPH (Melee & Bow) reduced to 20.
    • You will no longer have reduced energy gain after teleporting to an enemy.
    • Weakness mechanic now only considers Solid Blocks, not Air Blocks, to activate.
    Ender Heart
    • Assists now heal you for 1/2 the amount.
    • Healing will now occur throughout the game, not just after the death of your team's Wither.
    • (RNG) You have a 13%/26%/39% chance to keep your inventory after you die. --> You will keep your inventory after every 5/4/3 Deaths.
      • Diamond-related items which aren't part of your kit will still get dropped.
    Soul Charge
    • (RSC) 3.3/6.6/10 Seconds --> 5/7.5/10 Seconds.
    • Instead of breaking a random number of adjacent blocks, Enderblocks will now always break every adjacent block.
    • (RNG) 20%/35%/50% --> Every 5/4/3 Blocks Mined.
    Treasure Hunter
    • (RSC) +100%/+200%/+300% --> +200%/+250%/+300%.
    • Health Potions will now set your health to +14HP rather than being a combination of Regeneration and Instant Health.
    • You can now activate Leap by left clicking with your Bow.
    • Absorption is removed upon activation.
    • You now gain Regeneration upon landing, instead of on activation.
      • Regeneration is upped to Regeneration II for 5 seconds.
    • You can now toggle the primary Leap path between the Arced path and the Arrowed path via a toggle option within the lobby.
      • Arrowed - Current primary Leap path, also known as post-Reclaim Leap.
      • Arced - Current secondary Leap path, also known as pre-Reclaim Leap.
      • Holding down shift uses your secondary Leap path.
    • You do not earn Venom Strikes from Leaping, as that passive is getting revamped.
    • Due to popular request, we are changing Leap to mechanically function similar to Dropshock before the Reclaim Update. The issue is that we are unable to use fall damage for calculations as the Arrowed path lacks significant controlled height to reliably deal damage, and we are not planning to allow Spiders to deal burst damage at any time by simply pillaring up and dropping on enemies. Instead, we will mimic how the class functioned by making the following changes:
      • You now deal 3 damage initially with Leap, and then get bonus damage based on the total distance (not displacement) traveled. This bonus damage will be based on a 3:1 block:damage ratio, with the maximum bonus damage being based on your ability's upgrade (maximum of 5 damage, requires 15 total traveled blocks).
        • In regards to how the distance gets calculated, we do not mean the length between point A and point B. If you travel upwards by 5 blocks and then downwards by 5 blocks, the damage you deal will be based on a total value of 10 blocks traveled.
      • The damage you deal with Leap in its Area of Effect will now decrease based on how far the enemy is to the player, akin to Creeper's Detonate. The damage will decrease by 1 for every block between the Spider and the enemy. The damage will never drop below the initial minimum of 3 damage.
      • You will deal 1.5x Damage if you directly land on an opponent using Leap. This bonus damage will only affect a single player, not a group, based on the person you most directly landed on.
      • You will take recoil damage after Leaping on an enemy. This recoil damage is equal to 50% of the highest value of damage you dealt using Leap in regards to a single opponent.
        • If the combination of Fall Damage and Recoil Leap Damage would cause you to die, you will instead drop to 1HP. You will not be protected if you strictly take Fall Damage after Leaping.
        • For example, if you use Leap and land on a group of enemies 15 blocks away (while directly landing one one of them), the recoil damage you will take will be equal to 3 hearts. This damage would be added onto any fall damage you would of taken.
    Venom Strike
    • The mechanics of this passive are completely revamped, although the name is kept the same.
    • Every 4 melee attacks (at max) will poison your opponent, dealing 3 damage over 5 seconds with a 5-second cooldown.
      • Poison mechanics will be based on Pigman's Burning Soul Fire Trail. You won't take knockback and you will not receive a stunning effect.
    • Skitter will not be tied to Venom Strike, as that passive is getting revamped.
      • Now, Skitter will activate after landing 5 melee hits (at max) on an enemy within 3 seconds after landing with Leap.
    • Boots now have Feather Falling I on all levels.
    Iron Rush
    • (RNG) 80%/90%/100% --> Every 3/2/1 Blocks Mined (Dirt/Sand/Gravel).
    Luck of the Sea
    • Absorption Potions now list effect information in the item's tooltip.
    • (RNG) 15%/20%/25% --> Every 6/5/4 Loot Chests
    Refreshing Sip
    • This passive will now give 3HP at max upgrade to only teammates, instead of a Regeneration effect to both yourself and allies.
    Ultra Pasteurized
    • Milk Buckets that come from this passive will now list effect information in the item's tooltip.
    • Buckets will now be collected in stacks of 2 per activation.
    • Kit Buckets now have the same effects as those earned through Ultra Pasteurized.
    • (RNG) 1%/2%/3% --> Every 80/60/40 Blocks Mined (Stone).
    From The Depths
    • Enemies will now receive Slowness I if they get submerged in the water pool.
      • The Slowness effect will continue if you leave the water pool, and it will run out after the water pool dissipates.
    Blood Rage
    • The passive will now activate if the user is under the designated HP threshold.
    • (RSC) 9.5%/15.5%/21.5% --> 12.5%/17%/21.5%.
    Sea Treasure
    • (RNG) 16%/32%/48% --> Every 4/3/2 Loot Chests.
    Shadow Burst
    • Skulls now have a hitbox.
    Soul Eater
    • (RNG) 10%/15%/20% --> Every 7/6/5 Melee Hits.
    Soul Siphon
    • (RSC) 35%/60%/85% --> 55%/70%/85%.
    Dark Matter
    • (RNG) 60%/80%/100% (Ingots) --> Every 3/2/1 Blocks Mined (Iron Ore).
    • (RNG) 2%/3.5%/5% (Blocks) --> Every 30/25/20 Blocks Mined (Iron Ore).
    Wolf Pack
    • (RSC) 10/8/6 Hits --> 8/7/6 Hits.
    • (RSC) 4/8/12 Seconds --> 6/9/12 Seconds.
    Arcane Beam
    • We will be modifying how the Beam functions in-game so it will deal Splash Damage around enemies who are directly hit by the beam (akin to Pre-Reclaim) while keeping its Piercing mechanic (akin to Post-Reclaim).
    Arcane Explosion
    • 1.0s Cooldown --> 1.5s Cooldown.
    Iron Heart
    • (RSC) 4/7/10 Seconds --> 5/7.5/10 Seconds.
    Iron Constitution
    • (RSC) 3/6/9 Seconds --> 6/7.5/9 Seconds.
    • (RNG) 15%/20%/25% --> Every 6/5/4 Blocks Mined (Wood).
    Immolating Burst
    • Both the main ability and the alternative ability have multiple bugs that cause inconsistencies with both. In turn, our plan for this ability is to revamp how it functions so it has the following traits:
      • The projectile can pierce through enemies and deal damage to them directly.
      • Upon touching a solid block, it will then deal splash damage for a designated radius.
      • The projectile will completely ignore teammates.

      • The projectile will have no visual glitches or curve downwards due to the vanilla fireball bug.

      • Both the Regular and Alternative Abilities will mechanically function the same.
    Call of the Blazes
    • (RNG) 50%/75%/100% --> Every 3/2/1 Players Killed.
    Melting Core
    • (RNG) 5%/7.5%/10% --> Every 14/12/10 Melee Hits (Bow Shots count as 2 Hits).
    • Now has a 5-second cooldown.
    Fossil Fuel
    • (RNG) 80%/90%/100% --> Every 3/2/1 Blocks Mined (Ore).
    Burning Soul
    • Strength on Command returns using the Damage Boost mechanics from the Reclaim update.
      • Upon the activation of the ability at max upgrade, your next 2 melee hits within the next 3 seconds will deal +25% Damage.
    • Resistance I is removed from the ability.
    • Ability Damage is reduced to 6 damage at max upgrade.
    • (RNG) 8%/9%/10% --> Every 12/11/10 Melee Hits.
    • (RNG) 80%/90%/100% --> Every 3/2/1 Loot Chests.
    Cannon Ball
    • The cannon ball's radius is increased by 0.25 blocks.
    • The cannon ball's damage will not half if it goes through a teammate.
    Angry Birds
    • Each Parrot will now deal 1 Damage, but you can have a maximum of 6 Parrots total (Decreasing the damage you can deal in one burst from 10 Damage to 6 Damage).
    • Parrots will now spawn every 20 seconds at max upgrade, allowing you to reach the parrot cap in 120 seconds (previously, it took 150 seconds to reach your parrot cap).
    • By Left Clicking with your Bow, you can change how your Parrots behave based on 3 different options: At Bay, Lock-On, and On Guard. This will cycle in the following order: At Bay, Lock-On, At Bay, On Guard.
      • At Bay - Parrots will not attack any enemy, allowing you to store them for later use.
      • Lock On - Parrots will automatically attack the next enemy you attack, as long as they are within a 7 block radius near you.
      • On Guard - Parrots will automatically attack any enemy in a 7 block radius near you (Current Mechanic).
    Sea Legs
    • Sea Legs will now give you Absorption II for 5 seconds upon activation.
    • (RSC) 16/20/24 HP --> 18/21/24 HP.
    Treasure Looter
    • (RNG) 30%/40%/50% --> Every 6/4/2 Players Killed.
    • (RNG) 60%/80%/100% (DM) --> Every 3/2/1 Players Killed.
    • Voodoo Bows will no longer have Power II. Instead, it will be nerfed to Power I.
    • Matey Fish will be removed from the item pool.
    • After your Wither Dies, Matey Steak that you received through Treasure Looter will become stackable with your kit Steak.
    • Matey Spicy Sword now has 2 more durability.
    Eagle Eye
    • Homing Shots will not start the EPS timer.
    Animal Companion
    • The rideable pig will no longer spawn through chance. Instead, you will be able to spawn the pig by right-clicking on your Carrot on a Stick kit item.
      • This pig will be invincible, fully controllable, and moves at a speed similar to Sprint Jumping.
      • The pig will last for 30 seconds and has a 60-second cooldown.
        • If you get off of the pig before its full duration, the pig will despawn.
      • You are unable to activate abilities or shoot homing arrows while riding the pig.
        • To compensate, the health healed from your ability will be doubled for its duration while you are on the pig.
    • To replace the rideable pig, the normal passive will now have a chance to spawn a Zombie Pigman that has Weakness II instead.
    • Cows will spawn with Resistance II.
    • All mobs will die upon the death of the Hunter.
    Forces of Nature
    • (RSC) 50/40/30 Seconds --> 45/37.5/30 Seconds.
    • You will now receive at random one of the following buffs:
      • Resistance I for 7 seconds.
      • Speed I and Regeneration I for 11 seconds.
      • Haste III for 15 seconds (During Preparation).
      • Absorption II for 8 seconds (After Preparation).
      • Strength I for 5 seconds (Upgrade III Only).
      • Regeneration III for 5 seconds.
      • Speed II for 8 seconds.
    Golden Glasses
    • (RSC) 25%/50%/75% --> 50%/62.5%/75%.
    • Golden Apples will universally give the user Regeneration III for 4 seconds and Absorption I for 2 minutes.
    • You will now receive Absorption I for 5 seconds and Resistance I for 3 seconds after activating your ability.
    • (RNG) 10%/20%/30% --> Every 5/4/3 Blocks Mined (Dirt/Gravel/Sand).
    Junk Food
    • The Energy Mechanic behind Junk Cookies and Junk Pies will become universal for all pies & cookies for Moleman. In turn, the passive will only drop regular cookies and regular pumpkin pies.
    • A new food item, called a Junk Apple, will drop after mining 200 shovel-related blocks at max upgrade.
      • Upon consumption, the Moleman will receive Regeneration II for 5 seconds. For other classes, Junk Apples function the same as regular apples.
      • Junk Apples are subjugated to the Recycled mechanic.
    • (RNG) 2.5% (Cookies) --> Every 75/50/25 Blocks Mined (Dirt/Gravel/Sand).
    • (RNG) 2.5% (Pies) --> Every 100/75/50/ Blocks Mined (Dirt/Gravel/Sand).
    • (RNG) 20% (Recycling) --> Every 5 Apples Consumed (Regular, Junk, and Golden).
    • Health Potions will now set your health to +6HP (Kit 1) / +18HP (Kits 4 & 5) rather than being a combination of Regeneration and Instant Health.
    • (RSC) 100%/200%/300% --> 200%/250%/300%.
    • As per popular request, we are adding back a modified version of Area of Effect damage for Lycanthropy.
      • After your Speed effect runs out, enemies in a 5 block radius will take damage based on how many unique enemies you hit while you had Speed.
      • This has a minimum of 1 damage, maximum of 6 damage, and increases by 1.25 damage at max upgrade per unique enemy.
      • The total area damage will heal you at a 30% rate, but it will only heal up to a maximum of 12HP.
      • In turn, the bonus true damage for melee hits will be removed.
    • (RNG) 80%/90%/100% --> Every 3/2/1 Steaks Eaten
    • (RNG) 60%/80%/100% --> Every 3/2/1 Players Killed
    • Sun Ray and Spirit Bond will reverse their roles.
      • Spirit Bond is now Phoenix's Ability.
      • Sun Ray is now Phoenix's First Passive.
    Spirit Bond
    • Now completely revamped to function similar to Warlords' Chain Heal, and costs 100 Energy to use.
      • Right-click with your Sword to shoot a beam of light at the nearest hurt ally in a 10 block area in front of you, healing them for 40% of their missing HP and giving them 200% of their highest EPH value at max upgrade.
      • This beam will bounce up to 3 times, healing the nearest hurt ally in a 5 block radius around the previously healed ally.
      • For every bounce, it will heal for 50% less HP and give 50% less Energy.
      • Spirit Bond cannot heal the same ally or yourself multiple times, nor support other Phoenixes.
      • You are healed for 50% of the total HP allies recovered.
    Sun Ray
    • The cost for activation is now decreased to 25 Energy.
    • Now revamped to function similar to Cleansing Flames from Pre-Reclaim, using a bed of particles instead of highlighting the blocks beneath it.
      • Left Click with your Bow to launch a Sun Ray, which uses the physics of an instantaneous bow shot similar to Skeleton's Explosive Arrow.
      • Allies (including yourself) near where the Sun Ray lands are healed 3 HP at max upgrade and gain Speed I for 10 seconds.
        • If a Sun Ray lands on a teammate directly, the effect will have a 5 block radius and heal instantaneously.
        • If a Sun Ray lands on the ground instead, the effect will have a 3 block radius and heal after 2 seconds.
    • Allied Resurrection is removed.
    • Effects upon Resurrecting are changed from Weakness IV, Speed II, and Resistance II for 10 seconds to Weakness II, Speed II, and Resistance II for 12 seconds.
    Phoenix Tear
    • Splash Potions will now list effect information in the item's tooltip.
    • Splash Potions will now be in stacks of 3.
    • (RNG) 50%/60%/70% --> Every 10/8/6 Loot Chests.
    Shadow Cloak
    • You will be unable to stay invisible after hitting a wither while Shadow Cloak is active.
      • You will still receive energy and apply their damage buff when hitting the wither.
    • The activation radius will be increased to 16 blocks.
    • The maximum damage you can deal against one opponent will be decreased to 8 damage at max upgrade.
    • You will now have a notification next to the health message in chat during a bow shot that says how many arrows are currently stuck in them, as well as a timer showing how long it is until the arrows fall out.
    Grappling Hook
    • After you use Grappling Hook, you can’t use the passive again until after you land another melee hit or die.
    • (RSC) 10/16/22 blocks --> 14/18/22 blocks.
    • Regen-ade potions now give Speed I for 12 seconds and Regeneration II for 7 seconds.
    • Potions will now drop in stacks of 2.
    • Splash Potions will now list effect information in the item's tooltip.
    • (RNG) 30%/40%/50% --> Every 8/7/6 Players Killed.
    Ammo Bin
    • (RNG) 30%/60%/90% --> Every 3/2/1 Blocks Mined (Ore).
    • Now gives the user Regeneration I while active.
    • Can be activated by left-clicking with your Bow.
    • Radius increased to 5 blocks.
    • (RSC) 11/9/7 EPS --> 9/8/7 EPS.
    Snowman Companion
    • You will now spawn 1 Mob every 45 seconds at max upgrade until your wither dies.
    Winter Treasure
    • Now drops iron ingots besides snow blocks and pumpkins.
      • 2 Iron Ingots are dropped when a Snow Block is dropped.
      • 4 Iron Ingots are dropped when a Pumpkin is dropped.
    • (RNG) 5%/7.5%/10% (Snow) --> Every 15/12/9 Blocks Mined.
    • (RNG) 3%/4%/5% (Pumpkins) --> Every 30/24/18 Blocks Mined.
    • EWH (Melee & Bow) set to 7.5.
    A-23 Protocol
    • Revamped completely, now called "EMP".
      • Creates an electric pulse around the user that deals 1 damage, gives Weakness II for 2 seconds, siphons 10 energy from enemies, and gives teammates 5 energy every two seconds for 6 seconds within a 6 block radius at max upgrade.
      • A second pulse will appear around the user for the off seconds, which gives teammates 5 more energy per pulse at max upgrade.
      • Teammate Automatons won’t receive energy.
      • Has a 6-second cooldown.
      • In total at max upgrade, this will: Deal 3 Damage against opponents, Siphon 30 Energy from enemies, apply Weakness II for 6 seconds, and give teammates 30 Energy as long as the other player touches all 6 pulses.
    Power Source
    • Revamped, now called "Power Storage".
      • EWH mechanic of the passive removed, now integrated through the class's core energy values.
      • When an enemy attacks you, their hit grants 75% of the energy it normally would at max upgrade.
      • You store the remaining energy and convert it into power, giving you 1 bonus true damage for your next attack after storing 30 Energy at max upgrade.
    • Defensive Boost is decreased to 5% at max upgrade.
    • Health Potions will now set your health to +13HP rather than being a combination of Regeneration and Instant Health.
    • (RSC) 25%/50%/75% --> 50%/62.5%/75%.

    The HPC will be looking over and responding to any feedback regarding the full proposal of the Update.

    Thanks for your patience!
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    You can fall to your death at the side of bedrock in serenity + once finaled, you respawn above the barrier blocks.
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  5. Epic stuff! (will edit my reply once i've read though)

    Seems great! Especially love the items going directly to inventory part! That will be super useful.
    I'm guessing that bugs will be fixed too? There are a large number of bugs present right now like the diamonds despawning if a player is killed with them and you try and pick them up.

    As a phoenix main, I guess I'll have to wait to play a few games before I can make a decision about the changes so that will be interesting.

    Also the team balancer seems a bit dodgy sometimes, you could be in a 4 team party and it will put you with a team where no one else is in a party with each other.

    Will be cool to see how this will turn out :)
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  8. Thank you codename! Can't wait for the actual update to drop! It is great when your favourite gamemode recieves love!
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    ok soundcloud rapper thanks for your input
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  12. Unban piate lul
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  13. Thanks, I'll forward it to the build team.
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  14. OMG, I would’ve never guessed you’d actually update it this year, TYSM
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  15. Keep inventory for enderman should be after 2 deaths, 3 is too much coming from an endy main, also i dont see a reason to remove the ability to keep diamond items,
    But other than that GREAT JOB!
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    Just read thru this, at school so I will keep my response brief for now;

    THANK YOU @codename_B , I am so ******* happy to see this, it is amazing. While without a doubt a few of these changes will end up being considered mistakes eventually, I am overall extremely hyped about the majority of this proposal as this is definitely a massive step in the right direction. Ty, and I promise to stop calling you Codename_Boomer for the time being <3 .
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  17. nice
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  19. Beht

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    Jagares JAG
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  20. great post! very excited for the update :)
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